Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cool & Comfortable at Home!

Wow what a HOT day out.  Started early this am by taking my stuff down to the Flea Market here in Hudson at the Family Fresh Parking lot today!  My daughter Nan shared her spot with me.  I took a lot of little things and some big items - all in all did fairly well and what didn't sell went to the Goodwill. Ya! I got rid of some more stuff.  It was a steamy day and the people came in spurts.  would have been better if the temps were not in the 90's tho.  did come home with a new Granny doll tho - but I said I wouldn't buy anything while I was there and I didn't - I'm proud of me....saw some nice stuff tho.  I felt bad that I couldn't stay all day - by 1pm I was fighting heat exhaustion so we packed up.... :( 

Yesterday I had a nice day although the beginning was a little iffy.  I went on the bus to the MN Quilt Hop Shop - met some nice new friends and got some great ideas.  the shops were great - the fabrics were yummy and the company was excellent!  I did come home with some new books and patterns and FABRIC!  - it was a nice day...

Tomorrow I am going to go with my friends for a day in Minneapolis looking at the knitting & Crochet fair.  I am looking forward to this - it will be inside so I shouldn't get too overheated... hopefully I will take some pictures to post. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

An Early Start to A Fun Day!

well it is almost 5:30am and I am up ready to go! Today I will be taking a bus from the Mall of America to do my 1st MN Quilt Hop - we will be visiting 7 Quilting shops in Central MN and spending an Hour at each shop - How fun is that! 7 Quilt shops in a day..... I am looking forward to this. I plan to buy fabric from each shop for my newest project. A Triple Irish Chain Lap Quilt! I do enjoy looking at fabric so this will be fun and I am sure to meet some new Quilting friends along the way...Well my alrarm just went off so I better get going - Have a nice day - I will!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today is a quiet day so far

This Morning I decided to clean and wax my kitchen floor, then off to get my nails done - now home.  I'm getting ready to go on a bus tour in the am for a Mn Quilt Hop - I am looking forward to visiting the different quilt shops in central Mn and meeting other ladies who quilt.  I have to be at the MOA at 7am tomorrow.  some of the shops we are going to I have already visited but the others are new to me.  Charlotte's Web in Stillwater is a lovley shop - we will be having Lunch at Bear Patch in WBL then fo forest Lake, Blanin, Coon Rapids, Anoka and on to Elk River before returning to the MOA at 7:30pm....Whew! quite a ride I am going online now to visit these shops and see what they will have to offer tomorrow....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tis the end of my day!

Today I had a nice day.  I started off early quilting the top of a baby quilt I am making for a new Great Grandchild coming at the end of the year.  One of (4) im making - I created a Quilt Lable for my Baby Quilt that will let me put the name of the Baby it will go to.

 My Granddaughter Zuri came over for her weekly sewing lesson today.  Last week we went shopping for fabric for a blouse pattern we made from her favorite blouse.  I loved the colors in the fabric she choose, a knit fabric in bright colors splashed across it with Peace signs on it. Today we cut the pattern out and threaded the machine, next week she will sew it together.  I do enjoy sharing my love of sewing with my Grandkids.  Next month Zuri's friend will be coming over to take sewing lessons.  Fun! 
Below are some pictures of the Baby Blanket and Zuris Blouse Fabric.

Zuri's Blouse Material

Getting ready to quilt

The Quilt Lable I Created

One of 4 Baby Quilts I'm Making

it's late - I'm tired!

Well here I am again, up late & on the computer. I just finished quilting a "table top quilt" for my kitchen table. I decided I needed to brighten up the space and was looking at a book I borrowed from the Library on "triangle tricks" and saw a wall hanging that I could adapt - I had been collecting "Fat Quarters" in my favorite kitchen colors for a while now and thought I had enough to complete this project. Lime Green, Tomato Red, Electric Blue, soft yellow and Browns.

You see, I just moved into a lovely Cottage townhome recently and my kitchen, not to mention my newly acquired kitchen table as well as the walls of my kitchen & other rooms in my new place are painted off -white. Since I decided I would not paint the walls & I did not have the energy to repaint the table I did want a splash color using accessories. Soooooo .. hence the quilted table topper.   The pictures below show my kitchen table before and after my table topper was placed on it.  I do think it does add a nice touch of color don't you?
My Table before

Table with my New Quilted Triange Topper

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Doings

Well today I am off to visit my Great Grandson for his Birthday Party. Nathan will be 4! wow how fast time is going. Yesterday I sold my kitchen table so I am a little richer today. I hope the weather is kind to me today. I better get ready to go, it is quite a drive. Maybe I should just stay home and clean. Na! can do that tomorrow afternoon.. I will go and enjoy the day.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The 4th of July Holiday

its a beautiful evening outside just perfect for the July 4th fireworks. my vantagepoint here in my new home is great. being on top of a hill has it's advantages. I can view fireworks from all the surrounding towns...great displays - Happy 4th of July all!

Summer is here

Today is July 3rd! wow it seems like summer is in full swing - this past week the temps have been in the 90's to 100's. I have finally put my Air Conditioner on. The late night air is cooler now and Saturday was perfect. I had my 1st party in my new home at the Community Ctr here at Heritage Cottages - the turnout was good and everyone loved the food and Sangiria. It was fun to see friends and family.