Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Had a Great Day visiting with friends

Today started off with a bang.  I was up at 6:30 am.  made Taco meat mix for the Taco Tuesday/White Elephant party with my friends at our complex - then off to the Drs for an MRI scan of my shoulder - turns out I was right and I do have a tear of my roatar cuff...now to wait till thursday for the final results and the plan to help correct it.....(boy did that die injection hurt today...my shoulder is sooooo sore.)  after the MRI I was on my way to have lunch with my friend Phyllis...It was yummy - thanks Phill- after lunch I was off to my Rhuematoigist for my monthy IV Therapy...then back home..took some tylenol before heading over to the community ctr to have taco tuesday with my freinds - YUMMY - the food was great as was the conversation and laughter and wine....home now watching Dancing with the stars and talking on the phone with my brother in NY...I was glad to hear he was feeling better - he had a rough winter health-wise -  phone died mid conversation so I must charge it up before I can finish our conversation.  I plan to head to bead around 10pm -  I did not get any quilting done today but was able to complete quilting the Baby quilt for my little Great Grandson James around 3am this morning.  now to put on the binding and I can give it to him....  I must remember to take a picture and let you all see it.  well it has been a full day for me so I will say gdnite.  Happy thoughts everyone.

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