Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 is almost over and 2015 looms on the Horizon, in just three more days it will be New Year's Day.  New Year's will be here before we know it and a new year will be beginning.  What a wonderful time of year.  I love the start of the new year.  January is the month I like to take time to reorganize things around me.  I enjoy my Christmas Decorations and usually leave them up for a week or two more.  My move to East Tennessee has brought a wonder about all things Tennessee.  I am really enjoying my New Home.  I enjoy meeting new friends and getting to know what this area has to offer me.  At this time of the year I do miss my family back in Wisconsin and Minnesota and across the country, I sent them my Love.  I am so glad for Social Media such as Facebook because it gives me a way to enjoy seeing my family as they grow and do special things with each other.  I just recently discovered Skype.. Oh' what a Joy.  I was able to talk with my family face to face in real time on Christmas Day.  I was so excited Christmas Morn to talk to my Daughter Nancy, she and I had set it up to use Skype on Christmas Day.  Oh' what a great gift I felt I had given myself by putting it on my computer and phone.  It was wonderful.  I felt like a delighted child opening my bestest Christmas Present.  I could not contain my Joy! I have to laugh at myself but that's OK, at my age of 70+ a bit of Joy is welcome.  lol

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Golden Trees and Firey hedges on my drive along 25/70  Dandridge TN Nov 2014
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Family & Friends, May your day be blessed with love and warmth and may your home be surrounded by the enticing aromas of the season. To all of you who are traveling may the Angels be with you and keep you safe in your travels.
I smell the aroma of Pumpkin Pie being made in my kitchen, how about yours. You all are in my Heart, Thoughts and Prayers as we go thru this Blessed Holiday Season 
Memories of  a Snowy Winter Morn in Wisconsin - a familiar drive from N Hudson Wisconsin toward  downtown Hudson on 35South/6th St.

Today I will spend Thanksgiving with my New Friends and Neighbors Here in Newport TN.  I am thankful for this beautiful area of the country I now call home.  Even tho I am far from my family geographically I am close in my Love for them all.  The weather her right now is 42 degrees with the promise of being in the 50's tomorrow.  The sun set early last night on a golden world of almost de-leafed trees.  The Autumn here has been lovely and very pleasant, with the countryside displaying hues of golden to soft orange leaves to bright and beautiful bushes with brilliant red leaves & the warm browns of the grasses that grow in the fields.  The mountains continue thier colorful display.  

The three trees standing in my front yard have slowly turned from green to a muted purple and the Birds that are at my feeders are the Cardinals and the songbirds.  I enjoy the brilliant red feathers of the Male Cardinals.  Occasionally a flock of blackbirds will come thru lighting en-mase on my front lawn to pick at it, flitting back and forth to my neighbors yard and mine. 

I received a package from my youngest girl with a card and an ornament to remind me of what the Holiday Season looks like back in Wisconsin & Minnesota with the snow softly surrounding the landscape and on the rooftops.  

- Love to all - MOMO

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My World Has Turned Golden

A Golden Sunset on my Tennessean Home
Driving into Dandridge Tennessee Nov. 6th 2014

My world has turned golden, autumn has come to the valley here in eastern Tennessee.  To my delight I hadn't missed Autumn here in Tennessee at all.  After returning home from a visit with my children in Minnesota and Wisconsin I thought I had missed my 1st autumn here in my new home.  I had spent the the last 2 1/2 weeks of October in Western Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota were the autumn colors were in full bloom when I had arrived.   The trees and bushes displayed their autumn colors of bright golds, rich reds and dark tans.  The homes were all decorated too.  I enjoyed seeing the trees in bloom with colors the 1st week I was there and saddened by the sudden loss of all this spectacular color as the leaves descended to the ground leaving the tree trunks a bare stony brown.  I had taken a picture of the tree in front of my daughter's house in full autumn regalea Saturday (October 18th) only to wake up the next day to a nearly bare tree because it had Hiccuped all its leaves onto the ground leaving a large pile of leaves under the almost bare tree.    

A Golden Autumn in Tennessee

Friday, October 31, 2014

Saturday night "Farkle" with my friends, Sunday Church and a Party!

