Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

It is Christmas Eve.  I am sitting here at my computer writing this blog, drinking hot chocolate & listening to Christmas Carols.  The weather outside is Frightful a full 10 degrees, windy and snowing.  A winter storm has started and should last all night with wind chill in the - 0's.  Brrrrrr. I tried to lay down for a short nap earlier but had to get up because my hands were so cold.  I put the electric heater on in my home because it was getting a bit cold inside because of the - 0 wind chills here today.  I have been finishing up so last minuet projects and decorating my tree then I
plan to watch more Christmas shows on TV for the Evening.  Earlier in the day it was sunny but very cold, now it is grey and snowy.  tomorrow is Christmas day and I can't wait to see my family.  We are meeting at Nancy's for Dinner.  The weather will be a bit warmer and the snow should stop around midnight tonight.  Merry Christmas all. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

my newest grandaughter

Last eve my newest grandchild was born to my younrst son Earl and his Fiance Rikki.  Little Amelia Lynn Elizabeth.  She was born 11 minutes to ten. A beautiful little girl who have stolen the hearts of her grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.  I feel truly blessed and deasrly love my large and growing family.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Baby Amelia's Birthday today?

The Mack and Swett familes are here at the hospital waiting for the birth of our granddaughter Amelia.  At 2pm they plan to start pitocin and then things should progress pretty fast for momma Rikki and Daddy Earl.  Grandparents Bobbie and Marshall Mack and Diane Swett (me) & Uncle Jacob are hear in the cheering section. Yea!  This will be their 1st grandchild and my 31st. Wow  i can hardly believe my youngest boy is going to have his 1st child, I feel truly blessed.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

THanksgiving is here

It's Thanksgiving day!  I am so thankful for my family and friends today and everyday throughout the year.  I am glad for today, a time for families to gather together and a reminder to all to be thankful.  I hope that you all carry this day forward into the next 365 days and make gratitude an attitude!  Being grateful daily has shown to be a health bonus.  I do hope each one of you make thankfulness and gratitude a lifestyle,  it will have a profound positive effect on your life. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Computer is down! Again!

Well it seems that both of my computers wont let me on th internet. I am so frustrated!  I love to blog and this certainly is putting a damper on that. So glad for my androud phone and tablet so I can keep updated on my emails.  I hope to be up snd running soon.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween is over and November has arrived!

Wow I can't believe that Halloween came and went so fast yesterday.  I have been having a problem since Monday with a glitch in my back (probably a pulled muscle).  Yesterday I woke up about 9:45 am already late for my weekly Bible Study with my friends, Karen, Sandy, Bob & Gwen and Irvin.  This was a morning I could not rush to dress and go; my body told me different and I got up slowly, ate breakfast. tried to relax a bit so I put on the Chew but it was so uncomfortable to sit I had to take some pain meds and a muscle relaxer.  Oh My!  I went back to bed and slept till after 5pm.  I felt much better but with my day gone it was time for dinner.  This morning I still have a little glitch in my back but it is so much more comfortable to sit this morning.  I plan to eat a little breakfast and watch the Chew on TV again. I am so glad today had a better start. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's a beautiful Autumn Sunday

Autumn 2011
On my way home from Church this morning I drove past a lovely fall setting of a stand of trees with their fall colors on display.  The sun wasn't quite shining on them and they looked a little dark and worn today so I did not take a photo of them.  When I got home I looked thru the photos on my computer and found the one I took of the same trees back in autumn 2011 with the sun shining full on the trees exclaiming their beautiful fall colors of rusty red accompanied by the varied greens of the surrounding grass, trees & evergreens.  I do enjoy the autumn colors each & each year they seem to more and more Vibrant.  What a difference to our long winter weather this year and our slow start to spring.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Early morning riser

GOOD MORNING!  I've been awake since 5am & pursuing the internet, reading my emails and checking out Pintrest.  Found some great ideas for salt dough ornaments, ribbon embroidery, quilting & DIY crafts.  Gathering ideas is a great way to start my day.  I should get out of bed.  I'm hungry for breakfast - oatmeal is a good way to start my day.  Then off to quilting at the pointe with Gwen & Frank.  Maybe Cecilia will join us. (or maybe stay home to work on some illustrations for Nan's book).  Then off to the city with Raymond to check out an apartment.  Hope it isn't to chilly outside. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm taking advantage of this beautifu Autumn day!

