Friday, July 31, 2015

Back at my Tennessee home after my 4 week visit to Wisconsin/Minnesota to visit with my kids,

Back at my Tennessee home after my 4 week visit to Wisconsin/Minnesota to visit with my kids, 

 I awoke at 7am, that is late for me, usually i'm awake at 6 am.  I like to spend the next 30 - 45 min lying in bed, after my morning meds and potty break, reading my emails, texts, and Facebook.  This allows time for my meds to kick in and I don't feel like a 90 year old Auntie Acid; moving about all bent over and achy, instead I get up feeling like a Grateful Granny! or GG - as I call myself.  By the time im up and dressed an hour has gone by.  Its Sunny and warm outside and I grab my yogurt, a small Pecan pie and my water and head out to my porch to write in my Creative Lady's Enthusiastic Thoughts journal book.  I love this time of the morning, the birds are singing away, the sun is up and has warmed my pillow I have on the chair and I sink into it with a sigh, what comfort... the sky above is blue with some wispy clouds in it and the sun warms my legs.  I am enjoying my morning time out on my porch with my breakfast, the birds and my plants.  I look about and my Newer plants are blooming and stretching.  My Crown of thorns has grown since I left for vacation 6 weeks ago.  Then it had only one branch with little coral flowers on it, now almost every branch has a cluster or two of the salmon colored flowers on it.  It seems to like it's spot on the top shelf of my Bakers rack standing against the brick wall that separates my neighbors porch from mine.  Yesterday I spent the morning outside cleaning my porch and organizing my plant Babies.

My Angel Wing Begonia Plant

My Aloe and Hen N Chick plants thriving on my porch

My Oregano, Parsley, Thyme,Sage and Spider Plants 

My Oregano

 My Oregano plant is growing great! It loves its pot and the spot it has on my porch.
My Geranium is givng me a second show of plants and my Snake Plant is also loving it's place on my porch.  Oh notice the spider plant.  My Neighbor placed it in the pot with my garden herbs pot of Thyme, Oregano, Basil, and Parsley - before I left for vacation just to give it a place to be till I got back and could plant it in it's own pot.  Well it loves it's spot too and already is sending out a spider baby shoot.  Lol  Got to say Thanks to my neighbor for taking care of my plants while I was away and watering them for me.

My Germanium

My Grandmothers Tongue or Snake Plant
  I did take in my Christmas Cactus inside because it was looking a little dehydrated from all the heat.  I'm sure after a week inside she will be her old shiny proud self.