Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day after Christmas.

My Back Yard Winter 2011 -  N. Hudson WI
Here it is the day after Christmas already.  Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day with you family.  I enjoyed baking sugar cookies with my Grandson and his fiancĂ© and baby James, then dinner at my daughter Nan's, playing trivia with all my kids and grandkids made it so fun.  It was nice to see most of my kids together and the conversation and laughter, movies and playfulness of the gk was so fun to watch. 
Now here it is the day after. no running around shopping for all those deals out there.  Just looking thru my emails and all the deals on line one could take advantage of.  Of course I did get some great deals on my favorite hand and body creams and hand soap from my favorite Bath and Body.  Also all the deals on fabric and notions was great too.  Made window shopping so simple :)

I love window shopping, I learned at an early age that I get most of my ideas from window shopping and it is easy on my budget because I don't really need to spend a lot of money and get great ideas that I can use at any time  of the year.  Now to get back into my studio and work on another project.

Wishes for a Blessed New Year to all my family and friends.  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Pintrest Morning

I awoke early this am and was checking my e-mails on my tablet as I usually do before getting out of bed.  I pursued over to my Pintrest emails of new people following my boards an repining from them and came across some cleaning ideas for my home.  Intriguing  as it was, cleaning my home with green products - making febreze, windex and orange spray for cleaning.  Wow TOTALY cool and inexpensive.  So my next trip to the store will have some new ingredients on it for helping me keep my home clean and smelling fresh and keeping some $ in my pocket doing it.  Saving $ is always a bonus for me since I am now retired and on a limited budget.  I pinned some of these Ideas on my Pintrest Board, "For The Home" to share with my readers and especially with my grown kids.  Boy where was Pintrest when I was a young housewife. 

OK now I am going grab some cereal and coffee to start my day.  Maybe do a little Christmas Decorating or fixing Cookies for the Holidays. and then to quilt and finish up some blocks I have been working on.
My Shopping List:
Baking Soda, White Vinegar - (I already keep a gallon on hand), White Ammonia, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Biz, Borax, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, ect.

I also came across some nifty blogs all about cleaning;
These are just a few so if you head over to my Pintrest board you can find more.  Enjoy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Had A Very Nice Saturday!

Today it was a rainy December day here in Wisconsin.  I was invited to breakfast at Perkin's for my daughter Nan's Birthday, went Christmas shopping afterwards with Nan and GD Zuri.  We had a nice time and I was able to complete my Christmas shopping, enjoyed Peppermint Latte's at Starbuck's, then returned home just in time for the 5 O'clock news.... It did seem a bit strange tho to be out and about in the rain in Mid December.  I enjoyed it tho - winter will be here full force soon enough.  I hope everyone had as nice a day.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Up early to work on my About Me Page for EBay

This Morning I thought I would work on my About Me Page for my Etsy, ArtFire & EBay Stores.  I begin by gathering all the about me's from my blogs, Stores and Facebook pages to I can make them into one cohesive About Me Page.  I do think I bit off more than I can Chew - lol  but I will try. 

My blogs:
Quilting And Sewing Arts
My Studio at Quilting and Sewing Arts
Creative Lady's Enthusiastic Thoughts

Today I plan on working on a table runner for Christmas.  It is from Legacy Patterns, called "Very Braidy Christmas it even has a pattern for a stocking.  Check out my My Studio at Quilting and Sewing Arts for Pictures