Today is so beautiful out, it's 72 degrees out, sunny and breezy.  It is unusually warm for this October day so I am taking full advantage of the weather and I am out on my front porch doing some watercolors for illustrations I am doing for a Children's Book.  It is so peaceful out there. I am wearing my hat as I sit and paint to keep the sun from my eyes. Well my break is over so I need to return to the porch and paint some more. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Recap of my Awesome Spring/Summer 2013

This has been such an awesome Spring/Summer for me.  It made up for the long and cold winter we had here in Hudson WI. 

A Snowy May Day
Early May came and so did the snow it continued thru the 5th of May.  No matter I still went on the Bus trip with my ASG pals to Nancy Notion's weekend.  The morning of the 2nd I awoke to 7 inches of snow outside.  I needed to be at the Parking lot in Woodbury to meet the bus that was going to take us to Beaver Dam.  I had to PLOW myself out with my own car since neither the city plow nor our guy who plows our complex had come yet.  I almost got stuck but was able to slowly drive up the slight incline to the city road and make it gingerly over to the park way.  I was late of course by 45min but the bus was another 45 min late too.  So I really was early LOL.  It was a fierce storm and I was so thankful that our bus driver was so skilled.  The trees along the highway were so laden with snow that many of them broke.  Spring did not arrive yet here in the Midwest till mid May so the trees were fragile.  I had so much fun on the trip, even got to meet and have my picture taken with Nancy Zieman. of "Sewing with Nancy",  I had watched her for almost 30 yrs. on TV and have learned a lot of what I know about sewing from her.  We spent 4 days in Beaver Dam WI.

In Late June I went on my 1st Road Trip of the summer to NY State to visit with my brothers, Eddie and Bobby, attend my Niece Kim's Wedding to see my Granddaughter Jessica.  My youngest daughter Beth came with me and we shared the Driving.  Her Goal was to hang out with her cousins and to see the sights of NYC.  We both met our goals on the trip and it was so nice to have time to visit with my daughter as we drove back and forth.  I even got to see my old high school in Elmsford NY and visited my homestead on Taxter Road.  I did a lot of reminiscing on this trip.

We got back to town on July 3rd & no sooner did I get back home then I was off to a Quilting retreat here in Hudson WI sponsored by my LQS "Sew Little Time" to quilt.  I was able to concentrate and finish 5 quilt tops.  4 will become baby quilts and one will be a table topper. 

Then the following Sunday while a church my friend Valoriea was telling everyone about her move to Tennessee and her need for a driver.  Mmmm I was thinking I would love to see Tennessee, I was retired and had no place to be at any specific time, but I wouldn't be able to drive a large moving truck nor help much with the packing & unpacking of the vehicle.  After church I was talking to Valoriea and expressed my thoughts.  "Can you drive a Pickup Truck?" she asked.  I was sure I could if I could get into her truck.  I had driven trucks off the line for Ford Motor Co when I worked there and had owned a Lincoln Navigator and drove that all over.  So we went outside to try out her pickup truck.  I could get into it!  She took me on as her driver - she already had people coming over to pack and unpack her car.  So my 2nd road trip was born,  A working road trip for me.

I was talking with my daughter Nancy about my trip and she was also leaving to go on her Camping Road Trip with her daughter Zuri at the same time.  "Say Mom if you can meet me in Nashville on the 8th of Sept we could drive home together.  Wow. I was sure that would work and it did.  I was able to get into Nashville a couple of days early and enjoyed some down time before meeting Nancy and Zuri at the Nashville KOA Camping Cabin. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It is a beautiful Autumn Day today!