I enjoyed spending Saturday morning with my daughter Nan and going to IKEA was a bonus for me. Then my 2 Sons, Mike & Raymond came over for a short visit.  That evening I went over to play a game of "Farkle" with my Friends, Phyllis, her Husband sonny, Bunny, Traci & Gayle, I missed not seeing Wendy or Deb but both of them could not make it.   I came home a bit late (about 1:30) to find my grandson Johnny up and waiting for me to make sure I got back safe.  He and I sat up till after 2:30 talking.  It was a nice end to a very nice day.

Sunday I went to my "home" church - 1st Baptist in Hudson WI.  I enjoyed seeing all my old friends and getting a lot of warm hugs from them.  I made me realize how much I did miss them... Sunday afternoon was spent in the company of friends at a Wine and appetizer party - it was fun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  Bert and Sue and Nan's friends. a very nice evening.

What a wonderful visit I had with my friends and family

Zuri & Little James outside of Applebee's 
well Halloween is here! it's the 31st of October and the last day here in Hudson Wisconsin.  I had an enjoyable visit with my friends and family.  I arrived here Thursday the 16th about 5pm and have been running full blast till yesterday the 30th!  I drove into town about 5pm - stopped at Kwik Trip, filled the tank with gas and washed the bugs off my car, then over to North Hudson to my daughter Nan's home.  We went out to Applebees for supper with Nan, Zuri, Thomas and my Grandson Johnny and his little one James...  Here is a picture of my Grandaughter Zuri and her little cousin James playing around the statues outside of Applebee's in Woodbury.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Sunny and Crisp Fall Day!

This morning I awoke to my alarm at 7:30am.  I looked out my bedroom window and the ground outside and in the fields behind my home were covered with Frost.  I'ts the 1st of the season here and it was a crisp 38 degrees out then.  Now it's a plaeasant 58 degrees with sunny blue skys dotted with white fluffy clouds.  Autumn has come to my new Tennesean home here in Newport TN, (just and hour east of Knoxville), the trees are turning from green to brown, some have lost thier leaves and others are displaying some bright orange, red leaves.  It is peaceful here on Lou Ellen St. with the birds outsde chirping in he trees and flitting to and from the feeders.  I will go outside and finish trimming the hedges by my porch, cleaning my lopers to store for the spring and sweeping the cutting off the porch and into a bag for the city to pick up.

I'm thinking of supper today and feel like making chicken soup, Mmmmm!  a nice way to warm up after spending a day outside.  I'll post some pictures later after I finish cleaning up around the porch.
well ttyl all.  off to do some garden work here.  :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Wow I can't Belive It!

It's been almost 4 weeks since my last post, and 4 weeks since my computer guru cleaned up my computer.  He brought my computer home yesterday.  It is so nice to have my "Purple Passion Flower" computer back home.  Yesterday I found my programs and this morning I found my pictures  Yeah!  Memories! Here are a few to TBT (through back Thursday).

Chicken N Dumplins at Nan's 2008

Barbque at Beth's House 

Christmas cookie baking at Grandmas

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Baby Calf on the Loose!

The Barns and pasture behind my home were the Cattle and Horses Roam,
(all four Horses, a Foal, 1 Bull, 3 Momma Cows and 3 Calves+ 2 Roosters.)
the pasture as vied from my Bedroom window
Well we sure get out bit of excitement down here at my home-base in Tennessee.  Tonight my neighbor Valoriea Runs in and hurriedly shouts to me, "I need you out here",  as I run out of the house she lets me know one of the baby calves has gotten out and is in our back yard and might run into the street and she needed me to stand guard on the side of the house to keep him confined in the back yard till the farmer got here.  "He will be here in 10 minuets.  He's in church just down the street."  So 20 minuets later the farmer and a friend arrive to relive us of guard duty and shoo's his calf back to the other side of the fence while mama cow "MOO's" at us. Well you must know that there is more than 300 feet between my house and the next and if that baby bull calf had decided to bolt there would be no way I could get to him fast enough.  I was very thankful he was as wary of us as we were of him.  Now that the situation is well in hand I can sit here and relax at my computer and write about this exciting evening.  Now it is nearly 9:30pm and I'm wide awake.... too much excitement!  I will try and read a book and then go to sleep.  Nite all!  Till the next exciting thing happens around here.  LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Deer in the Pasture outside my Tennessee Home.

