Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Bride liked her gift.

The Bride liked her gift of the kitchen towel and basket.  I did add a knitted washcloth and a scrubby sponge inside the basket.  It had been a slow day.  I came home afterwards and took a nap till 4:30pm.  I still am having some side effects from the med.  some shakiness and unsteadiness and some discomfort and numbness in my foot.  I did feel better after my nap and was able to enjoy making a Sausage/Potato and Green Beans for supper and then I watched Finding your Roots on PBS.  it was good and I caught 2 episodes one on channel 17 and one on channel 2. 

I decided not to put it in the Basket
I did make a hot pad to go with the Other Kitchen towel and am working on a 2nd hot pad & kitchen towel.  I embellished this set with a scrappy bow and button.  I am so glad I was able to sit at the sewing machine longer today.   I will pair this set with a Red knitted washcloth and a scrubby or sponge also.  I am not sure I will put it in a little basket tho.  Getting ready for another Bridal Shower :) and working towards finish up Friday for this coming week.

Went over to Amanda Jean's Blog and learned that she is letting go of the Finish Up Friday's for a while.  Thanks for having it.  I has been an inspiration to me to finish up my projects.  I was checking out my stuff on pintrest earlier and saw that I had over 2000 pins on this project. Thanks all for your interest.  wow a very easy project - maybe I could do a tutorial....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Finish up Friday is here.

The Finished Quilt - with Borders and Binding on.
Hot Pad
I used Insul-Bright batting for this Hot pad that I finished from a finished log cabin block.  I put 4 blocks together to make a table topper and will finish that up next week
Kitchen Towel for a Bridal gift
 Here is a Kitchen Towel I made for a Bridal Gift.  I embellished it with several strips of fabric and appliqued a heart and button on it.  It is attached to a nice basket that can be hanged on a door and cooking utensils or hot pad can be stored inside. 
I had fun making this gift.  can't wait to present it to the Bride to be on Sunday.  


Working on the binding to Beth's Quilt and will be done by this eve...Then Off to it's owner - Yea! I quilted in the Lable with washing instructions. "wash with Cold Water with a cup of vinegar in the rinse water"  (I did not pre-wash the quilt top material - but I did prewash the backing.  (live and Learn - (this is my 2nd quilt and I just did not get this step done.))

Another Bridal Gift on the make.  Finished one Kitchen Towel and plan to make a 2nd one or a pot holder from this material to place in the basket.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Ready for Finish Up Friday this week!

Quilt Top Pattern " Steping Stones"
on my bed without the Border
On the LongArm @ TopStitchery

 I Quilted the Lable in

Finishing up the binding. love the border print.
I am going to upload all my finished projects this week ahead of time so I will be able to show my completed projects... I am still working on my daughters quilt... I showcased the quilt top on my bed and O' MY! how large it was.  Yesterday I took of one row and resewed it to shorten the top to a more manageble to check out the batting size and then off to do the topstitching at TopStitchery in Roberts, WI on Wed Eve.  today I will ready the quilt for this final project.  then to add the binding on thursday and ready for friday's finish it up! Yea! I am so ready to move past this project...LOL - each stitch was done with love..and her bed should be cold no more...Plus I will now have serveral orphan blocks to use for other projects :) - I am really liking this quilt, Here it is without the Borders.  This quilt has been a journey for me..I think my expectations at the beginning was that it would be an easy quilt, but then I changed it.  made the blocks smaller, added sashing - in turn it increased the size to KING + so now to resize and then quilt it up.... do hope my girl will appreciate the effort even tho the quilt is a year 1/2 late in the finishing...LOL - I did love making it and did learn a lot in the process.  The Quilt top is from the pattern "Yellow Brick Road" by Atkisnson Desgns. I altered the pattern by adding sashing in beween each block and nicknamed it "Stepping Stones" -  since there is no red it it.  I do suppose I could have called it the Red Brick Road - LOL .. I do think Steping stones is more practical for a wedding quilt. I will be done with the binding by this pm I only have 2 sides more to sew up....So glad to get this one done.... Yea! now I can get on to my next quilt....  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Finish Up Friday!!!!

