Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's been a while since my last post

A lot has happened since my last post.  I spent the last 2 weeks of January recouping from the stomach flu.  Oh boy did that sap my strength.  Then on Jan 31st my youngest brother passed away after a short illness.  I flew back to upstate NY to be with my older brother and the family and spent two weeks there.  The weather for the month of February was very uncooperative and winter came there with extreme cold weather for the eastern coast with storms blowing thru leaving much snow and cold Minnesota weather the full two weeks I was there.  On my return home another storm hit the central states bringing Icy, Cold & wet weather with lots of snow...  I had flight cancellations both going and coming home and even had to spend a night at my friend Sally's house before I left and on my way home I spent a night in DC due to the Weather. When I finally was able to fly into Knoxville I was met with a frozen landscape, the trees heavy laden with Ice, and the roads treacherous.

A Wintry Scene of  Icy Trees &  A Snow covered Fireplace
I spent the night at Sally's house again and with the threat of frigid weather and frozen pipes I was able to make it down her hill and get home the next day before more snow came... the Temps went very low that night and I was fearful about possible frozen pipes.  I let my faucets drip thru the night and most of the next day and did not have a problem but my neighbor wasn't as lucky.

I arrived home to my humble abode greeted by my bare Christmas tree and 3 boxes of ornaments yet to be packed away, 3 wreaths sitting on the floor in front of my desk and my kitchen table piled high with paperwork needing to be sorted and put away!  Just like I had left it... Oh well. The next week was followed by more Cold and Snow.