I am very glad to be home, to sleep in my own bed and to eat my breakfast on my own front porch.  Ah, the comforts of home.  This is truly were my heart is, my children live near by within an hours reach.  tomorrow will be an active day for me but today I choose to relax, unpack, decompress from my long hrs on the road.  Yesterday I slept the day away.  I woke up at 8am, had breakfast, watched a little tv then went to lay down for a nap at 10am.  I did not wake up till 4pm.  wow I must have needed he nap big time.  I then ate supper, watched HGTV for a while and than a movie or 2 on the movie channels.  My friend Sue called about 4:30pm asking me to meet her for dinner downtown but I had already eaten and was still in my pj's, so I took a rain check on that.  Today I plan to unpack my luggage, sort out my papers, hotel coupons and maps that I want to keep in the car.  Later I would like to take the car for a gas fill & a badly needed car wash to rid it of all the bug juice it accumulated on the roads.  I also would like to go thru my numerous pictures, sort them out and post a few here and on Flickr.  I know my emails need my attention too.  I already did my update on FB this am and caught up on news there.   

Friday, September 13, 2013

Another beautiful day here in Tennessee.

It's Friday and I have had a full week and a half.  I left Hudson WI last Wednesday to Attend a family wedding in Lynchburg VA. it took me a good 25-27 hrs. of driving/break time to make my way there arriving about 9:30pm at the Hotel.  The drive thru West VA took longer than it should have because of road construction, It was stop and go most all the way thru the state.  I did make it in time and met up with my brother Eddy and Sister in law Helen at the Bob Evan's restaurant in Lynchburg.  They had already finished their dinner but were kind enough to wait for me.  I ordered a pot pie to go and boy was it delicious.  

My Brother Eddie and Wife Helen
 The next morning we met back at Bob Evans for breakfast with our cousins, Marion, Judy and her husband Bob and Aunt Anita.  Then we took a ride to Historic downtown Lynchburg to check out the shops before the Wedding at 3pm. 
Aunt Anita & Cousin Judy - below is Cousin Marion
with Judy's Husband Bob

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Road Trip! Yeah!

Another Road Trip! Yeah!

Today I left on a Road Trip to Lynchburg VA to attend my 2nd Cousin, Amanda's Wedding.  I am looking forward to meeting all my cousins and Aunts that will be there.  Aunt Flo, the Brides Grandmother is in her mid 90's and I haven't seen her in such a long while and My cousin Judy and Aunt Anita will be there too as well as my cousin Marion.  I am looking forward to seeing them.  I want to take a lot of pictures along the way but opp's I left my Camera Charger at home....on the table.  So I do hope I can purchase an new one at Wal-Mart or Target. 
The roads were clear today and the traffic light and I was able to make it to my 1st sleepover destination before 7pm even tho I left later this am than I thought.  My 1st stop was at the La Quinta Hotel in Bloomingburg IL.  I stopped over at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant and had a nice supper of Grilled Chicken and Macaroni.  I also purchased a cute wedding gift for the couple and they wrapped it up very nicely for me. 
I just had a hot shower and took my pm meds so I will be going to bed shortly.  I will get up in the am and have a good breakfast here at the hotel then I will be off.  I talked with my brother Ed and he will be leaving on Friday to come on down.  It is about a 10 hour ride for him. 
Tomorrow I think I will stop at a quilt shop along the way.  My next stop is in West VA at a Best Western.  Well Good Night all, more updates to come.
Bouquet's for my favorite Actors
Friday Sept 6th I didn't make it to West VA but stopped at a day's Inn in Mt Sterling KY about an hour and a half away.  it was 7pm yesterday eve,  I needed gas so I got off the highway and then realized that there was a coupon for this hotel in the hotel coupon book.  (thanks to my brother Bobby I have been collecting them for each state I enter,)  I decided this was were I would spend the night.  I got a great rate, the room was clean with fresh sheets and towels.  the accommodations had been well worn over time, (an older motel)  but I had great internet service & good TV.  I watched "Les Meserables" before going to bed.  What a movie, very good, after all they took home the Oscars.  well its almost 7:30 here so I am getting ready to leave on the last leg of the trip. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Home! Vacation's Over

I'm Home!

