Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Home! Vacation's Over

I'm Home!

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation/Sunday Aug11th 2013

Got home Sunday Eve after leaving the KOA/Clark's Ill.  were we stopped overnight.  This KOA was in the midst of a cornfield and a field of soybeans, very peaceful.  we arrived just in time for an Ice cream social and a evening movie.  I showered and put on my swim suit so I could take advantage of the pool - too late they closed the pool at sunset.  :(  The Beds were comfortable & the place was peaceful.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Koa camps both in Nashville and Illinois.  We left Nashville on Saturday Morning around 6 or 7am Nancy drove all the way to Clark, Ill were we stayed for the night at the Clark KOA.  Saturday as we drove thru Paducah KY were we stopped  we and I visited the Quilting Museum were I viewed their Civil War Quilt collection while Nancy and Zuri went to the outdoor Market and visited the Ohio river.
Sunday morning we woke fresh and ready for our drive home.  We stopped at the nearest Cracker Barrel Restaurant and had a good breakfast.  I drove thru Rockford Ill to Beloit, WI were we stopped for lunch, a fill-up and Nancy drove the rest of the way - passing the Best Western at Black River Falls were Valoriea and I spent our 1st stop on the way down to Tennessee, (Wow that seems like a lifetime away).  We arrived at my home about 7:30 pm, unpacked me stuff and then Nan & Zuri went home.  The end of a spectacular "working" Vacation. 

I plan to upload my vacation pictures taken along the way to share with you all.   

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation/Saturday Aug 3rd 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation/Saturday Aug 3rd 2013

Our overnight stay at the Arrowhead Lodge in Black River Falls WI was pleasant and frustrating at the same time. At first we could not get our assigned room door open, Valoriea had to go back & forth several times to the lobby; no easy feat because the lodge was large and we were at the very end of the hotel near the campers & RV'rs.  We were so anxious to get inside our "suite" thinking about the Large comfy King size bed and Jacuzzi that was inside with Large HD TV, Fireplace and Micro/Fridge & Balcony with a view of the large pond & Golden Moose Statue that surrounded the back of the Lodge.  That door would not open even for the staff so they moved us to a similar handicap "suite" that lacked the balcony & view but did hold the Large comfy King size bed and Jacuzzi that was inside with Large HD TV, Fireplace and Micro/Fridge.   We were so tired and hungry we ate our snacks that we had brought with us, opened our computers to check our e-mails, then ignoring the Jacuzzi we showered and went to bed.  I took the pull out couch, which to my surprise and delight was very comfy & had the  Large HD TV, Fireplace . I did put on the fireplace and enjoyed the ambiance  while I readied for bed.  Leaving Valoriea the room with the King Bed,

In the morning we went down to the lobby for breakfast of eggs
waffles, yogurt and coffee & juice, walking past the restaurant with the amazing architectural windows with the copper leaves. 

We stopped for a break in Tuscola, WI at the Tanger Outlet Mall.
They had a Farmer's Market there at the Mall Entrance with several vendors with fresh vegetables, specialty Cheeses, flavored popcorn, that provided small tastings & an Amish Family selling freshly baked  pies, breads and other bakery.  We bought a small Blackberry Pie and Popcorn to have later that evening at our next stopover.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation - Friday Aug 2rd 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation/Friday Aug 2rd 2013

It has been a hectic last 4 - 5 weeks.  From my Road trip in June with my daughter Beth & Granddaughter Zuri to visit my brothers in NY State, to my Quilting Retreat "Girls Night Out" in July, (I was able to finish 5 Baby Quilt tops), and now my "working" road trip to Tennessee in August driving my friend Valoriea's Pick up truck down while she drove the large 26' U-Haul truck with all her belongings to her new home.

Interesting fact on the side of this U-Haul Truck


Friday August 2nd:  My day started early, up at 5:30am, showered, finished packing my clothing for my trip to Tennessee & checking  to see that I had packed everything I needed.  I put all my luggage on the porch before 8am,  took out the garbage and checked to see that nothing was left on, ate breakfast on the porch waiting for Valoriea to pick me up.  I received a frantic call from Valoriea, the packers were there and she couldn't get away so could I drive over instead?  I packed my car and headed over to her house where the packers had the truck 1/3r packed, while she was still trying to pack up the rest herself.  So I headed to the kitchen to pack up the dishes, food, pots and pans.  By 2pm the truck was packed and we were ready to go.  We drove as far as we could before exhaustion hit and our 1st layover was at the Arrowhead Lodge in Black River Falls, WI
I loved the Architectural effect these windows of the restaurant present.  I was able to go inside to take thes pictures of the copper/metal leaves,

The Copper leaves, a view from inside the Restaurant.
Valoriea's New Home in Tennessee.  A very cute duplex surrounded on 2 sides by Farmland with grazing Angus cows and weathered barns. 
 This the barn on her left side, the cows graze on the farm adjacent to her back yard fence.

Friday, August 2, 2013

sitting here at Best Western on the computer relaxing in the cool airconditioning

Well we are well on our way to Tennessee we both are so exhausted from the day spent from the wee hrs of the am packing dishes, ect. and packing the truck and pickup.  it feels good to be able to relax in the cool airconditioning.  we got a room with a Jacuzzi and plan to use it before the eve is over.  then tomorrow morn we will head out again.  We did not make it to Peru Ill but its OK.... I wasn't able to take any pictures today but I plan to tomorrow.  Will keep updating you with pictures ect.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Girl's Night Out Retreat then Off to Tennessee!

Winnie The Pooh Baby Quilt Top
Flannel Baby Quilt with Trucks & Froggies

Dr Seuss - Cat in the Hat & other Characters
Flannel Baby Quilt with Froggies and Cute Baby clothes & Rattles

I feel so excited today and in the midst of packing for my Road Trip to Tennessee with my friend Valoriea, who is moving to Tennessee.  I will be driving her pickup truck down while she drives the 26 ft. U-Haul with all her belongings.  We just picked up the U-Haul and I must say she handles it very well.  Her Truck is comfortable and I see no problem driving it down.  We plan to take our time and sleep overnight in Ill. before heading on to Tennessee.  We also are going to make a side trip to visit a quaint Amish Store that she has been to before and then stop in Paducah KY at the Quilt Museum.  I am
taking my Camera along to take photos of my journey. 

Last week was an awesome week at the quilt retreat I went to in Hudson WI for our LQS "Sew Little Time" Ladies Night Out.  I was able to go Tues Eve thru Sunday and did get a lot done.  I made 5 baby quilt top, 2 are already sandwiched and ready to quilt.  I made 2 of  baby flannels that had ducks and frogs and puppies in them.  One quilt was created using a vintage fabric of children picnicking in the park.  I used soft greens and greys for this one with a very simplistic pattern of Charm Squares and Rectangles.  Dr. Seuss was the focus of another quilt where I used 6" squares of  Dr. Seuss patterned fabric surrounded by bright colorful crayon colors of blue, red, green, orange and yellow.  I enjoyed making this magical bright quilt and plan to give it to one of my great grandsons.  Winnie the Pooh fabrics were my next focal prints in soft pastel.  I think this one is my best so far and I loved the way it turned out.  I used a disappearing nine patch pattern with Pink, Blue and 2 different Pooh fabrics as the outer squares. 
Summer Fun, children picnicking in the Park