Here are some pictures I want to share with you.  Tonight I got a call from my neighbor to come outside to see the deer in the pasture besides out town home.  I grabbed my camera and went over to the fence and indeed there were 2 deer at the other side of the pasture by the barns.  They heard us talking and just stood and stared at us for a long while then continued to eat the grass walking across the field very slowly ignoring

the 3 legged deer
us.  One of the female deer was hopping on 3 legs as she grazed.  Our Neighbor Pat sad that the deer has been coming to the pasture for the past 3 years.  I took some pictures with my red camera but am disappointed in the clarity of my pictures. 
The Deer are listening to us as we whisper our delight at seeing them.

Friday, July 11, 2014

This world we live in is so breathtakingly Beautiful!

Just sitting here at my computer talking to my grandson Christopher and looking at my Facebook page -  I just have to share this video with you all...  This world we live in is so breathtakingly Beautiful!  -  Diane

Thursday, July 10, 2014

DON''T book a room @ the Baymont Inn & Suites in downtown Houston Texas!

I know its only the second week in July but it already has been a busy summer for me.  I moved to Tennessee mid May and was just getting settled in when Family Vacation Time hit... Galveston Island Texas, our destination - Beach House was ready for us... I left on the 20th of June and drove down to meet up with my kids at the Beach House we were renting.  I enjoyed the ride through the states, South Tennessee, the tip of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, till I got to Louisiana.  I had stopped in a Mc D's for an break and an ice cream cone in Mississippi only 6 miles from the Louisianan border.  Rested I proceeded to drive into Louisiana Planning to stop in New Orleans then on to Baton Rouge and on to Texas.  Well I had to cancel that thought pretty quickly!  As soon as I got into LA it started to Rain, a big downpour, I couldn't even see out my windshield and had to pull over to stop several times because the heavy downpour made driving impossible.  So I headed toward Baton Rouge, slowly and finally the rain stopped just before I got to my chosen stop for the night, a small town about 3/4 of the way thru the state.  I resumed my trip in the morning and headed towards Houston Tx were I planned to meet my daughter Nancy at a hotel.  That turned out to be a farce.  She had booked a room at the Baymont Inn & Suites in downtown Houston.  I arrived, got my room key and off the the room I went.  When I opened the door the odor of cleaning agents was VERY strong.  That should have been my hint to turn around and get out but I was to meet my daughter there!  So I gingerly went in and looked around all seemed ok at first glance.  I decided to turn on the TV and it wouldn't work so I looked for the phone to call the desk! no Phone!  I had to walk back out in the 96 degree heat to the desk and ask for help.  The attendant tried but could not get the TV to work but I did by plugging in a HDMI cable that was hooked in.  I started to settle in and get my CPAP plugged in and moved the little nightstand away from the wall to plug my machine in and what to my horror! I saw a large 1 1/2" Dead Roach lying on the floor by the bed.  Ewwwwww! that freaked me out the I took a closer look and saw an empty, torn candy wrapper under the bed.  I then looked more closely at the bathroom too.  there were dead bugs behind the toilet and a large long black hair stuck to the tile under the sink.  I called Nan to let her know about the room, fearing that she would be pulling into this hotel at midnight with the kids and baby Amelia.  I packed up my car and scooped up the dead bug a napkin and brought it to the desk and checked out!!!!! I was so mortified by the uncleanliness of the place I just wanted to throw up!  So if you are ever in Houston DON'T stay at the Baymont Inn & Suites in downtown Houston.

After spending the night in a cleaner hotel in Houston I met up with Nancy and we made our way into galveston which was only an hour away.  She showed us around town a bit, we took a ferry ride across the bay and then made our way to the beach house.... The week was perfect despite the rain, we were at the beach.  I enjoyed my weeks stay at the Beach House, did a little sight seeing and a lot of just hanging out on the deck or in the house relaxing while the kids did their own thing... the week went fast and before you knew it - it was time to head home.

