Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Act of Compassion!

The Act of Compassion

I am visiting my Daughter Nancy and her Husband Thomas in Georgia for the month and have been privileged to see the acts of compassion they both do daily as they care for their elderly rescue dog Benji.

They took Benji in about 4 years ago as a rescue.  His Momma had just been placed in a nursing home and he needed a home, someone to love and care for him as he aged, for he must have been in his 70’s by doggy years.  He was skinny, almost blind and his beautiful coat was matted and so dirty that the shelter had to shave it all off.  His had been with his aging mother since a puppy but now she was unable to care for him or  herself.  Nancy had been volunteering at the animal shelter when he came into the shelter and after discussing it with Thomas they decided to take him in.  the prognosis for his longevity was poor and he was not expected to live long but Nan felt that such a loyal dog deserved a loving home until he died.  It is now  years later and Benji is now totally blind and unsteady.  He has been through several falls, and has a back condition that is painful at times, he is unsteady as he walks, unable to hold his urine or his bowels.  Diapers have become his daily attire now for almost a year.  He loves to take long naps and needs to be put up on the couch or other comfortable spots so he safe from someone tripping over him.  He is treated to small amounts of chicken placed in his doggie dish under his food to encourage him to eat and is let out to the closed in porch to do his duty, (since he can no longer negotiate the stairs to the outside.  I understand he recently became totally blind.

Tonight I woke up to go to the bathroom and my daughter was coming out of her bedroom carrying Benji to put him outside to do his duty.  She was talking to him in that sweet singsong voice used when talking to a baby or small child.  It’s Ok Benji, good Benji, I take you outside Benji.  I hear no harsh scolding or yelling when he can’t make it past the kitchen by himself to poop on the porch.   He is carried outside to the porch if need be and the encouragement and compassion I hear in the voices of my Son in law and daughter as they care for this precious dog is a balm to my soul.  Wow I think, were did my daughter learn this from… In Awe I know “Me and my husband and my Father of course” I am so thankful that the lord has let me see the results of the lesson’s a parent hopes to teach their children, extending down the generations.  I am blessed to know that the examples of caring and compassion that my Father, husband and I  have shown to others, both human and animal, has reflected in the beautiful picture of compassion shown to this little dog today.  Too know she is showing her Child, by example, how to be compassionate makes my heart sing with thankfulness to the Lord for his tender mercies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CreativeLady's Enthusiastic Thoughts: It's been a while!

CreativeLady's Enthusiastic Thoughts: It's been a while!: The Dogwood Tree in my neighbor's yard My Vinca Vine has a blue flower The Spring Daffodils   Yes, it certainly has been a w...

It's been a while!

The Dogwood Tree in my neighbor's yard
My Vinca Vine has a blue flower
The Spring Daffodils  
Yes, it certainly has been a while since my last post , just under 5 months. A lot has happened since Dec 11, 2015.  I spent the Christmas holiday with my daughter Nan and hubby Thomas and granddaughter Zuri and stayed through the second week in Jan to enjoy a visit from my daughter Beth when she and my grandson Johnny & his little boy James came down to visit Nan.
The Flowering Pear Tree in my yard
The winter months seemed to drag this year, especially February, with spring slowly awakening and before I knew it spring was here with the birds singing and the farm animals being born. We had one calf born at the end of Feb and another early March with the third calf born the end of March for a total of 3.  The daffodils were plentiful as the weather warmed.  The flowering pear trees bloomed, then the Dogwoods, Apple and pinks, the iris came out and the roses right behind them.  I enjoyed getting my planters in my front yard ready for new summer flowers and repotted my indoor plants to get them ready for the summer outdoors.  I bought 2 new perennials for my outdoor pots and some anualls and a rosemary plant for my herb planter.
This past week I took a break and drove down to GA to visit Nan and Beth who flew in for 5 days. They both just finished their semesters.

Daffodils and Pink Flowering tree in the neighbor's yard

enjoying a sunny Spring morning on my front porch
 Birds in my front yard