Monday, October 15, 2012

Up Early - Monday Oct 15th 2012

I woke up early this am, I love this time of the morning.  I love to lie in bed and read my magazines.  I usually keep a small pile of magazines on my bed from which to choose from.  I pulled out a summer issue of Fons & Porter- Love of Quilting and as I am leafing thru thier Quilting with the Stars article caught my eye.  The "STAR" was quilt designer Lori Smith from "My Heart to Your Hands"  along with a small applique quilt to make.  Since I am working on her pattern "Set to Frame - Pattern Six at this present time I was so excited I just had to get up and copy the article and  quilt directions into my computer to keep.  Wow a free pattern and and story about the designer.  After coping the article and quilt instructions I went over to the Fons and Porter's interview of Quilt Designer Lori Smith.  What a treat.  I enjoyed all 3 episodes of her interview.

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