The drive home was uneventful, I had decided to take the coastal route instead of going back up toward Houston and  except for the ferry ride.  I waited almost an hour to get on the busy ferry and when on the ferry broke down so all the cars, including me, had to back off and wait for another ferry taking another hour of waiting.  finally I was on my way.  the skies were clear with no hint of rain the entire trip home.  I ddn't make a lot of stops along the way because of the heat.  it was around 96 degrees out all the way home.  It took me two overnight stays before I arrived home in Newport TN around 10pm on Wed eve.  So glad to be home and the bonus was 78 degrees out.  how nice!  It was and adventure and I enjoyed it immense, so now back to the real world....  and a whole lot of summer fun to share with you. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

FCE - My 1st Meeting

1800's Fashion Show sponsored by FCE - at the TVA Fair - Knoxville TN Sept 2013
Today I attended my 1st meeting of FCE, a very nice group of Ladies.  FCE is  short for Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education an Extension of the University of Tennessee/Institute of Agriculture.  It is a group of ladies of the community who get together to promote ideals of family and community working together.  Last year when I had visited here in Sept I had attended the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville and met a few of these ladies on a lovely day out.  The FCE group held a fashion show of the early 1800's fashion sewn by one of the ladies of the group and when I had decided to move here joining this group was one of the goals of my move.  It was a good day of food, conversation, learning, crafts and enjoying the company of these ladies.  I had already met some of the ladies of the group at different activities I had been going to so with my friend Valoriea who lives next door, I felt very comfortable there and look forward to becoming a part of this group.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Ready for my 1st Jewlery sale here in Tennessee
The Shepard's Inn, Dandridge TN

For the past week I have been getting ready to do my 1st jewelry sale here in Tennessee.  Normally I would just pack up my stuff and go but since this is my 1st show here I needed to spiffy up my packaging and business cards, tags ect. making sure I have my new address and phone.  It's a putzy job but one that needs to be done and it is helpful because I have to unpack my pens, paper, inks ect.  I am enjoying refreshing my packaging, although it is a little frustrating to go thru my boxes because I am not sure were all my stuff is.  At least I have a decent showing of jewelry for the sale.  Not the premium pieces but nice ones.  I am looking forward to the show.  I had the privilege of being recommended by my new friend Sally West to the owner of the Shepard's Inn, a Bed & Breakfast in Dandridge TN who was looking for jewelry vendors for "Ladies Night Out" on June 14th.  I'm excited and looking forward to this new adventure.    

Friday, June 6, 2014

I've been here 3 weeks already? Wow!

Yes! this has been a good move for me. The warmth has made a big difference in my pain level between the rheumatoid arthritis and my back. I am so thankful, the Lord is good!  


Yesterday I took a ride down to a quilt shop in Sevierville TN, for a quilt shop hop just to get to know the area and I also wanted to see where their were quilt shops in this area. It's called  I was invited to a meeting of the "French Broad Quilting Guild," at THE CHERRY PIT Quilt Shop but because of the Shop Hop they weren't meeting. So when I join I'll be know as one of the "French Broads" tee hee. Although I still belong to the Hudson Heritage Quilting Guild back there and do miss them. 
 I enjoyed their window display which encompassed 2 store windows and the fabric inside was just as wonderful and the Ladies were very friendly.  On this shop hop we got a free Pattern for an applique Block that the ladies in the store made into a lovely Pillow, 2 more Printed patterns, one for a simple but elegant table runner and another for making coasters plus a demonstration on using a specialty ruler & displays of projects in upcoming workshops.

I enjoyed the BOM (Block of the Month) Quilts that were hanging in the Store and was tempted join them. 

After I left The Cherry Pit I drove to Cosby TN and went to the Holloway Country Store to check it out.  I had been there last year and enjoyed their shop tremendously.  They have an array of finished wall hangings, panels and of course lots of yummy fabrics.  I noted that they had the Rooster Panel I had bought already to make into some Place Mats and Pot holders and they even had the border fabric to match along with a small print of white eggs on a black background.  I bought the remaining piece of it. 
A Rooster Pot Holder I made with a square from the Panel

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Good Morning, it's going to be a very warm day I

hear. It is a little cool this am at 48 and the birds are singing in the trees outside my front lawn, such sweet sounds to wake up to. I put up the bird feeder yesterday and just put more seed in the feeder.  The pigeons and the doves love to eat what the smaller birds drop.  note the Cardnial on my neightbor's fence across the street watching the pigeon as he comes to feed.  I've seen cardnials, canaries, finches, doves, oreo's and of course the pigions.  I love to watch the doves because the boy dove keeps following the girl dove and she ignores his advances. lol  I'll dress and put some more feed out for them this morning before it gets to warm.

