Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's Up Tuesday?

Today I awoke early as usual and was looking at my e-mail and reading my collection of older quilting magazines.  I came across a very interesting scrap quilt project.  It used columns of muslin about 4-6" wide and very long strips.  To each of these strips were sewn scrap pieces of fabric startng about the middle then sewing from there to each end.  I liked the idea since I remembered I have some muslin about 4-5" wide in a roll.  MMMmmm maybe I could try this method of using, my scraps,  since I have a lot of scraps and I have been doing scrappy things lately like making pot holders and purses.  It is a cloudy and rainy day out so maybe I will start on this project.  "after my am shower of course."  so stay tuned in.  I just might have a picture or 2 to show you by day's end.... Click here to see more about the Article I read in The Quiltmaker Magazine.

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