Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Ready for Finish Up Friday this week!

Quilt Top Pattern " Steping Stones"
on my bed without the Border
On the LongArm @ TopStitchery

 I Quilted the Lable in

Finishing up the binding. love the border print.
I am going to upload all my finished projects this week ahead of time so I will be able to show my completed projects... I am still working on my daughters quilt... I showcased the quilt top on my bed and O' MY! how large it was.  Yesterday I took of one row and resewed it to shorten the top to a more manageble to check out the batting size and then off to do the topstitching at TopStitchery in Roberts, WI on Wed Eve.  today I will ready the quilt for this final project.  then to add the binding on thursday and ready for friday's finish it up! Yea! I am so ready to move past this project...LOL - each stitch was done with love..and her bed should be cold no more...Plus I will now have serveral orphan blocks to use for other projects :) - I am really liking this quilt, Here it is without the Borders.  This quilt has been a journey for me..I think my expectations at the beginning was that it would be an easy quilt, but then I changed it.  made the blocks smaller, added sashing - in turn it increased the size to KING + so now to resize and then quilt it up.... do hope my girl will appreciate the effort even tho the quilt is a year 1/2 late in the finishing...LOL - I did love making it and did learn a lot in the process.  The Quilt top is from the pattern "Yellow Brick Road" by Atkisnson Desgns. I altered the pattern by adding sashing in beween each block and nicknamed it "Stepping Stones" -  since there is no red it it.  I do suppose I could have called it the Red Brick Road - LOL .. I do think Steping stones is more practical for a wedding quilt. I will be done with the binding by this pm I only have 2 sides more to sew up....So glad to get this one done.... Yea! now I can get on to my next quilt....  

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