The second picture is of my front porch with my new tomato planter.  It is looking across to my neighbor Valoriea's porch.  I feel very blessed to be in this peaceful spot. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Sunny Sunday!

A view from my Sewing/Quilting Studio of the Barns in the Pastures behind my apartment
I am sitting here at my desk with my front door open to the porch and the screened porch door latched., listening to the birds outside chirping at times.  You can tell it is late afternoon because they seem to have a quiet chatter in the afternoons as apposed to the early morning.

Today has been just a lovely day.  This morning I went to church with my friend Valoriea at the 1st Baptist Church in Dandridge TN.  I enjoyed meeting everyone and the service was nice.  After church we came home and ate lunch, changed and then headed over to Greeneville, TN to their Iris Festival, (I thought it was going to be all about the Iris flower,) wrong lol. It was a street fair in the Historic Downtown section of Greeneville with lots of vendors, food and music.  The drive over to Greeneville was so scenic with rolling hills and the mountains in the distance.  I wished I had bought my camera.  We enjoyed walking around and peeking in at all the stalls, ate some Turkey, fried Pickles and Onions on a stick and fried zucchini...Yum!  While there I came upon a stall with handmade Jewelry. I noticed the girl there was using a Kumihimo braiding circle and we got to talking.  She had an interesting way to make her clasps and so did her daughter.  we exchanged telephone #'s, she lives in Kingsport TN.  I'd love to talk to her some more.  makes me want to get out my beads and such. While there I bought 2 Tomato Plants. one and Amish Heritage Tomato and the other a big boy... can't wait to get real tomatoes from them.  Now I need to get a pot & potting soil for them..  :) 

Yesterday I accompanied Valoriea to Grant's Chapel in Jefferson City to her Herb Workshop.  Wow! did she give an awesome presentation.  I learned a lot about Herbs, and some surprising tidbits too.  I got some English Thyme to take home and one of the ladies, Dee, shared a sprig of Cuban Oregano from her plant.  She had gotten the plant as a cutting from Valoriea last year.  I also sat by Frances who invited me to the French Broad Quilters on the 1st Thursday of the month in Sevierville, TN.  I am feeling so happy and relaxed here.  I can't believe it's only been a week already.

Friday, May 16, 2014

More adventures in my New Tennessean Home.

The view from my bedroom window
Friday May 16th - This evening proved to be a bit chiller than I would have liked only 56 degrees out and still rainy with intermittent sunshine.  I had to turn on my heat for a bit to get it back up to a comfortable level for me. :(  The bird feeder is up and the birds are enjoying it.  I have some Martins, Cardinals, Robins, Pigeons and Doves.  The boy Dove keeps messing with the girl Dove so she flew off leaving him to sit alone on the wires till she feels like coming back Ha Ha Ha...

The new MiFi is working well so now I have my printer operational and I am happy.  Can't wait to get my Direct TV hooked up.  Need to wait for funds tho so it might not be for a week or 2.  :{

I just had a great supper - a sandwich on Italian bread with garlic spread cheese slices and fresh tomatoes warmed in the mic.  yum!  Later I will have a nice cup of hot tea, for now I will rest a bit then unpack more boxes.  Yesterday I tried Goats milk for the 1st time.  It was good and did not upset my stomach at all like cows milk does.  I just might switch.  :} 

Tomorrow my friend Valoriea is giving a presentation on Herbs at the Jefferson City Sr Center and she invited me to go along with her.  I am looking forward to that.

Life is Good, God is Great! 

My Move to Tennessee.