Today is Friday,  I am planning on finishing up the baby quilt I have made for my little 4 month old Great Grandson James then work on the quilt for my Newest Great Granddaughter Rose - I went down to my favorite quilt stores in River Falls, WI -(Riverside Quilting) yesterday and picked up a fat quater of pink flannel to do the binding on Rose's Baby Quilt.  I also signed up for a class coming up late may with Amanda Jean. I was disapointed that I am on the waiting list. ( I wanted to get into this class because I am missing the Retreat in Early May due to health issues and will be out of town in June the.)  I am so excited because she is coming to the shop to sign her new book "Sunday Morning Quilts" on May 26th  check it out on her blog - "crazy mom quilts".

I will finish sewing on the binding to the quilt then post it here later today.  I am going to finish up my UFO's before June 10th because I am having surgery on my R shoulder after my vacation to NY to visit my Brother's and I will not be able to quilt for a while while I am recovering...I need a Reverse Shoulder replacement -UGH!!!! and will be in a sling for the remainder of June and July..  I did ask if I will be able to do hand sewing, knitting or crochet during this time and they said yes, probably.   

Well lets start my "finish up day" by having my breakfast then on to my work..... 

My Finished Baby quilt for James Russell - now on to another project.

Another finished project
Autumn Place mats - only 1 left to bind finished 2 today - the 3rd is now done and ready to go to thier intended home.  Yea!  They were ment as a Hostess gift last Thanksgiving.  The 1st one was used as a centerpiece - Now my daughter can have all 4 placemats for next year's table. 

I thought I was the only one that had unfinished gift projects left unfinished until I was reading some of my favorite blogs.  I am so glad that I am not the only one that is late in completeing her projects/gifts for my family...I just finished up the Baby quilt above.  I had started it in July of 2011 for my great grandson James, born in Dec.  Now I just need to finish one for my great grandaughter Rose. Do you think I can have it for her by next weekend?  LOL

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Had a Great Day visiting with friends

Today started off with a bang.  I was up at 6:30 am.  made Taco meat mix for the Taco Tuesday/White Elephant party with my friends at our complex - then off to the Drs for an MRI scan of my shoulder - turns out I was right and I do have a tear of my roatar to wait till thursday for the final results and the plan to help correct it.....(boy did that die injection hurt shoulder is sooooo sore.)  after the MRI I was on my way to have lunch with my friend Phyllis...It was yummy - thanks Phill- after lunch I was off to my Rhuematoigist for my monthy IV Therapy...then back home..took some tylenol before heading over to the community ctr to have taco tuesday with my freinds - YUMMY - the food was great as was the conversation and laughter and wine....home now watching Dancing with the stars and talking on the phone with my brother in NY...I was glad to hear he was feeling better - he had a rough winter health-wise -  phone died mid conversation so I must charge it up before I can finish our conversation.  I plan to head to bead around 10pm -  I did not get any quilting done today but was able to complete quilting the Baby quilt for my little Great Grandson James around 3am this morning.  now to put on the binding and I can give it to him....  I must remember to take a picture and let you all see it.  well it has been a full day for me so I will say gdnite.  Happy thoughts everyone.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Easter Morn is upon us - The sun is shining and it promises to be a beautiful day.  Happy Easter to all my Family and Friends.  May you all have a blessed day.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Experience at the Aveda 2nd Annual Women's Expo

I had a lovley time at the Aveda 2nd Annual Womens Expo in Blaine MN yesterday.  Here is my grandaughter Zuri sitting at my table displayed with the jewelry I've made.  I loved talking with everyone as the came by my table and looked at my jewelry - thank you all for your great comments and thank all who purchased some of my items.  I enjoyed the networking with others, like Stephanie and Annie.  Thank you Annie for Thinking of me when you were putting this together.