Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It Must be Spring - The Birds are chirping outside my window

Today is a great morning.

May 2012 - The Entrance to Heritage Greens.
Wow it must be spring.  I opened my back door and the birds are chirping outside, the lawn is wet from a morning thunderstorm and the breeze is cool but mild.  I know I am stuck on spring but it has been a LONG winter her in the upper Midwest (Wisconsin), It is already the 21st of May but the daffodils and tulips are just starting to flourish and the trees are starting to leaf.  We are in April with all the showers & thunder storms this past week.  I woke several times last night to see lightening peek thru my bedroom blinds.  This time last year the flowering trees by my home were in full bloom, yesterday on my drive into town the tree by the entrance to Heritage Greens was just starting to bud.  Below is a picture of it last spring in May. 

Yesterday I got Wonderful news.  I'm a great Grandma again.  My Granddaughter Cindy had a baby girl -
Mommy and baby.
Aaliyah Paige born May 13th at 1:28 pm 8.3 lbs 21 inches 5-15-13 — with Mom Cindy

Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Rainy Spring Day.

I'm here at my daughter Nan's house going over a book she wants me to illustrate.  wow lots of info and lots of inspiration - I am liking Google and Pintrest even more these days.  This morning started out very nice, a little cool and sunny with clouds.  Now here it is Raining cat's n dog's.