Today is Day 3 of my new home in Tennessee.  I arrived here in Newport Tenn on Sunday, "Mother's Day", no less.  We had left Hudson Wisconsin on the 9th of May about 5:30pm and drove thru to near Rockford Ill on rt 39 in Illinois before we stopped for the Eve.  I rented 2 rooms for $75 each/night.  the Boys got to share a room while Beth and I took the other one.  It made me giggle because the boys are grown men now and the thought of sharing a room seemed strange.  "Tee-Hee" male bonding time for the brothers, Raymond, Micheal, Earl and Friend Marcelino.  After breakfast  we set off again for another long day of driving.  Beth rode with me, Raymond rode with Michael and Marcelino rode with Earl.  We drove thru Bloomington/Normal in Illinois then over Indianapolis Indiana,

Adventures in my New Tennessee Home

The view from my Bedroom Window.  Sometimes there are even cows, or horses grazing  One of the cows has a calf and one of the horses has a colt, both born this spring right here in the pasture. 
Friday, May 16, 2014 - Today I sit at my computer with my front door open and the screen down on the storm door it is the start of a lovely day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing in my front yard.  It is a cool morning, the beginning of a new day and my 5th day here at my new home in Tennessee.  I am enjoying the chorus from the various birds at the feeders.  I sat on my porch eating my breakfast and watching the birds at the feeders.  Yesterday I bought a small bird feeder and a shepherds hook to hang it on.  Now to get the bird feed for it and then I can watch them gather around at my feeder.  Today I will go to Walmart or Lowe's to check out the cost of rugs to place by my front door and side door.  Money is very tight right now so I won’t be buying much, but window shopping is great! 

Today I plan to unpack a few more boxes and hopefully start sewing some mug rugs that I need for a swap,  they have to be in the mail by next week.   

Well I just returned from my trip to Walmart & the price of my printer cartridges are considerably less than Office Max to my delight so now I know were to get them.  I also stopped by the Verizon store to check out about WiFi and bought a MiFi so now I have Internet and I can take my WiFi device anywhere.  Yeah!  I'm hooked up to the internet - so now to call AT&T back and cancel service....  My next project is Direct TV.  Also stopped by the Electric Company and paid my fee so now I'm hooked up to my electricity.... and the bill that comes with it of course.  LOL 

The new bird-feeder is up and now I can watch the birds gather around it.  

The view from my front porch at my Neighbor Pat's house across the street

The view from my porch looking towards my friend Valoriea's truck and the         Barns in the pasture that borders her side of the Duplex I'm living in

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another Rainy Day! Another Rainy Day! ......

Today is day 7 of my Moving Sale.  For the past four days the song "Another Rainy Day"  has been going thru my mind as it has been so cold and rainy.  the 1st few days of the sale were good with an influx of people coming and going but then came the rain & it just does not want to stop.  I guess it could be worse...SNOW! NO!  There have been some snow flakes mixed in there but not much...  I have been continuing to sort thru my sewing room to determine what to keep and what to let go... either for sale or the thrift shop.  Yesterday my friends stopped by and did brighten my day with thier visit.  It is so fun to visit with them.  Thanks, Terry, Sue, Susan and Millie for your visit.  

I just closed the garage door to let it warm up a bit in the garage.  My daughter Nan had a brilliant Idea to keep the garage door opener with me and open it when I see cars or people coming.  what a great Idea.  

Well my coffee is finished and I must get back to my sorting.  Onward! - is my motto these days.  It's incredible to believe I will be packing the car and the truck for my move this day next week.... WOW! 

My neighbors have been so swell.  Artie, Verle, Paul, Janita & Kathy.  Thanks so much for your support and caring.... I am truly blessed. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A rainy morning with a major winter storm brewing!

Outside my kitchen window is grey and dull with raindrops on the window and a light covering of snow on the ground.  A major Winter storm is brewing here in Wisconsin with the temp at 32 degrees to include rain sleet and a large amt of SNOW in the forecast for later in the day.  Inside I am warm and comfortable and EXCITED!  My move to Tennessee is becoming more real each day as I go thru my "STUFF" and pack.  Most of my "stuff" I'm putting in the "GARAGE/MOVING SALE!" box.  I am trying to pare down to the bare minimum of things to take with me.  Tuesday my youngest daughter came over to help me go thru the boxes in the garage and after 4 large boxes I have tagged 98% for the sale.  the bin under the table that I am keeping is only 1/4 full.  I feel very proud of myself.  I have found some treasures in the boxes.  One is a lovely white porcelain Tea Pot melter from Party light. I forgot I even had it, I'm keeping that of course.  Then I found some sculpting tools and finished pieces along with a lot of polymer clay!  I'll keep the tools and finished pieces and have tagged the clay for the sale.