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation/Sunday Aug11th 2013

Got home Sunday Eve after leaving the KOA/Clark's Ill.  were we stopped overnight.  This KOA was in the midst of a cornfield and a field of soybeans, very peaceful.  we arrived just in time for an Ice cream social and a evening movie.  I showered and put on my swim suit so I could take advantage of the pool - too late they closed the pool at sunset.  :(  The Beds were comfortable & the place was peaceful.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Koa camps both in Nashville and Illinois.  We left Nashville on Saturday Morning around 6 or 7am Nancy drove all the way to Clark, Ill were we stayed for the night at the Clark KOA.  Saturday as we drove thru Paducah KY were we stopped  we and I visited the Quilting Museum were I viewed their Civil War Quilt collection while Nancy and Zuri went to the outdoor Market and visited the Ohio river.
Sunday morning we woke fresh and ready for our drive home.  We stopped at the nearest Cracker Barrel Restaurant and had a good breakfast.  I drove thru Rockford Ill to Beloit, WI were we stopped for lunch, a fill-up and Nancy drove the rest of the way - passing the Best Western at Black River Falls were Valoriea and I spent our 1st stop on the way down to Tennessee, (Wow that seems like a lifetime away).  We arrived at my home about 7:30 pm, unpacked me stuff and then Nan & Zuri went home.  The end of a spectacular "working" Vacation. 

I plan to upload my vacation pictures taken along the way to share with you all.   

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation/Saturday Aug 3rd 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation/Saturday Aug 3rd 2013

Our overnight stay at the Arrowhead Lodge in Black River Falls WI was pleasant and frustrating at the same time. At first we could not get our assigned room door open, Valoriea had to go back & forth several times to the lobby; no easy feat because the lodge was large and we were at the very end of the hotel near the campers & RV'rs.  We were so anxious to get inside our "suite" thinking about the Large comfy King size bed and Jacuzzi that was inside with Large HD TV, Fireplace and Micro/Fridge & Balcony with a view of the large pond & Golden Moose Statue that surrounded the back of the Lodge.  That door would not open even for the staff so they moved us to a similar handicap "suite" that lacked the balcony & view but did hold the Large comfy King size bed and Jacuzzi that was inside with Large HD TV, Fireplace and Micro/Fridge.   We were so tired and hungry we ate our snacks that we had brought with us, opened our computers to check our e-mails, then ignoring the Jacuzzi we showered and went to bed.  I took the pull out couch, which to my surprise and delight was very comfy & had the  Large HD TV, Fireplace . I did put on the fireplace and enjoyed the ambiance  while I readied for bed.  Leaving Valoriea the room with the King Bed,

In the morning we went down to the lobby for breakfast of eggs
waffles, yogurt and coffee & juice, walking past the restaurant with the amazing architectural windows with the copper leaves. 

We stopped for a break in Tuscola, WI at the Tanger Outlet Mall.
They had a Farmer's Market there at the Mall Entrance with several vendors with fresh vegetables, specialty Cheeses, flavored popcorn, that provided small tastings & an Amish Family selling freshly baked  pies, breads and other bakery.  We bought a small Blackberry Pie and Popcorn to have later that evening at our next stopover.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation - Friday Aug 2rd 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation/Friday Aug 2rd 2013

It has been a hectic last 4 - 5 weeks.  From my Road trip in June with my daughter Beth & Granddaughter Zuri to visit my brothers in NY State, to my Quilting Retreat "Girls Night Out" in July, (I was able to finish 5 Baby Quilt tops), and now my "working" road trip to Tennessee in August driving my friend Valoriea's Pick up truck down while she drove the large 26' U-Haul truck with all her belongings to her new home.

Interesting fact on the side of this U-Haul Truck


Friday August 2nd:  My day started early, up at 5:30am, showered, finished packing my clothing for my trip to Tennessee & checking  to see that I had packed everything I needed.  I put all my luggage on the porch before 8am,  took out the garbage and checked to see that nothing was left on, ate breakfast on the porch waiting for Valoriea to pick me up.  I received a frantic call from Valoriea, the packers were there and she couldn't get away so could I drive over instead?  I packed my car and headed over to her house where the packers had the truck 1/3r packed, while she was still trying to pack up the rest herself.  So I headed to the kitchen to pack up the dishes, food, pots and pans.  By 2pm the truck was packed and we were ready to go.  We drove as far as we could before exhaustion hit and our 1st layover was at the Arrowhead Lodge in Black River Falls, WI
I loved the Architectural effect these windows of the restaurant present.  I was able to go inside to take thes pictures of the copper/metal leaves,

The Copper leaves, a view from inside the Restaurant.
Valoriea's New Home in Tennessee.  A very cute duplex surrounded on 2 sides by Farmland with grazing Angus cows and weathered barns. 
 This the barn on her left side, the cows graze on the farm adjacent to her back yard fence.

