Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Past 2 weeks have been Traumatic for me

These past 2 weeks have been traumatic weeks for me. I have been dealing with back pain for the past 6 1/2 weeks and as you know I also had my right shoulder replaced 8 1/2 weeks ago.  I had my right shoulder replaced and am healing well from it with minimal pain. So it has been so frustrating for me to be dealing with the pain & the pain meds needed for my back, and the side effects of them. My r arm is gaining more strength as the days go by.  My pain level for my shoulder was at a #2 and the pain from the back was #9 – so frustrating….

Last Friday I had an MRI done on my back and it showed significant changes from the one done in April - A herniated disk is what has been causing the pain. How did I do it?  Who knows - I moved wrong or did the exercises wrong???? Any way I saw my spine specialist Dr Bartie, wed – for a Plan of action -

Plan of action and 2 options. 1-Surgery now! 2- a steroid injection - then in 2 week if it hasn't worked Surgery! I chose the Injection - it would give me at least 2 -4 weeks more for my shoulder/arm to gain strength - so I won't ruin the work of my shoulder surgeon. I do believe tho that ultimately I will need the back surgery to prevent further damage to my r leg nerves.

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