Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bus Trip - A fun Day at the Mall of America

Today my friend's & I- (Therese & Mike, Glady's, Jean, Curtis, Verle and Judy, Ruthie & Linda S),   went to the Mall of America together.  We were able to get a bus and driver to take us "oldster's" down to the Mall as a group...Wow it was so fun and so nice to have someone else drive.   "Wes"  our bus driver did a great Job.  When we arrived we paired up or struck out on our own to wander the mall meeting back at the entrance at a certain time.  I struck out on my own - found some neat shops and bought my favorite Rose Scented hand creme from Evlely & Crabtree's - then on to the Yankee Candle store for some great tea lights and to bath & body to check out thier goodies.  Stopped by the Twin City Grille for a great Baked Sweet Potato.  Arrived back home around six - nicley tired out with all the walking watched Dancing with The Stars - made it an early night - up around midnight tho to check out my sewing with nancy programs on learnng to use my serger.  all in all a great day. 

I am looking forward to Tuesday.  I have to go into the Cities to have my monthly IV Therapy for my RA and my friend Linda R is going in with me, should prove to be a very nice day together.  She has things she needs to do while there also. - The weather is going to be cloudy and cool and I am looking forward to going to "Macy's" to look around.  I'm not sure if I will bring my Macy's card or not...LOL - I just might spend cash instead...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let it Snow, let it snow - let it snow somewhere else!

Well yesterday was a wild and snowy day leaving about 4" of snow on the streets and covering the sidewalks - very wet and fully - and beautiful too.  Today is cleanup - the streets are covered with ice even my plowed driveway is covered with ice...  Yesterday I had a blast at our Women's Sale.  I helped cashier and it was so fun to see all the people come and go and feel their excitement for the day.  A very holiday spirit was present in the air with the coming of our 1st snowfall of the season.  Listening to the News last eve tho it seems likely that it will all be melted by Thanksgiving Day with temps in the 50's.  A nice start to the Holiday Season....  Now to locate my shovel so I can get my walkway cleared.  I would use my broom but the snow is wet and a broom wouldn't work on it....  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hudson Tour of Homes and Our Fall Festival

Morning All - Today is the Big FALL FESTIVAL at the 1st Baptist Church on 3rd & Vine in Hudson Wisconsin. It is also The Tour of Homes Day here. Come Over - stop by and Enjoy the Day. We have a large assortment of Baked Goodies, including Pie's, cookies, STICKY BUNS, homemade jams & other Sweet Goodies. We also have a lot of Craft Items and A QUILT that needs a Home Made By our Saturday Quilting Group. come on in and take a Chance on it.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Crazy Quilted Memoriies" - a great Idea

"Crazy Quilted Memoriies" - a great Idea see my blog for the Hess/Swett Family about quilting

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Up Early today! My Creative Juices are flowing

This Morning I awoke early with thoughts of quilting a small runner for my kitchen shelf.  One in autumn colors with pumkins and leaves on it...I thought I might get out my Cricut and cut some of them from fabric and use my new found block pattern to make 2 background blocks which I could appllique them too.  will let you know how they turn out.  It will be another busy day for me today.  I have some hand sewing repairs to do and a button to create for a client.  then some hemming to do on a choir robe and two pair of childrens pants with a waist to take in.  I am looking forward to a fun day.  I also am going to my ABW (American Baptist Women's) group to tie some blankets today and then off to my daughters to pick up the jams I canned on Sat/Sun. 
Later this eve I will go to my Tuesday Night Bible Study, "The Story" is a great book we are studing that encompasses the Bible in linear form from Genisis thru.  We have a great discussion time and I do enjoy the groups....
All in all a busy day!  Lovin it tho

I will take pictures of my progress on my little runner.... Enjoy the day everyone.

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Night at the Theater!

This Evening was spent with my friends at Steven Be's knitting and attendng the Theater - It was a pleasant evening spent with friends - the subject content of the play had some shocking moments to say the least but it was thought provoking in it's own way.... I'm  relaxing a bit before bed by reading my e-mail and looking at facebook.  Bed time is near - tomorrow I plan work on my sewing room thruout the day and to do some scrapbooking at Sharon's house in the eve.

My day had a very slow start to it since I had been out late to the Twins game last eve with my son and his fiance'.  but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Early Morning Sunrise

view from my back patio!

A Brisk September Morn.

Sunrise view from my Front Porch.

