Tuesday, June 17, 2014

FCE - My 1st Meeting

1800's Fashion Show sponsored by FCE - at the TVA Fair - Knoxville TN Sept 2013
Today I attended my 1st meeting of FCE, a very nice group of Ladies.  FCE is  short for Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education an Extension of the University of Tennessee/Institute of Agriculture.  It is a group of ladies of the community who get together to promote ideals of family and community working together.  Last year when I had visited here in Sept I had attended the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville and met a few of these ladies on a lovely day out.  The FCE group held a fashion show of the early 1800's fashion sewn by one of the ladies of the group and when I had decided to move here joining this group was one of the goals of my move.  It was a good day of food, conversation, learning, crafts and enjoying the company of these ladies.  I had already met some of the ladies of the group at different activities I had been going to so with my friend Valoriea who lives next door, I felt very comfortable there and look forward to becoming a part of this group.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Ready for my 1st Jewlery sale here in Tennessee

The Shepard's Inn, Dandridge TN

For the past week I have been getting ready to do my 1st jewelry sale here in Tennessee.  Normally I would just pack up my stuff and go but since this is my 1st show here I needed to spiffy up my packaging and business cards, tags ect. making sure I have my new address and phone.  It's a putzy job but one that needs to be done and it is helpful because I have to unpack my pens, paper, inks ect.  I am enjoying refreshing my packaging, although it is a little frustrating to go thru my boxes because I am not sure were all my stuff is.  At least I have a decent showing of jewelry for the sale.  Not the premium pieces but nice ones.  I am looking forward to the show.  I had the privilege of being recommended by my new friend Sally West to the owner of the Shepard's Inn, a Bed & Breakfast in Dandridge TN who was looking for jewelry vendors for "Ladies Night Out" on June 14th.  I'm excited and looking forward to this new adventure.    

Friday, June 6, 2014

I've been here 3 weeks already? Wow!

Yes! this has been a good move for me. The warmth has made a big difference in my pain level between the rheumatoid arthritis and my back. I am so thankful, the Lord is good!  


Yesterday I took a ride down to a quilt shop in Sevierville TN, for a quilt shop hop just to get to know the area and I also wanted to see where their were quilt shops in this area. It's called  I was invited to a meeting of the "French Broad Quilting Guild," at THE CHERRY PIT Quilt Shop but because of the Shop Hop they weren't meeting. So when I join I'll be know as one of the "French Broads" tee hee. Although I still belong to the Hudson Heritage Quilting Guild back there and do miss them. 
 I enjoyed their window display which encompassed 2 store windows and the fabric inside was just as wonderful and the Ladies were very friendly.  On this shop hop we got a free Pattern for an applique Block that the ladies in the store made into a lovely Pillow, 2 more Printed patterns, one for a simple but elegant table runner and another for making coasters plus a demonstration on using a specialty ruler & displays of projects in upcoming workshops.

I enjoyed the BOM (Block of the Month) Quilts that were hanging in the Store and was tempted join them. 

After I left The Cherry Pit I drove to Cosby TN and went to the Holloway Country Store to check it out.  I had been there last year and enjoyed their shop tremendously.  They have an array of finished wall hangings, panels and of course lots of yummy fabrics.  I noted that they had the Rooster Panel I had bought already to make into some Place Mats and Pot holders and they even had the border fabric to match along with a small print of white eggs on a black background.  I bought the remaining piece of it. 
A Rooster Pot Holder I made with a square from the Panel