Sunday, October 28, 2012

Farewell to Christopher!!

Chris wearing the A lace Agate wrapped in sterling on Leather cording.
My Grandson Christopher is going to go to Army Boot Camp in two weeks, he has been visiting us Here in MN & Wisconsin for the past several weeks and it sure has been nice - we do miss him and his dad since they moved down to Fort Dodge Iowa several years ago.  I was thinking of some gifts I could give him that would remind him of all of us here that love him.  I am giving him a camping knife that his grandpa got from the "Marlboro" points that he had saved up.  I like that knife and I also am attaching a Minnesota Agate that his Aunt Marie polished from stones she had gathered from her  driveway in north Minnesota, I wrapped it with copper and attached it to the knife.  I also gave him another Minnesota Agate wrapped in Sterling on a leather necklace that  made to remind him of me. and then a pack of cards so he could keep himself busy in his down time.  Ha!  I really don't thing he will have much downtime tho... All my prayers will follow him as he goes forward as they have done so since his birth.  He is truly an answer to this grandmother's Prayers...long long story but I do know God is faithful.  It is proof every time I look into my children and grandchildren eyes.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Past 2 weeks have been Traumatic for me

These past 2 weeks have been traumatic weeks for me. I have been dealing with back pain for the past 6 1/2 weeks and as you know I also had my right shoulder replaced 8 1/2 weeks ago.  I had my right shoulder replaced and am healing well from it with minimal pain. So it has been so frustrating for me to be dealing with the pain & the pain meds needed for my back, and the side effects of them. My r arm is gaining more strength as the days go by.  My pain level for my shoulder was at a #2 and the pain from the back was #9 – so frustrating….

Last Friday I had an MRI done on my back and it showed significant changes from the one done in April - A herniated disk is what has been causing the pain. How did I do it?  Who knows - I moved wrong or did the exercises wrong???? Any way I saw my spine specialist Dr Bartie, wed – for a Plan of action -

Plan of action and 2 options. 1-Surgery now! 2- a steroid injection - then in 2 week if it hasn't worked Surgery! I chose the Injection - it would give me at least 2 -4 weeks more for my shoulder/arm to gain strength - so I won't ruin the work of my shoulder surgeon. I do believe tho that ultimately I will need the back surgery to prevent further damage to my r leg nerves.

See my blog for further updates.  - known as “Creative Lady’s Enthusiastic Thoughts”

Friday, October 26, 2012

Gold Rush SweepStakes

I Just finished watching the new season show of Gold Rush and entered thier sweepstakes...quite an exciting show.  You get drawn into the drama and those men work hard for thier dream...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Journey to Health - Ha Haaa

A Blown Disk! #@%## Me? What the?

As most of you know I had my right shoulder replaced 8 weeks ago.  I am healing well and am able to use my arm.  I can sew again.  I am not able to put on a necklace yet but that will come.  Yeah!  Even tho my shoulder is healing my back and right leg have been very bothersome and painful these past 6 weeks.  It started as a glitch in my right side sciatic area.  usually it resolves itself in a few days but 6 weeks is ridiculous.  I have been unable to stand on it fully and have had muscle spams big time. 

I decided to call my Spine Dr because it just hurt so.  I am taking pain meds but I don't like to do it.  Last week I had an MRI done and today the Dr's office called and wanted me to come in.  So He viewed the results and indeed something did change since my last MRI in May/June.  I have a herniated disk!  Ouch he had 2 ways to deal with it.  get a shot in my back or have surgery to repair it.  Wow - well I did not really want to have surgery yet - too soon I need to give my arm a little more time to heal.  I felt that the injection would be a better option at this time.  So we scheduled me for Friday afternoon.  Then I am to call back in 2 weeks and if it has not been helpful I will be scheduled for surgery on my back to repair the blown disk.... Ouch again -

 I am very fortunet to have OT & PT come to my home these past 5 weeks. they have been very understanding and helpful with both my shoulder and my back pain....Thankfully....  So I continue on my jouryney to health!  it had been quite a journey through the summer.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's Up Tuesday?

Today I awoke early as usual and was looking at my e-mail and reading my collection of older quilting magazines.  I came across a very interesting scrap quilt project.  It used columns of muslin about 4-6" wide and very long strips.  To each of these strips were sewn scrap pieces of fabric startng about the middle then sewing from there to each end.  I liked the idea since I remembered I have some muslin about 4-5" wide in a roll.  MMMmmm maybe I could try this method of using, my scraps,  since I have a lot of scraps and I have been doing scrappy things lately like making pot holders and purses.  It is a cloudy and rainy day out so maybe I will start on this project.  "after my am shower of course."  so stay tuned in.  I just might have a picture or 2 to show you by day's end.... Click here to see more about the Article I read in The Quiltmaker Magazine.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Up Early - Monday Oct 15th 2012

I woke up early this am, I love this time of the morning.  I love to lie in bed and read my magazines.  I usually keep a small pile of magazines on my bed from which to choose from.  I pulled out a summer issue of Fons & Porter- Love of Quilting and as I am leafing thru thier Quilting with the Stars article caught my eye.  The "STAR" was quilt designer Lori Smith from "My Heart to Your Hands"  along with a small applique quilt to make.  Since I am working on her pattern "Set to Frame - Pattern Six at this present time I was so excited I just had to get up and copy the article and  quilt directions into my computer to keep.  Wow a free pattern and and story about the designer.  After coping the article and quilt instructions I went over to the Fons and Porter's interview of Quilt Designer Lori Smith.  What a treat.  I enjoyed all 3 episodes of her interview.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm back to my Sewing and Quilting

Quilting & Sewing Arts.comI enjoyed embelishing this block with beads and thread.
 I started this Block of the Month a few months before my shoulder surgery so I would have something to keep me busy till I could be back in my sewing room.

  I took a piece of 7" square muslim and started to apply my little "bit's and pieces" of scraps to the center then worked out to the edge applying strips and bits to make this hot pad doing some surface embroidery with machine stitching.

I choose a background for my back then finished with machine quilting before applying my binding...resulting in a 7" square hot pad. 



I started this purse 2 weeks ago by piecing the small blocks together then adding a border.  I really did not have a clear idea of what my "scrappy fabric would become at 1st.  Today I am working on the top of my new bag. 

I Started making this "Clutter Bag" the week before my surgery and finished it up just two weeks ago.

Come and check out what I have been doing at my Blog: Quilting & Sewing Arts. It has been 6 1/2 weeks since my right shoulder surgery and after my visit to the surgeon's office this past Wed. I am now able to be without my sling.  Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have begun to sew again.  It's been over 2 weeks.  My first attempts to use my sewing machine as a one armed "Creative Lady" was feeble, (since I am right handed,) and laughable.  try sewing one handed when you need to turn the flywheel -- LOL but now I can use my arm.  Today I was able to reach with my right arm.  slowly but I did it!  I have started to work on some of my older projects today and make some new projects... Let's see now.  hope you enjoy the pictures.