Good Morn, I'm up a little early again today so I probably will sleep in a bit but yesterday was a great day.   I was up early enough to catch the sunrise.  I put on my robe and slippers and went outside to capture it - it was cool and brisk but the day turned out nice with the sunshine...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Windy Day Outside

Hi all - yes it is a bit windy outside.  I am home sewing today making a quilt for a special birthday gift...I love this quilt it is a bit different, soft, cuddly and easy enough to sew if I use my walking foot and spray adhesive...I do like the result and I do hope my Birthday Girl will love this.  Well can't reveal too much right now but will post a pic of it later next week.  I am also going to finish some of my other UFO's today too....

my home is slowly getting finished...just a little more to get put away - after I figure out where and it will shine.... I am shooting for the end of the month to be done with this movin in stuff....

watching some crafting videos on how to make paper roses - makes me want to use my Cricut to craft some of these...Next month I will be able to start on some newer projects - I want to finish up more of my UFO's 1st.... 

let me know if anyone has some great ideas - I am open to new things - take care!

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Photo

I hope Everyone likes my new photo.  I took this photo in 2006 looking over the bridge from North Hudson WI at the beautiful fall Sunset Oct 2006.  Let me know your thoughts. 

Movin' my plants inside

it feels so cold outside that I decided to move my houseplants inside today.  my christmas cactus from my patio and my plants from my porch... I thave found the ideal spots for them.  In a week I expect my christmas cactus will grace me with her numerous pink flowers like she does every fall after coming inside and my spider plant already looks like she will give me a branch of lovley litte white flowers.  The news said it will be back in the 70's by Sunday... let's hope this is too cool to soon for me.... maybe I need to winter elswhere just  like the birds....

Happy Autumn

well cooler weather is upon us - autumn is here - trees are getting ready to turn colors - the sky seems brighter and the sun further away.  The Harvest moon is on the wane? At least it was big and seemed like a harvest moon....the afternoons are more comfortable and the mornings are cool.  we had our 1st frost the night before last...a little early but so be it.  I see signs of Autum decorations going up - the Mums and Pumpkins are out for sale everywhere....Ahhh - I do love Autum....
Happy Autum Everyone

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Celebration Sunday

what a beautifu Sunday Morn, I'm off to Celebration Sunday at Church.  It promises to be an exciting day today.  I had a lovley day yesterday - spent the afternoon/evening at my Daughter Beth's for a family & friends Cookout....it was fun - we played botchy ball and just enjoyed the evening weather and the company of each other...

Later in the Day: Celebration Sunday was fun, I did the cake walk and won a lemon cake which I shared with family that afternoon....It was Yummy - Thank you to the Baker....Fall is here - The month I have designated as FINISH my UFO"s month (Unfinished Objects) - I have several Quilts and small projects to finish up before I start new Ones... Then I can work on items for the Ladies November "Fall Festival" Sale.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Antiques, Antiques, Antiques

good Morning.  This past week has been exciting for me.  I have been bidding on various items on my favorite auction site: hinesauctionservice.com and this week I won 2 items a lot of 2 boxes with various  crystal plates & bud vases and other assorted items and a set of faux marble top nesting tables.  all for a grand total of $6.  after getting my items home and cleaning off the dust I discovered some unusual items - A plate with a Bird on it in full relief, 2 Milk Glass candy dishes, A little Swan with roses on her & various bud vases and other items.  I was reserching them on EBay and discovered that the pricing for similar items was higher than I thought.  Turns out  I got some excellent buy - The Swan was a genuine Bone china item from Lefton China - The Bird Plate was a genuine item from Napcoware imported from Japan & the Milk Glass Candy Dishes were from Napcoware & Anchor Hocking.  I had them appraised by an online appraiser  ..The value of these Items blew me away.  It was suggested I take them to an antique Dealer to get the best price from them.  Total Value was placed at $110 - $170 - Wow - that was only 4 items.  now to take a fresh look at the rest of my items and see what value they have.... and to think I only paid $2 for the lot of 2 boxes.  I am soooooo pumped....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I do hope you enjoy the picture of my antique pedal sewing machine.  I am in the process of shining her up and plan to restore the wood emblem to the  front of the drawers.  I plan to make a mold of the emblem that came off with polymer clay and create copy's to apply to the front of the drawers....I will keep you posted with pictures & notes of my progress.

