Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Ready for my 1st Jewlery sale here in Tennessee
The Shepard's Inn, Dandridge TN

For the past week I have been getting ready to do my 1st jewelry sale here in Tennessee.  Normally I would just pack up my stuff and go but since this is my 1st show here I needed to spiffy up my packaging and business cards, tags ect. making sure I have my new address and phone.  It's a putzy job but one that needs to be done and it is helpful because I have to unpack my pens, paper, inks ect.  I am enjoying refreshing my packaging, although it is a little frustrating to go thru my boxes because I am not sure were all my stuff is.  At least I have a decent showing of jewelry for the sale.  Not the premium pieces but nice ones.  I am looking forward to the show.  I had the privilege of being recommended by my new friend Sally West to the owner of the Shepard's Inn, a Bed & Breakfast in Dandridge TN who was looking for jewelry vendors for "Ladies Night Out" on June 14th.  I'm excited and looking forward to this new adventure.    

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