Friday, August 2, 2013

sitting here at Best Western on the computer relaxing in the cool airconditioning

Well we are well on our way to Tennessee we both are so exhausted from the day spent from the wee hrs of the am packing dishes, ect. and packing the truck and pickup.  it feels good to be able to relax in the cool airconditioning.  we got a room with a Jacuzzi and plan to use it before the eve is over.  then tomorrow morn we will head out again.  We did not make it to Peru Ill but its OK.... I wasn't able to take any pictures today but I plan to tomorrow.  Will keep updating you with pictures ect.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Girl's Night Out Retreat then Off to Tennessee!

Winnie The Pooh Baby Quilt Top
Flannel Baby Quilt with Trucks & Froggies

Dr Seuss - Cat in the Hat & other Characters
Flannel Baby Quilt with Froggies and Cute Baby clothes & Rattles

I feel so excited today and in the midst of packing for my Road Trip to Tennessee with my friend Valoriea, who is moving to Tennessee.  I will be driving her pickup truck down while she drives the 26 ft. U-Haul with all her belongings.  We just picked up the U-Haul and I must say she handles it very well.  Her Truck is comfortable and I see no problem driving it down.  We plan to take our time and sleep overnight in Ill. before heading on to Tennessee.  We also are going to make a side trip to visit a quaint Amish Store that she has been to before and then stop in Paducah KY at the Quilt Museum.  I am
taking my Camera along to take photos of my journey. 

Last week was an awesome week at the quilt retreat I went to in Hudson WI for our LQS "Sew Little Time" Ladies Night Out.  I was able to go Tues Eve thru Sunday and did get a lot done.  I made 5 baby quilt top, 2 are already sandwiched and ready to quilt.  I made 2 of  baby flannels that had ducks and frogs and puppies in them.  One quilt was created using a vintage fabric of children picnicking in the park.  I used soft greens and greys for this one with a very simplistic pattern of Charm Squares and Rectangles.  Dr. Seuss was the focus of another quilt where I used 6" squares of  Dr. Seuss patterned fabric surrounded by bright colorful crayon colors of blue, red, green, orange and yellow.  I enjoyed making this magical bright quilt and plan to give it to one of my great grandsons.  Winnie the Pooh fabrics were my next focal prints in soft pastel.  I think this one is my best so far and I loved the way it turned out.  I used a disappearing nine patch pattern with Pink, Blue and 2 different Pooh fabrics as the outer squares. 
Summer Fun, children picnicking in the Park

Monday, July 22, 2013

What an Awesome weekend I had.

This past weekend has proven to be so awesome. I spent Saturday with my Friends at Avalon Tea House in White Bear Lake, having lunch, enjoying tea and discussing a book that we have been reading. It was great fun, Sunday I decided to drive my friend Valoriea's pickup truck to Tennessee on her move to Newport TN - then on the return trip I would meet up with my Daughter Nan in Nashville.  Later I went over to my daughter Nan's house to discuss her trip and where we could meet. All in all Saturday & Sunday were very exciting days.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I had a Fantastic Sunday!

This Sunday was such a fantastic and exciting day for me.  It started out very routine.  I got up early enough for church, then during church my quilting friend Valoriea announced that she needed a driver for her moving truck.  She was planning to move back to Tennessee and leaving on the 2nd of August but needed a driver for the truck so she could take her pickup truck down with her and not have to come back for it.  While she was talking I was thinking how fun a trip to Tennessee would be since I had not been down that way in a very long time.  I knew I would not be able to drive the big truck due to my shoulder, (the vibration would not be good for my shoulder).  I expressed my thoughts to her later and wished her well in finding a driver.  to my surprise she asked if I would be able to drive her pickup truck, stating that she would drive the larger truck herself.  We went outside to check out her pickup truck.  I was able to get in and out of it ok.  She asked if I would like to be her driver.  Would I!  I was so excited.  We discussed driving and how she did not like to drive fast nor drive at night.  Neither do I :) We decided it would be a go.  Then I texted my daughter Nancy to let her know that I would be going to Tennessee in August and how excited I was about it and the arrangements we were making to tow my car down so I could drive it back.  Well to my surprise she said that she would be in Nashville TN on the 8th & 9th and if I could meet her we I could drive home with them.  Perfect!  I wanted to see me Niece Karen on my way home and Karen would be coming to Nashville to see Nan and Zuri - Wow - I am awestruck at how this is turning out.  Valoriea and I both agree that God knows our needs has a perfect plan for each of us.  Not only will Valoriea have a driver for her pickup so she does not need to come back for her truck but I will be able to see part of the country I have been longing to see - enjoy my road trip and spend time with my daughter and see my Niece too.... Wow! 