My Antique Pedal Sewing Machine Cabinet

A Vignette for my Bathroom

My Newest Find Grandma's Sewing Machine

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Fun

Wow it has been almost a month since my last blog.  August was a very busy and exciting month for me.  I traveled, shopped, visited and did road trips with friends and family...needless to say my regular activities such as the Y and my groups both for quilting, sewing and networking did not get the attention I usually apply to them.  Early August I decided to do a Quilt hop in explore Minnesota.  I signed up for a bus tour for the day - what an excursion.  I missed my bus at the Mall of America, (couldn't find it - LOL) and was able to pick it up in Stillwater at Charlotte's Web Quilt Shop.  Thank You Charlotte for helping me after a few frantic calls - the day was fun, the ladies on the bus were great - many shops and many ideas later I arrived back at the Mall of America where my Daughter Beth picked me up and carted me off to her house for dinner and a movie - "You know Mom she said to me if I pick you up you won't be going home right away."  True to her word we spent a pleasant eve together with her husband and three cats before she dropped me off back at Charlotte's Web around 11pm. 

Sunday was spent resting up and looking over all my Goodies from the trip.  Each shop I visited gave out a free 5" charm of the featured fabrics and a block pattern of thier own - I got so many great Ideas as I visited the shops in the Mid-Minnesota Corridor - A doll pattern for my Grand daughters, Fat Quarters for my newest projects, Books and gadgets - it was a fun trip and I am ready for the next hop already. 

I shared my new ideas and block patterns with my Tuesday Quilt Club and had decided to make some of the blocks with the featured material - since I did not pick up much of the fabric on my trip I did some side trips, with friends & family thruout the week to pick up more fabric.  I quilted a small block and made a mini quilt of it to hang on my wall as a reminder of the fun I had had.  I also started sewing some 18" doll dresses for my Grand daughter Ruthies Birthday and a small quilt pad for under my sewing machine.  So many great Ideas were gathered from the trips.  I di have fun. 

I will blog some more about my August Excursions later and put up some pictures of my work.  Till then I wish all a happy Summer.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pictures of Barns along Hwy 52 in Minnesota

a barn on side road off 52 on the way to Zumbrota MN

A Typical Red Barn off hwy 52 in SE Minnesota

A Barn or Out Building by a Cornfield

The brick detail on the Silo is Captivating

I love the weathered look of this Barn

A Red Barn Advertisement

I love this Red Barn

Road Trip with my Daughter

Barn Located North of Charlotte N.Carolina

the wood shed maybe?

 Note the contrast on this Barn Door

The old Barn Door
Yesterday I took a Road Trip with my daughter Nancy.  It was a lovley day out, a little windy and cool but blue skies and clouds were abundant.  we went down on Hwy 52 towards Rochester MN to take pictures of the many Barns that are down there.  We did get a lot of good pictures and I will post some here.  Barns have always fasinated me - I love the color and texture of the weathered wood.  I took some pictures last year when I was in North Carolina of an old abandoned Barn and outbuildings. 

Monday, August 8, 2011


I completed this Shamrock :)

this is a small daisy called "clock" that often was crochet by the children

I croched this scroll at the Workshop

enjoying our time at the workshop

Charlotte was jusc crocheting away
Pictures of my awesome time at the workshop

Last Week was an Awesome Week for me

Starting on Friday July 29 I had a great "Vacation" - I had decided to take the end of July and 1st week of August "OFF" from my daily routine and Enjoy the summer.  on Friday the 29th I took a bus trip to visit Quilt Shops for the "Quilt Minnesota 2011 Shop Hop".  I had a memorable trip and met a great bunch of ladies who love quilting as much as I.  I was supposedto meet the bus at the Mall of America at 7:30am - arriving at the mall by 6:45 I set out to locate the bus - well I went in front, down below and all around and couldn't find the lot - after making numerous calls  to shops that weren't even open at that time panic set in...I could not find the bus - finally I got a call from Charlotte @ Charlotte's Web Quilting in Stillwater.  She was able to direct me to the lot where the bus was to be.  Buy the time I got there the bus had left, I guess, because I could not find it.  Then I decided to travel to the shop in Stillwater to catch the bus.  Charlotte reassured me that they would pick me up later that eve at the Mall.  Well after a rocky start to my day I boarded the bus and had a wonderful time.  The quilt shops were set up for us - Charlotte's Quilting Web in  Stillwater, Bear Patch & Rosebud Cottage in White Bear Lake, Calla Lilly Quilt Shop in Blaine,  Millie P's in Anoka and Cottage Quilts & Fabric and The Noble Quilter in Elk River.  Each shop was a little different and each one had it's own "gems"  I enjoyed seeing all the fabrics, sewing machines and long Arm Quilting machines.  A wonderful day of travel was enjoyed and my purchases along with 5" squares and charms from each shop was treasured.   Later I met my daughter Beth at the Mall of America and after a visit with her and hubby Derek and their cat Remmey and new additions - 2 playful kittens- I arrived home about midnight. 

