Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bus Trip - A fun Day at the Mall of America

Today my friend's & I- (Therese & Mike, Glady's, Jean, Curtis, Verle and Judy, Ruthie & Linda S),   went to the Mall of America together.  We were able to get a bus and driver to take us "oldster's" down to the Mall as a group...Wow it was so fun and so nice to have someone else drive.   "Wes"  our bus driver did a great Job.  When we arrived we paired up or struck out on our own to wander the mall meeting back at the entrance at a certain time.  I struck out on my own - found some neat shops and bought my favorite Rose Scented hand creme from Evlely & Crabtree's - then on to the Yankee Candle store for some great tea lights and to bath & body to check out thier goodies.  Stopped by the Twin City Grille for a great Baked Sweet Potato.  Arrived back home around six - nicley tired out with all the walking watched Dancing with The Stars - made it an early night - up around midnight tho to check out my sewing with nancy programs on learnng to use my serger.  all in all a great day. 

I am looking forward to Tuesday.  I have to go into the Cities to have my monthly IV Therapy for my RA and my friend Linda R is going in with me, should prove to be a very nice day together.  She has things she needs to do while there also. - The weather is going to be cloudy and cool and I am looking forward to going to "Macy's" to look around.  I'm not sure if I will bring my Macy's card or not...LOL - I just might spend cash instead...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let it Snow, let it snow - let it snow somewhere else!

Well yesterday was a wild and snowy day leaving about 4" of snow on the streets and covering the sidewalks - very wet and fully - and beautiful too.  Today is cleanup - the streets are covered with ice even my plowed driveway is covered with ice...  Yesterday I had a blast at our Women's Sale.  I helped cashier and it was so fun to see all the people come and go and feel their excitement for the day.  A very holiday spirit was present in the air with the coming of our 1st snowfall of the season.  Listening to the News last eve tho it seems likely that it will all be melted by Thanksgiving Day with temps in the 50's.  A nice start to the Holiday Season....  Now to locate my shovel so I can get my walkway cleared.  I would use my broom but the snow is wet and a broom wouldn't work on it....  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hudson Tour of Homes and Our Fall Festival

Morning All - Today is the Big FALL FESTIVAL at the 1st Baptist Church on 3rd & Vine in Hudson Wisconsin. It is also The Tour of Homes Day here. Come Over - stop by and Enjoy the Day. We have a large assortment of Baked Goodies, including Pie's, cookies, STICKY BUNS, homemade jams & other Sweet Goodies. We also have a lot of Craft Items and A QUILT that needs a Home Made By our Saturday Quilting Group. come on in and take a Chance on it.