Today (Monday) I spent most off the morning printing out my travel route and planning my trip.  I also reserved a car rental from Knoxville to Nashville for the 8th and 9th.  I plan on driving out to Nashville, meet Nancy and stay overnight with her there in the KOA Camp, enjoy meeting my Niece Karen when she comes to visit and then travel back with Nancy and Zuri, sharing the drive home and visiting with them on our return home trip. 

Now the rest of this coming week I will be at a Quilting Retreat with my quilting buddies Wed - Sunday.  I also spent this morning planning what projects I want to work on and getting together my sewing supplies for this.  How fun.  I am so looking forward to these next few weeks.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Here are some pictures from my vacation and some reminecing

They make great Pastrami sandwiches here at Tommy's - a wonderful NY experience. 

The view from my Brother Ed's RV

Eddy and Helen buy their honey and maple syrup from this Local farm.  It's just down the road apiece. (note the sign, "Wicopee Rd"

The High School I attended in Elmsford NY.

The Girls Entrance

 Alexander Hamilton High School

The Boys Entrance

The area where my dad had a well and built a small rock pond on Taxter Rd, Elmsford NY.  Now over
grown with trees and old stumps.  Just beyond is a small stream where my brothers and I used to
catch crayfish.  lots of great memories here.

The old driveway going up to our neighbor's home.  My brothers and I used to sleigh ride
down this driveway all the way to the street in the winter time.  The tall tree to the left
with a limb restin on it was at the right back corner of the garage.  We used to climb this cherry
tree all the time and sit on he garage roof gazing up at the clouds n the sky.
Note the remains of an old mailbox strapped to the tree at the driveway entrance of my old
homestead on Taxter Road where I grew Up.
Memories of the old house on Taxter Road  
We lived in the upstairs of the old Carriage house and Barn without running water, heat or indoor plumbing.  The house was large, having 2 floors.  The main floor had a large apartment with the kitchen, dining room and living room on the left side that had a front entrance onto a large porch with stairs going to 3 upstairs bedrooms.  There also was a wrap around screened in porch from the kitchen to the dinning room, to the right of the main floor was the  attached Stable area, which had stairs in the back going to the upstairs apartment.  The barn had an open area to house a carriage and a few stalls to house the horses.  Mom and dad lived in the apartment above the stable.  On the 2nd.  The upper level of the house had 3 medium sized bedrooms with and entrance to the stair way.  From the back bedroom there were windows where you could look down into the back yard.  we used to climb out on the porch roof when there were rain storms and dance under the water running off the roof onto the porch.  The apartment above the stable where mom and dad lived had an entrance into a small room then the kitchen, a large room to the left is were we all slept. from this room there was a doorway to the stairs going down to the front porch.  There were also 2 or 3 rooms behind our sleeping area that had a door leading to the back stable stairway. 

Since we didn't have any indoor plumbing Dad would have to go down to the well every day and bring back pail fulls of water from the well from which my mother would use for cooking or bathing.  Taking a bath meant using a round steel tub filled with hot water that was heated on our wood stove.  The old wood stove in the kitchen was our only heat source for the apartment.  I remember Dad piling blankets and coats on us as we slept to keep us warm..  Brrrr the mornings were cold and we often huddled around the stove to warm us in the morning.  In the kitchen was a sink with a hand pump for water but it didn't work.  The kitchen window looked out into the back yard were dad kept his chickens, ducks and goats.  The goats were housed in a little shack on the right side of the house.  Our out house was located at the back of the house and to the right of the front porch well hidden by bushes and trees.  I remember planting my 1st rose bush alongside of the outhouse.  It grew tall and had many roses on it which gave off a heady aroma of roses.  To this day my favorite cologne is Roses, (I even have rose sachets in my clothing drawers.)   