Saturday July 30th was spent at the flea market with my daughter Nancy selling our "Gently used Treasures".  It was a very hot and humid day and not a lot of people out in the heat.  Despite all efforts to keep cool by 1pm I was very overheated and had to call it a day.  I did garner some $'s from my sale before dropping my "stuff" off.    My gently used but unsold treasures went to the Goodwill drop off and I went home to sit in front of my fan blowing cool air on me while I sat and stared mindlessly at the TV movies.  I felt bad that I couldn't last knowing that Nancy really wanted to sell her "stuff". 

Sunday the 31st was spent with my friends, Deb & Phyllis and Deb's friend Jean at the Knit and Crochet Show in Minneapolis.  There were many displays of yarns, needles, knitting patterns and treasures abounded.  We met Steven Berg from the Yarn Garage & Steven Be's from Minneapolis, The Ladies from the Yarnery on Grand Ave were there and Maggie from Ireland was there with her patterns and shawls.  We met Maire Treanor, Author of Clones Irish Lace Crochet and Deb and I decided to take her class on Tuesday Eve @ Steven Be's in Minneapolis.  After the Show we went to Psycho Suzy's for late lunch and met some very energetic young couples.. we sat on the patio in the heat under the shade trees and enjoyed the river and fun conversation.

Tuesday eve, Aug 2nd, Deb and I went to the Irish Lace Crochet class - I was not sure that my hands would be able to tolerate the thin threads used and the action of crocheting itself but they did and I had a lovely evening at Steven Be's Shop down on Chicago Ave.  I bought her book and decided to come back on Saturday and Sunday for her All day workshop.  (I couldn't do Friday because I had a Dr's appointment to keep). 

On Wedensday I went to dinner with my friends "ladies from St Joe's" at "Dixie on Grand", we had a great visit along with a great meal.   On Thursday my Grandaughter Zuri came over for her weekly Sewing Lesson.   On Friday morn my Grandaughter's Zuri & Heather came over to hang out and my Son Earl and Fiance Rikkie came to visit before I had to leave for my Dr's appointment. 

Saturday and Sunday were 2 very relaxing days spent at the Workshop taught by Marie Treanor learning how to crochet the traditional Irish Mofits, visiting with 6 other very talented ladies and just enjoying the ambiance of Steven Be's Shop and Work areas. I did learn a lot about the history of the "Clones Irish Lace" from Maire Treanor's Workshop and will continue to use her book and create those Irish Lace Mofits to use in my own handmade Sewing, knitting and Quilting projects... 

Steven B's has and open Studio every Sunday - Brunch is catered and is a nominal fee.  the Amience cant be beat and the creative juices flow - I would love to go down at least once a month - let me know if anyone else would like to join me.

Today is my wind down day, my home needs my attention, laundry needs doing and my kitty needs to snuggle.  I will post pictures here and on my Facebook page sometime today.  have a good day all and a great week

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Fun Day with Friends at the Knit & Crochet Show

Well it was a fun day at the knit & crochet show.  my morning started out with breakfast at Deb's then we went to pick up Phyllis and Jean.  it was a steamy day but the hotel was cool.  I enjoyed seeing all the Yarns and Wool Rovings and we got a ton of great ideas...it was great to talk to the vendors new and returning ones.  We saw Maggi who has great shawl patterns from Ireland & Met Steve who has a shop in Minneapolis.  Deb & I signed up for a class on Lace crochet on Tuesday Eve and also put our name down for a class that steve is teaching mid August....at his shop.  saw a lot of great patterns for scarfs and fingerless gloves and lots of different yarns galore.  Gadgets and gizmo's abounded - I loved the erognomic crochet hook with interchangeable needle sizes - and purchased a neat magnetic board to hold my patterns.  of course I did buy some yarns and we even got a treat bag with some yarn in it.

After the show we went to Psyco Suzy's for a late lunch and met some really kool kids sitting at the table next to ours. (they were in thier 20's) We laughed and ate by the river patio and did have a great time. On the way home we passed the Textile Ctr were they have classes on spinning and of course Polymer Clay and we stopped at the Cupcake factory for coffee and cup-cakes. :) got home around 6pm and enjoyed sitting in my cool livingroom looking at my purchases and contiplating my upcoming class on Tuesday Eve. The teacher is from Ireland and I do love her accent. I did get some pictures to share so do enjoy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cool & Comfortable at Home!

