Friday, September 20, 2013

A Recap of my Awesome Spring/Summer 2013

This has been such an awesome Spring/Summer for me.  It made up for the long and cold winter we had here in Hudson WI. 

A Snowy May Day
Early May came and so did the snow it continued thru the 5th of May.  No matter I still went on the Bus trip with my ASG pals to Nancy Notion's weekend.  The morning of the 2nd I awoke to 7 inches of snow outside.  I needed to be at the Parking lot in Woodbury to meet the bus that was going to take us to Beaver Dam.  I had to PLOW myself out with my own car since neither the city plow nor our guy who plows our complex had come yet.  I almost got stuck but was able to slowly drive up the slight incline to the city road and make it gingerly over to the park way.  I was late of course by 45min but the bus was another 45 min late too.  So I really was early LOL.  It was a fierce storm and I was so thankful that our bus driver was so skilled.  The trees along the highway were so laden with snow that many of them broke.  Spring did not arrive yet here in the Midwest till mid May so the trees were fragile.  I had so much fun on the trip, even got to meet and have my picture taken with Nancy Zieman. of "Sewing with Nancy",  I had watched her for almost 30 yrs. on TV and have learned a lot of what I know about sewing from her.  We spent 4 days in Beaver Dam WI.

In Late June I went on my 1st Road Trip of the summer to NY State to visit with my brothers, Eddie and Bobby, attend my Niece Kim's Wedding to see my Granddaughter Jessica.  My youngest daughter Beth came with me and we shared the Driving.  Her Goal was to hang out with her cousins and to see the sights of NYC.  We both met our goals on the trip and it was so nice to have time to visit with my daughter as we drove back and forth.  I even got to see my old high school in Elmsford NY and visited my homestead on Taxter Road.  I did a lot of reminiscing on this trip.

We got back to town on July 3rd & no sooner did I get back home then I was off to a Quilting retreat here in Hudson WI sponsored by my LQS "Sew Little Time" to quilt.  I was able to concentrate and finish 5 quilt tops.  4 will become baby quilts and one will be a table topper. 

Then the following Sunday while a church my friend Valoriea was telling everyone about her move to Tennessee and her need for a driver.  Mmmm I was thinking I would love to see Tennessee, I was retired and had no place to be at any specific time, but I wouldn't be able to drive a large moving truck nor help much with the packing & unpacking of the vehicle.  After church I was talking to Valoriea and expressed my thoughts.  "Can you drive a Pickup Truck?" she asked.  I was sure I could if I could get into her truck.  I had driven trucks off the line for Ford Motor Co when I worked there and had owned a Lincoln Navigator and drove that all over.  So we went outside to try out her pickup truck.  I could get into it!  She took me on as her driver - she already had people coming over to pack and unpack her car.  So my 2nd road trip was born,  A working road trip for me.

I was talking with my daughter Nancy about my trip and she was also leaving to go on her Camping Road Trip with her daughter Zuri at the same time.  "Say Mom if you can meet me in Nashville on the 8th of Sept we could drive home together.  Wow. I was sure that would work and it did.  I was able to get into Nashville a couple of days early and enjoyed some down time before meeting Nancy and Zuri at the Nashville KOA Camping Cabin. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It is a beautiful Autumn Day today!

I am very glad to be home, to sleep in my own bed and to eat my breakfast on my own front porch.  Ah, the comforts of home.  This is truly were my heart is, my children live near by within an hours reach.  tomorrow will be an active day for me but today I choose to relax, unpack, decompress from my long hrs on the road.  Yesterday I slept the day away.  I woke up at 8am, had breakfast, watched a little tv then went to lay down for a nap at 10am.  I did not wake up till 4pm.  wow I must have needed he nap big time.  I then ate supper, watched HGTV for a while and than a movie or 2 on the movie channels.  My friend Sue called about 4:30pm asking me to meet her for dinner downtown but I had already eaten and was still in my pj's, so I took a rain check on that.  Today I plan to unpack my luggage, sort out my papers, hotel coupons and maps that I want to keep in the car.  Later I would like to take the car for a gas fill & a badly needed car wash to rid it of all the bug juice it accumulated on the roads.  I also would like to go thru my numerous pictures, sort them out and post a few here and on Flickr.  I know my emails need my attention too.  I already did my update on FB this am and caught up on news there.   

Friday, September 13, 2013

Another beautiful day here in Tennessee.

It's Friday and I have had a full week and a half.  I left Hudson WI last Wednesday to Attend a family wedding in Lynchburg VA. it took me a good 25-27 hrs. of driving/break time to make my way there arriving about 9:30pm at the Hotel.  The drive thru West VA took longer than it should have because of road construction, It was stop and go most all the way thru the state.  I did make it in time and met up with my brother Eddy and Sister in law Helen at the Bob Evan's restaurant in Lynchburg.  They had already finished their dinner but were kind enough to wait for me.  I ordered a pot pie to go and boy was it delicious.  

My Brother Eddie and Wife Helen
 The next morning we met back at Bob Evans for breakfast with our cousins, Marion, Judy and her husband Bob and Aunt Anita.  Then we took a ride to Historic downtown Lynchburg to check out the shops before the Wedding at 3pm. 
Aunt Anita & Cousin Judy - below is Cousin Marion
with Judy's Husband Bob

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Road Trip! Yeah!

Another Road Trip! Yeah!

Today I left on a Road Trip to Lynchburg VA to attend my 2nd Cousin, Amanda's Wedding.  I am looking forward to meeting all my cousins and Aunts that will be there.  Aunt Flo, the Brides Grandmother is in her mid 90's and I haven't seen her in such a long while and My cousin Judy and Aunt Anita will be there too as well as my cousin Marion.  I am looking forward to seeing them.  I want to take a lot of pictures along the way but opp's I left my Camera Charger at home....on the table.  So I do hope I can purchase an new one at Wal-Mart or Target. 
The roads were clear today and the traffic light and I was able to make it to my 1st sleepover destination before 7pm even tho I left later this am than I thought.  My 1st stop was at the La Quinta Hotel in Bloomingburg IL.  I stopped over at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant and had a nice supper of Grilled Chicken and Macaroni.  I also purchased a cute wedding gift for the couple and they wrapped it up very nicely for me. 
I just had a hot shower and took my pm meds so I will be going to bed shortly.  I will get up in the am and have a good breakfast here at the hotel then I will be off.  I talked with my brother Ed and he will be leaving on Friday to come on down.  It is about a 10 hour ride for him. 
Tomorrow I think I will stop at a quilt shop along the way.  My next stop is in West VA at a Best Western.  Well Good Night all, more updates to come.
Bouquet's for my favorite Actors
Friday Sept 6th I didn't make it to West VA but stopped at a day's Inn in Mt Sterling KY about an hour and a half away.  it was 7pm yesterday eve,  I needed gas so I got off the highway and then realized that there was a coupon for this hotel in the hotel coupon book.  (thanks to my brother Bobby I have been collecting them for each state I enter,)  I decided this was were I would spend the night.  I got a great rate, the room was clean with fresh sheets and towels.  the accommodations had been well worn over time, (an older motel)  but I had great internet service & good TV.  I watched "Les Meserables" before going to bed.  What a movie, very good, after all they took home the Oscars.  well its almost 7:30 here so I am getting ready to leave on the last leg of the trip.