A large area to the left of our driveway off of the front porch was were Dad had his vegetable garden.  My Father loved to plant Peas, String Beans, Tomatoes, Peppers, cucumbers and onions here.  towards the back are 2 large boulders on which I would sit and read, (I remember going up into the attic were I found a box of books - I read Thru these books the summer I turned 13.  Wow in my imagination I visited Rome, Greece and other exotic places as I read these books,) or lay across them looking up at the clouds by day or the stars at night.  There was a gentle slope down to the road were Dad would Plant Dalia's and Gladiolas. 

My husband Raymond built railroad tracks to scale around the perimeter and made a car using a small engine.  My oldest boy, Raymond Jr. loved to ride around the track on the car his daddy built.  We lived on this property quite a long time.  I was 5 or so when mom and dad moved here from downtown Elmsford and in my mid 20's & Married with 2 children, (Raymond Jr. & Ann,) when we moved to Tuckahoe NY were my 3rd child was born, (Nancy).

Vacation time is over :{

I had an awesome vacation time.  I left June 24th to take a road trip back to NY to see my Brother's Eddie & Bobby.  My youngest daughter Elizabeth and my granddaughter Zuri came with me.  Zuri spent her time in NY with her Aunt Rose and visited with her cousins and brother.  Elizabeth went to NYC twice by train and enjoyed time with her cousins.  I relaxed at my brother Ed's House, took a ride in his RV, and enjoyed visiting with family.  Elizabeth and I were able to attend my Niece Kimberly's Wedding last Saturday in Yorktown Hgts.  It was an unrelievedly beautiful day, the bride was beautiful and the reception great!  I also got to go to a great Italian Restaurant in Fishkill NY Avanti's.  Great food, great company!  I drove down to Elmsford NY with Elizabeth and was able to show her where I grew up.  There was nothing left of the place, the house was torn down and the property overgrown with weeds and trees.  I did a little reminiscing - I pointed out the large rock I used as a reading place and the area where her grandpa use to garden.  I also showed her the overgrown driveway that my brothers and I used to sleigh ride down, and the area that Grandpa Hess had built a well and were my Husband and Uncle laid down pipes for running water. Great memories.  I drove up to my old High School - took a lot of pictures of it.  Then drove into downtown White Plains, which I did not recognize at all.  Beth and I stopped in a  Deli/CafĂ© and had lunch.  She had a turkey sandwich and I got a pastrami.  Yum! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It Must be Spring - The Birds are chirping outside my window

Today is a great morning.

May 2012 - The Entrance to Heritage Greens.
Wow it must be spring.  I opened my back door and the birds are chirping outside, the lawn is wet from a morning thunderstorm and the breeze is cool but mild.  I know I am stuck on spring but it has been a LONG winter her in the upper Midwest (Wisconsin), It is already the 21st of May but the daffodils and tulips are just starting to flourish and the trees are starting to leaf.  We are in April with all the showers & thunder storms this past week.  I woke several times last night to see lightening peek thru my bedroom blinds.  This time last year the flowering trees by my home were in full bloom, yesterday on my drive into town the tree by the entrance to Heritage Greens was just starting to bud.  Below is a picture of it last spring in May. 

Yesterday I got Wonderful news.  I'm a great Grandma again.  My Granddaughter Cindy had a baby girl -
Mommy and baby.
Aaliyah Paige born May 13th at 1:28 pm 8.3 lbs 21 inches 5-15-13 — with Mom Cindy

Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Rainy Spring Day.

I'm here at my daughter Nan's house going over a book she wants me to illustrate.  wow lots of info and lots of inspiration - I am liking Google and Pintrest even more these days.  This morning started out very nice, a little cool and sunny with clouds.  Now here it is Raining cat's n dog's. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Woke up Late today!