Wow what a HOT day out.  Started early this am by taking my stuff down to the Flea Market here in Hudson at the Family Fresh Parking lot today!  My daughter Nan shared her spot with me.  I took a lot of little things and some big items - all in all did fairly well and what didn't sell went to the Goodwill. Ya! I got rid of some more stuff.  It was a steamy day and the people came in spurts.  would have been better if the temps were not in the 90's tho.  did come home with a new Granny doll tho - but I said I wouldn't buy anything while I was there and I didn't - I'm proud of me....saw some nice stuff tho.  I felt bad that I couldn't stay all day - by 1pm I was fighting heat exhaustion so we packed up.... :( 

Yesterday I had a nice day although the beginning was a little iffy.  I went on the bus to the MN Quilt Hop Shop - met some nice new friends and got some great ideas.  the shops were great - the fabrics were yummy and the company was excellent!  I did come home with some new books and patterns and FABRIC!  - it was a nice day...

Tomorrow I am going to go with my friends for a day in Minneapolis looking at the knitting & Crochet fair.  I am looking forward to this - it will be inside so I shouldn't get too overheated... hopefully I will take some pictures to post. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

An Early Start to A Fun Day!

well it is almost 5:30am and I am up ready to go! Today I will be taking a bus from the Mall of America to do my 1st MN Quilt Hop - we will be visiting 7 Quilting shops in Central MN and spending an Hour at each shop - How fun is that! 7 Quilt shops in a day..... I am looking forward to this. I plan to buy fabric from each shop for my newest project. A Triple Irish Chain Lap Quilt! I do enjoy looking at fabric so this will be fun and I am sure to meet some new Quilting friends along the way...Well my alrarm just went off so I better get going - Have a nice day - I will!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today is a quiet day so far

This Morning I decided to clean and wax my kitchen floor, then off to get my nails done - now home.  I'm getting ready to go on a bus tour in the am for a Mn Quilt Hop - I am looking forward to visiting the different quilt shops in central Mn and meeting other ladies who quilt.  I have to be at the MOA at 7am tomorrow.  some of the shops we are going to I have already visited but the others are new to me.  Charlotte's Web in Stillwater is a lovley shop - we will be having Lunch at Bear Patch in WBL then fo forest Lake, Blanin, Coon Rapids, Anoka and on to Elk River before returning to the MOA at 7:30pm....Whew! quite a ride I am going online now to visit these shops and see what they will have to offer tomorrow....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tis the end of my day!

Today I had a nice day.  I started off early quilting the top of a baby quilt I am making for a new Great Grandchild coming at the end of the year.  One of (4) im making - I created a Quilt Lable for my Baby Quilt that will let me put the name of the Baby it will go to.

 My Granddaughter Zuri came over for her weekly sewing lesson today.  Last week we went shopping for fabric for a blouse pattern we made from her favorite blouse.  I loved the colors in the fabric she choose, a knit fabric in bright colors splashed across it with Peace signs on it. Today we cut the pattern out and threaded the machine, next week she will sew it together.  I do enjoy sharing my love of sewing with my Grandkids.  Next month Zuri's friend will be coming over to take sewing lessons.  Fun! 
Below are some pictures of the Baby Blanket and Zuris Blouse Fabric.

Zuri's Blouse Material

Getting ready to quilt

The Quilt Lable I Created

One of 4 Baby Quilts I'm Making

it's late - I'm tired!

Well here I am again, up late & on the computer. I just finished quilting a "table top quilt" for my kitchen table. I decided I needed to brighten up the space and was looking at a book I borrowed from the Library on "triangle tricks" and saw a wall hanging that I could adapt - I had been collecting "Fat Quarters" in my favorite kitchen colors for a while now and thought I had enough to complete this project. Lime Green, Tomato Red, Electric Blue, soft yellow and Browns.

You see, I just moved into a lovely Cottage townhome recently and my kitchen, not to mention my newly acquired kitchen table as well as the walls of my kitchen & other rooms in my new place are painted off -white. Since I decided I would not paint the walls & I did not have the energy to repaint the table I did want a splash color using accessories. Soooooo .. hence the quilted table topper.   The pictures below show my kitchen table before and after my table topper was placed on it.  I do think it does add a nice touch of color don't you?
My Table before

Table with my New Quilted Triange Topper