Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Baby Calf on the Loose!

The Barns and pasture behind my home were the Cattle and Horses Roam,
(all four Horses, a Foal, 1 Bull, 3 Momma Cows and 3 Calves+ 2 Roosters.)
the pasture as vied from my Bedroom window
Well we sure get out bit of excitement down here at my home-base in Tennessee.  Tonight my neighbor Valoriea Runs in and hurriedly shouts to me, "I need you out here",  as I run out of the house she lets me know one of the baby calves has gotten out and is in our back yard and might run into the street and she needed me to stand guard on the side of the house to keep him confined in the back yard till the farmer got here.  "He will be here in 10 minuets.  He's in church just down the street."  So 20 minuets later the farmer and a friend arrive to relive us of guard duty and shoo's his calf back to the other side of the fence while mama cow "MOO's" at us. Well you must know that there is more than 300 feet between my house and the next and if that baby bull calf had decided to bolt there would be no way I could get to him fast enough.  I was very thankful he was as wary of us as we were of him.  Now that the situation is well in hand I can sit here and relax at my computer and write about this exciting evening.  Now it is nearly 9:30pm and I'm wide awake.... too much excitement!  I will try and read a book and then go to sleep.  Nite all!  Till the next exciting thing happens around here.  LOL