Yeah!  Among the boxes filled with crafting items I found a basket filled with photo's of my kids/grand kids when they were younger!  I'm going to scan them 1st and then I would like to give them away to my children and grandchildren.  They were by far the best treasure yet.  3 boxes down out of many to go but at least it is moving forward.

My living-room is becoming a bit more organized as I push thru it, tagging most of my stuff for the sale and boxing up others.  Yesterday I finished packing 2 boxes with Photos, etc and have 1/2 box filled - Whew! quite a job.  Last night I was up till 3am (only because I drank a cup of regular coffee from Quick Trip late in the early eve!  It was sooo good I couldn't put it down until it was all gone, knowing full well how caffeine affects me if I drink it later in the afternoon.

I did take a nice little break yesterday afternoon and went over to the community Ctr and played cards with my friends for a little while... 

Well I better eat my breakfast late lunch right now and get dressed I'm supposed to go to a buffet lunch with my retired friends from Church. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What a nice week it has been

Zuri learning how to use the Rotary Cutter Safely.

It's been a lovely week with my Granddaughter Zuri visiting Sunday we had supper at my daughter Beth's house, Monday we slept in late, had pancakes for breakfast/brunch then went out to the store and came home and had steak, potatoes and broccoli for supper & watched the long Island Medium.  Today we went downtown to my quilting group and she helped me cut squares for a baby rag quilt I'm making, had Subs for lunch and came home and watched movies, "Despicable me 2, Saving Mr Banks & Frozen then watched the little couple on TV - a nice "Movie Night".  Ate pot pies for dinner and snacked on pears, apples and cinnamon rolls.  Tomorrow we will go down to the Willow River Creative Ctr to work on making fused pendants then its time to pack up and take her home & Honey Home so when Mom and Dad arrive she will be there. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's a bright sunny and Chilly Sunday Morning

This is the Small Mug Rug I finished for my Granddaughter Echo.
I am so glad the sun is out today.  It is still  very cold her in Wisconsin, - 13 and that doesn't include the windchill.  There is a Wind Chill advisory out till the afternoon... Brrr - I'm so glad that I am inside nice and warm and safe.  I looked out my window this morning and saw fresh deer prints stretching across the side yard in the direction of my front porch.  I bet the deer was out looking for something to nibble at but the snow here is so deep all the shrubs are covered. 

I plan on working in my Studio today making more "You Have My Heart" blocks.  I made 3 already and sent one to my granddaughter Echo as a present for her 6th Birthday, (I included a small Doll and a hair bow along with a packet of hot chocolate).  I am enjoying paper piecing these blocks. Today I want to do one in Greens for March.

I also downloaded the paper pieced pattern for the March Paper Pieced Postcard BOM for my FB Quilting group so I will work on that today. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Sunday Morning - Sunshine and Blue Skies

Today holds the promise of a new day.  The sun is out and shining brightly on last weeks snow and the skies area a shade of light blue the thermometer on my computer screen reads 5 degrees.  Yes it is cold here in Wisconsin today. Each morning I look out my bathroom window as I do my exercises to see how the weather is, (see the picture below for the view from my bathroom window.)  The snow mounds in my back yard, (put there by the fellow who plows our road and driveways here at Heritage Cottages,) are covered in clean white snow and the small tree that was burdened with the heavy snow is now only lightly coated thanks to the whipping winds that come off of highway 35 as the cars travel 2 and from their destinations.  The Pines that line the edge of the property also are still covered in heavy snow giving them a "Post Card" look.  There are no deer or rabbit tracks in the snow today - it's just too cold. Boy! those animals are smart - they are staying under deep cover where they can be warm and dry.  That's OK the stalks from my flower bushes along side my patio are covered fully now with over 3' of snow on them due to the drifts of snow.  My Patio furniture and grill are huddling under a tarp that looks like a snow drift itself.   I just love it when it is this clean and white outside, don't you?  Here are the pictures taken on Thursday when we had blizzard like snowfall all day.
The View from my bathroom window 

The view from my Kitchen Window

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yeah! the weather has broke!

