Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tis the end of my day!

Today I had a nice day.  I started off early quilting the top of a baby quilt I am making for a new Great Grandchild coming at the end of the year.  One of (4) im making - I created a Quilt Lable for my Baby Quilt that will let me put the name of the Baby it will go to.

 My Granddaughter Zuri came over for her weekly sewing lesson today.  Last week we went shopping for fabric for a blouse pattern we made from her favorite blouse.  I loved the colors in the fabric she choose, a knit fabric in bright colors splashed across it with Peace signs on it. Today we cut the pattern out and threaded the machine, next week she will sew it together.  I do enjoy sharing my love of sewing with my Grandkids.  Next month Zuri's friend will be coming over to take sewing lessons.  Fun! 
Below are some pictures of the Baby Blanket and Zuris Blouse Fabric.

Zuri's Blouse Material

Getting ready to quilt

The Quilt Lable I Created

One of 4 Baby Quilts I'm Making

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