Monday, February 25, 2013

I sit her laughing at myself

It is now Monday the 25th, still sick, got myself to the Dr. on Sat., ended up having a burst eardrum last Thursday morn, turned into a raging ear infection and a sinus infection.  But No pneumonia tho. LOL - I took decongestants all last week and now I'm on ear drops and a Z-pack  I thought I felt better today, a little dizzy but OK, that was till I bent down to do some cleaning.  got so dizzy that I nearly fell.  Grateful that I could hold on to something till the dizziness passed and was able to get over to a chair to sit down.  Boy I am wondering what am I doing wrong?  my immune system seems to be so down that I just go from one infection to the other.... 1st the bad UTI that the new Dr. I saw ordered such an expensive  antibiotic I couldn't afford it.  So I had to ride that one out.  Now this burst eardrum and an ear and sinus infection that hopefully will abate soon with the ear drops and Zithromax.  I did not count on this dizziness.  I certainly don't want to fall and break something!  I will have to look and see if I can somehow get my immune system up to par.  Get Healthy and get moving!  for now I will use my 4 pronged cane to maneuver in my home and probably get to bed to rest for a bit.  I am not enjoying being sick at all and want to get to my sewing machine to finish up my mug rugs before the 28th.  I want to send them off by next Monday at the latest.
I was looking at the cutest fabric from Christa Quilts.  I think it will go nicely with the bags I am looking at creating for Christmas for my little George, William, Nathan, James, Ethan, Mason & ?  The bags will be a good size to hold cars, baby toys and such. easy for them to carry and just boyish enough.  I only need 1/2 fat quarter for each bag and a zipper....
Feeling less dizzy this Eve.  Happy Monday to all.  Blessings. from this Dizzy Dame here at Creative Lady's Enthusiastic Thoughts.

Monday, February 18, 2013

a crazy end to a great week

I am sitting here at my computer - it's 2am - I have a roaring head cold, sneezing, coughing ect.  went to bed early but woke in a cold sweat.. showered but still sneezing away!  I do hope this doesn't turn into pneumonia....Oh my - I will try to go back to bed now - Medicine down and hopefully I will away a new woman in the am.  Missed Church Sunday, did not get much sewing/quilting done....Oh My!  Tomorrow my Granddaughter Caroline is going to pick out her wedding dress,,,I wanted to be there but don't want to share this crud with her - at least my daughter Beth will be able to be there. Hope they will share pics with me via my phone.

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Amazing Week!

The past 2 weeks have been amazing for me.  Starting with Tuesday the 5th of Feb., usually I would go to my quilting down at the point with my quilting buddies Frank and Gwen, but we decided not to meet since Frank is moving and Gwen was busy. I did go to the 1st Tuesday club meeting down at the quilt shop that day, I signed up to go to the "Ladies Night Out" quilt retreat Mon - Wed. 2/11- 2/13 and choose to sleep over since it was supposed to snow each night.  I left Thursday Morn after cleaning off 3 inches of snow.   I was able to get a lot of quilting done and had an awesome time.  I met some great ladies and the conversation was great.  I loved networking with my new friends.  Tomorrow I am going to attend the Hudson Heritage Quilters at Bethel Lutheran Church.  Carol K who was at the retreat belongs to it as well as other quilters.  I also love Civil War Quilts and plan to attend the Civil War Club at Sew Little Time Quilt Shop that meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday.  They are in the middle of a project but I can bring a project to work on...I know just the one.  a pattern bought last year? (or was it in 2011) at the shop when it was over at exit 4 off of 94.   I am so excited.  Below is the quilt top I worked on at the retreat.  I completed rows 2 - 5 - Yeah! now to square them up. piece them together and get them ready for quilting.
Meadow Lark row Quilt