Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bus Trip - A fun Day at the Mall of America

Today my friend's & I- (Therese & Mike, Glady's, Jean, Curtis, Verle and Judy, Ruthie & Linda S),   went to the Mall of America together.  We were able to get a bus and driver to take us "oldster's" down to the Mall as a group...Wow it was so fun and so nice to have someone else drive.   "Wes"  our bus driver did a great Job.  When we arrived we paired up or struck out on our own to wander the mall meeting back at the entrance at a certain time.  I struck out on my own - found some neat shops and bought my favorite Rose Scented hand creme from Evlely & Crabtree's - then on to the Yankee Candle store for some great tea lights and to bath & body to check out thier goodies.  Stopped by the Twin City Grille for a great Baked Sweet Potato.  Arrived back home around six - nicley tired out with all the walking watched Dancing with The Stars - made it an early night - up around midnight tho to check out my sewing with nancy programs on learnng to use my serger.  all in all a great day. 

I am looking forward to Tuesday.  I have to go into the Cities to have my monthly IV Therapy for my RA and my friend Linda R is going in with me, should prove to be a very nice day together.  She has things she needs to do while there also. - The weather is going to be cloudy and cool and I am looking forward to going to "Macy's" to look around.  I'm not sure if I will bring my Macy's card or not...LOL - I just might spend cash instead...

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