Tuesday, August 28, 2012

hexagons and surgery what a combination

today I was checking out a newsletter I recive from INkLingo - she has a tutorial for creating Hexagons and videos too. so check out my blog on Quilting and Sewing Arts Studio today. 

I am also having surgery on my Right Shoulder today at noon so all prayers for my recovery will be appreciated... I will not be able to blog for a while but will keep up with my friends and family on my nook via facebook.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Quilter's of 3rd & Vine

Yesterday I attached the Label to the quilt that our Quilting group just finished making to be raffled off at our Women's Holiday Festival at the 1st Baptist Church in November here in Hudson, WI.   
Our Finished Quilt for the raffle at our Women's Holiday Festival Sale in November of 2012

 The Label here contains info on Quilt care

a warm combination of plaids  & Stars in a variety of colors

Pattern is Through the Woods designed by Michele Scott for McCall's Quick Quilts, Winter 1998/99
About Us: We are a group of men & women who love to quilt. We started in the winter of 2010.  Some of us have been quilting for a long time like our Teacher and Mentor Elaine and fellow quilters Frank & Pam.  Others of us are new to the craft like Gwen and Husband & helper Bob, and  longtime sewer like myself, who wanted to learn how to quilt.  We are an open group and welcome all to our group.  We meet weekly to learn about creating & sew our quilts.  No matter what role you see yourself in we would love to have you join our group if you live in Hudson WI area. 
Check out my article on labeing your quilts

Friday, August 24, 2012

Quilt labels for your finished projects

an example of a qult label
Labeling your finished projecst are so important so when I finished my latest quilt I googled quilt lables and found some very nice freebies. One is on Connecting Threads "Quilt with us" Community page under freebies.  They have a good choice of lables to choose from and give good directions.  I saved my label choice as a jpeg then copied it into photo shop elements program and added my Text boxes with the Name of the Quilt, Pieced and Quilted by, Date Finished & Quilt Size and Quilted for.  Resized each to my liking and then printed it out on a Fabric sheet that was color fast and prepared for your printer.  You could even include instructions for care.  You can prepare the fabric yourself by washing a piece of muslin then when adhering it to a piece of freezer paper.  Ths site Infarrantly Creative gives instructions on how to prepare your fabric for accepting printer inks.  The Quilters Cache  also has some history of Labels, infor about preparing fabric for printing and a choice of lables you can print out too. To find more options you can google quilt labels. For more great ideas on Quilting and Sewing visit me on Pintrest

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Birthday is Tomorrow ?

 Me Then

Me being sprayed with String


Me In my Birthday Gear with my Sangria in hand...
Wow I guess Tomorrow I offically turn 70 years young...I am in total awe - Really - Me?  I don't feel a day over 55 - LOL - or maybe 39 :}  I had a wonderful fun weekend with family and friends.  Saturday morning I spent with my crafting friends having a pot luck brunch then I was all set to go to our planned yearly Family picnic down at my son Earls place.  Friday I went and shopped for my hamberger and brat - to take down to grill - got some gatorade and then fruit, cheese and crackers for my dish to share... Well!  Did I get the Surprize of my life - and I am still smiling about it on the inside.  I planned to ride down with my daughter Nan but at the last minuet she called and said that she would  be over by 1:30 & to have my door open...In walks Thomas "I'll drive you in your car - our car is full because Zuri's friend is going with us and there was no room for us all." he said.. Little did I know it was a ruse.  Nan sped off so Thomas and I put my things in the car and leisurly headed down to Earl's Place.. We get there - call Earl to meet us at the lobby door and he takes me to the party room" lets put your things in here 1st.  OK so he opens the door and I see this mob of people standing there "Family & Friends" Yelling "SURPRIZE!" - Then a storm of canned worms are being squirted on me...I could only stand there and laugh - laugh & laugh some more.  My Grandson George and Great Grandson William were jumping around me delighted in this actvity of all the canned spray worms,  they thought it was great.  Then They dress me in this birthday gear, a hat a purple lay a sign Oh MY!  I'm still laughing at this wonderful surprize.  I had no clue that they were planning this boy did I have no clue.  Guess you could say I was Clueless in Eagan, Mn that day.  well there were cards, and Cake and cupcakes and SANGRIA!  & presents and wine and liquor - wow.  I did have fun with my family and friends and was amazed that the kids put this on for me...without me even suspecting a thing....The last time I had been surprized like that was way back, and I mean way back - it was 1961 and I was going over my aunts house for some reason? can't remember why, but my then Fiance drove me over and it was a surprize Bridal Shower for me...My husband never can keep a secret - well he sure did on that day!  but never again LOL  - Then Sunday I had a pleasant day at church then over to Nan's for Tea and then over to my friend Phyllisis house to spend the day.  I was a fun weekend all around....