February Postcard  BOM Block # 1
My Russian Doll Applique
The Peace Dove
Yeah! I was able to go to my bible study group this am ... the Temp is 25 degrees above zero today no snow and minimal wind.  I was able to get out of the house for a short time to enjoy time with friends.  Only 2 hrs out but such a great relief.  I even was able to use my shoes instead of my boots today... I could have gone out with the retired friends from church to our monthly get together but I thought I should take it easy so here I am back at home.  I will eat a light lunch, rest and maybe even sew a little today.... I am taking it a day at a time and trying to be gentle with myself.  It's been almost 2 1/2 weeks since surgery and i am sore but healing great!   I went to my follow-up appointment with the Nurse Practitioner and have been cleared to carry 20# now and in 4 weeks I can carry 30#'s, then 4 weeks later I can carry whatever I can handle.  I don't have to go back unless I have a problem and the nerve pain/discomfort should be back to normal in 3 - 4 months.  Yeah!  Well, now for lunch and then I will watch TV for a while and later work on my quilting projects....  My February BOM Postcard block for my Facebook Group - Quilting, and Mug Rugs for my Swap with Michelle at the quilting Gallery.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 days post op - home and healing

Today I'm 3 days post op from my back surgery.   I haven't been able to sit down at my sewing machine to quilt yet but I am definitely thinking about it which is a very good thing.  Monday I went in for surgery and when I woke up I found that I had to spend the night because I had developed a "leak" from a tear, not too bad but I had to be flat on my back till 6am in the morning.  Now I do not normally sleep on my back and spend less than 5 min on my back at a time so this was tantamount to torture.  so on Tuesday morning when they told me I could sit up and move around I was delighted.  I was hoping to go home that evening.  In the afternoon I was very dizzy with a stiff neck and a headache.  they determined that it was due to my pain med and that i needed to stay for another day... Oh my! but at least I could move around and sit on the chair to watch TV.  I arrived home yesterday afternoon before the snowstorm and got settled in.  I found that things were going to be ok, although I didn't feel up to sewing yet I could navigate my bed and home without too much discomfort.  I loaded my chairs with extra pillows, brought my iron patio chair with the arms in from the porch so I could sit at my kitchen table and retrieved my reacher so I would be able to pick up things off the floor without bending.  My daughter Beth stayed with me a while after I arrived home then my daughter Nan came over in the evening to help me with supper.  I went to bed early and slept well and found I could navigate around just using my cane.  I feel blessed by all the caring friends and family and many prayer warriors I have surrounding me.  Thank you Lord!  I really want to blog more but find I am not able to sit long at my desk so tomorrow is another day... maybe I'll be able to blog and put some pictures up.    

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm back on my blogs! yippeee!

Thanks JC & Max for helping me to figure out why i was unable to post on my blogspot blogs.  It took a while and Max was patient with me allowing me to catch up when i got lost.  but now I am back on and so glad.  It has been a difficult week or two of posting from my tablet. sometimes not being able to post pictures, (which are a big part of my post's).  So now I can get back up to speed and work on my projects.  So Thank you Max and JC! I am ever grateful. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

it's an early morning for me. just woke up, looked out the window..

 The view from my bathroom window is limited, showing the highway lift up by the frequent headlights off passing cars, people on the way to work.  I'm so glad I don't have to go out this early anymore.  Ah! Retirement, whata sweet time in my life.  I have the luxury of time.  Time to take things at an easier pace and to rush only when I need to.  It's only 6:30 in the morning, in bask in bed writing this post on my tablet. LatelyI have been unable to access my blogs with my computer, a glitch in my windows program.  I've tried to fix it by downloading a newer version but it still doesn't work!  Darn! Any suggestions? Here is my picture for the day.  A rainbow from Ireland!  Ah' I remember it well.