Sunday, October 28, 2012

Farewell to Christopher!!

Chris wearing the A lace Agate wrapped in sterling on Leather cording.
My Grandson Christopher is going to go to Army Boot Camp in two weeks, he has been visiting us Here in MN & Wisconsin for the past several weeks and it sure has been nice - we do miss him and his dad since they moved down to Fort Dodge Iowa several years ago.  I was thinking of some gifts I could give him that would remind him of all of us here that love him.  I am giving him a camping knife that his grandpa got from the "Marlboro" points that he had saved up.  I like that knife and I also am attaching a Minnesota Agate that his Aunt Marie polished from stones she had gathered from her  driveway in north Minnesota, I wrapped it with copper and attached it to the knife.  I also gave him another Minnesota Agate wrapped in Sterling on a leather necklace that  made to remind him of me. and then a pack of cards so he could keep himself busy in his down time.  Ha!  I really don't thing he will have much downtime tho... All my prayers will follow him as he goes forward as they have done so since his birth.  He is truly an answer to this grandmother's Prayers...long long story but I do know God is faithful.  It is proof every time I look into my children and grandchildren eyes.

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