Another long sleepless night last night.  Wish I could figure out why; it's been several nights in a row now that I have not been sleeping well.  finally fell asleep about 4am last night - I try to go to bed by 10:30pm, took my night meds early (about 8:30pm) & got situated in bed with my CPAP on, feeling comfortable and sleepy, fell asleep right away but awoke about midnight and could not get back to sleep so I got up had some hot chocolate, ate a yogurt and watched some TV.  Feeling weary I went back to bed by 4:30am, put my CPAP back on then tossed and turned for a while but did fall back to sleep.  I awoke at 8:40am, did not hear my alarm go off at all @ 6:50am, to a dreary rainy, wet and cold morning (about 34 degrees out here in Hudson WI).  Brrrrr.  I am sadly disappointed by how my body has been behaving this past week.  I think this prolonged winter weather is getting to me.  I was sure that after a great sunny day yesterday spent out with friends and in the fresh air would have tired me out enough for sleep last night but no luck! another sleepless night in a row of 4 or 5.  I wanted to attend my little granddaughter's 1st communion this morning but I already was 20 minuets late since I was supposed to be there by 8:20am.   I turned on the TV to hear the weather and it is supposed to get up to the 50's later this afternoon but right I am sitting here waiting for my oatmeal to be done and feeling a bit chilled and disappointed with myself.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I will dress up and eat my breakfast and see where this day leads me. 

Thankfully I was able to get up early enough yesterday to get down to meet my friends for out mystery bus trip yesterday.  It felt like early spring, we passes a lake full of ducks with their young, geese and even a swan.  I saw some robins out looking for food also.  Of course we passed a lot of snow covered fields and ice covered ponds.  On one pond there was a forlorn looking goose standing in the middle on the cold ice wondering were the water was.  Poor fellow, I guess he did not pass over the lake with no ice and many ducks swimming with their young.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Snowy Aprl Morn!

the snowflakes are blowing across my window
as I take this picture.
Well, Spring is taking a back seat today!  It is very Snowy Here in my part of the world, Hudson WI!  There is about 3-4 inches of very heavy, icy, and snowy snow in my driveway waiting to be plowed out today. So today I am here at home blogging instead of being with my ASG Group on my way to SR Harris fabric warehouse in Brooklyn Park MN.  I was looking forward to meeting my friends there to check out all the goodies they have, shop a little, laugh a lot, and lunch together today.  I think this will have to be postponed till another day.  Here is a view from my window.  Glad I am not outside it s snowing hard right now and the wind is blowing making it seem like a mini blizzard.  Yesterday when it was raining a mix of snow, ice and rain the poor birds were flying back and forth trying to keep the ice off their wings.  Today I hope they found shelter under the snowy branches of the pines that line my back yard.

Snow on the trees in my backyard

Sunday, April 14, 2013

And I Thought it was Spring!

Spring 2012 at Heritage Greens
Here it is April 14th 2013 already - Where is Spring?  I woke up this morning feeling hopeful and energetic.  I looked out my window! Oh NO! snow flakes falling, snow on the ground.  Now looking out my window the sky is gray and a moderate rain/snow mix is coming down..... Spring is sure taking a back seat today.  I still feel hopeful, I think I have spring fever! LOL I'm online - Pintrest and I see some great photos and quilt blocks that remind me of spring.  Green grass, flowers, lovely gardens, then I look out my patio window and its GREY out there.  Inside I feel spring like, I think I will close my window shades and keep that spring like feeling going throughout my day.   So I will take another look on Pintrest for things that remind me of SPRING!  Hope you enjoy my SPRING picture from last year. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Already?

Brrrr it sure doesn't feel like April, I do hope everyone had a lovely Easter, I enjoyed my Easter Day with Friends and Family.  Church with Breakfast before and then to dinner with my Family, Good Food, Great Company and Good conversation, who could beat a day like that.  It was so nice to see the Family and I enjoyed the Easter Celebrations all weekend.  I was up late both Friday and Saturday Eve and still made it to Easter Breakfast before Church.  All is Good,  I feel so blessed to have My Friends and Family in my life. 
Today is sunny but COLD out and I am not looking forward to going outside but I want to attend the 1st Tuesday meeting at my LQS "Sew Little Time" Quilt Shop here in downtown Hudson.  I am working on my MeadowLark Row Quilt top today so I do hope I will be ready to bring it with me for show and tell...
Blessings and Enjoy your Day, Diane S

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photos of Yesterday's Snowy Beauty

the view from my Bedroom Window

Looking out my East Window - note the car on Hwy 35 going North

Branches Heavy with Snow!
Here are some pictures Looking out my windows yesterday as it snowed.  I got about 6-8 inches here at my home and could not resist using my camera to capture it.