Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Good Morning, it's going to be a very warm day I

hear. It is a little cool this am at 48 and the birds are singing in the trees outside my front lawn, such sweet sounds to wake up to. I put up the bird feeder yesterday and just put more seed in the feeder.  The pigeons and the doves love to eat what the smaller birds drop.  note the Cardnial on my neightbor's fence across the street watching the pigeon as he comes to feed.  I've seen cardnials, canaries, finches, doves, oreo's and of course the pigions.  I love to watch the doves because the boy dove keeps following the girl dove and she ignores his advances. lol  I'll dress and put some more feed out for them this morning before it gets to warm.

The second picture is of my front porch with my new tomato planter.  It is looking across to my neighbor Valoriea's porch.  I feel very blessed to be in this peaceful spot. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Sunny Sunday!

A view from my Sewing/Quilting Studio of the Barns in the Pastures behind my apartment
I am sitting here at my desk with my front door open to the porch and the screened porch door latched., listening to the birds outside chirping at times.  You can tell it is late afternoon because they seem to have a quiet chatter in the afternoons as apposed to the early morning.

Today has been just a lovely day.  This morning I went to church with my friend Valoriea at the 1st Baptist Church in Dandridge TN.  I enjoyed meeting everyone and the service was nice.  After church we came home and ate lunch, changed and then headed over to Greeneville, TN to their Iris Festival, (I thought it was going to be all about the Iris flower,) wrong lol. It was a street fair in the Historic Downtown section of Greeneville with lots of vendors, food and music.  The drive over to Greeneville was so scenic with rolling hills and the mountains in the distance.  I wished I had bought my camera.  We enjoyed walking around and peeking in at all the stalls, ate some Turkey, fried Pickles and Onions on a stick and fried zucchini...Yum!  While there I came upon a stall with handmade Jewelry. I noticed the girl there was using a Kumihimo braiding circle and we got to talking.  She had an interesting way to make her clasps and so did her daughter.  we exchanged telephone #'s, she lives in Kingsport TN.  I'd love to talk to her some more.  makes me want to get out my beads and such. While there I bought 2 Tomato Plants. one and Amish Heritage Tomato and the other a big boy... can't wait to get real tomatoes from them.  Now I need to get a pot & potting soil for them..  :) 

Yesterday I accompanied Valoriea to Grant's Chapel in Jefferson City to her Herb Workshop.  Wow! did she give an awesome presentation.  I learned a lot about Herbs, and some surprising tidbits too.  I got some English Thyme to take home and one of the ladies, Dee, shared a sprig of Cuban Oregano from her plant.  She had gotten the plant as a cutting from Valoriea last year.  I also sat by Frances who invited me to the French Broad Quilters on the 1st Thursday of the month in Sevierville, TN.  I am feeling so happy and relaxed here.  I can't believe it's only been a week already.

Friday, May 16, 2014

More adventures in my New Tennessean Home.

The view from my bedroom window
Friday May 16th - This evening proved to be a bit chiller than I would have liked only 56 degrees out and still rainy with intermittent sunshine.  I had to turn on my heat for a bit to get it back up to a comfortable level for me. :(  The bird feeder is up and the birds are enjoying it.  I have some Martins, Cardinals, Robins, Pigeons and Doves.  The boy Dove keeps messing with the girl Dove so she flew off leaving him to sit alone on the wires till she feels like coming back Ha Ha Ha...

The new MiFi is working well so now I have my printer operational and I am happy.  Can't wait to get my Direct TV hooked up.  Need to wait for funds tho so it might not be for a week or 2.  :{

I just had a great supper - a sandwich on Italian bread with garlic spread cheese slices and fresh tomatoes warmed in the mic.  yum!  Later I will have a nice cup of hot tea, for now I will rest a bit then unpack more boxes.  Yesterday I tried Goats milk for the 1st time.  It was good and did not upset my stomach at all like cows milk does.  I just might switch.  :} 

Tomorrow my friend Valoriea is giving a presentation on Herbs at the Jefferson City Sr Center and she invited me to go along with her.  I am looking forward to that.

Life is Good, God is Great! 

My Move to Tennessee.

Today is Day 3 of my new home in Tennessee.  I arrived here in Newport Tenn on Sunday, "Mother's Day", no less.  We had left Hudson Wisconsin on the 9th of May about 5:30pm and drove thru to near Rockford Ill on rt 39 in Illinois before we stopped for the Eve.  I rented 2 rooms for $75 each/night.  the Boys got to share a room while Beth and I took the other one.  It made me giggle because the boys are grown men now and the thought of sharing a room seemed strange.  "Tee-Hee" male bonding time for the brothers, Raymond, Micheal, Earl and Friend Marcelino.  After breakfast  we set off again for another long day of driving.  Beth rode with me, Raymond rode with Michael and Marcelino rode with Earl.  We drove thru Bloomington/Normal in Illinois then over Indianapolis Indiana,

Adventures in my New Tennessee Home

The view from my Bedroom Window.  Sometimes there are even cows, or horses grazing  One of the cows has a calf and one of the horses has a colt, both born this spring right here in the pasture. 
Friday, May 16, 2014 - Today I sit at my computer with my front door open and the screen down on the storm door it is the start of a lovely day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing in my front yard.  It is a cool morning, the beginning of a new day and my 5th day here at my new home in Tennessee.  I am enjoying the chorus from the various birds at the feeders.  I sat on my porch eating my breakfast and watching the birds at the feeders.  Yesterday I bought a small bird feeder and a shepherds hook to hang it on.  Now to get the bird feed for it and then I can watch them gather around at my feeder.  Today I will go to Walmart or Lowe's to check out the cost of rugs to place by my front door and side door.  Money is very tight right now so I won’t be buying much, but window shopping is great! 

Today I plan to unpack a few more boxes and hopefully start sewing some mug rugs that I need for a swap,  they have to be in the mail by next week.   

Well I just returned from my trip to Walmart & the price of my printer cartridges are considerably less than Office Max to my delight so now I know were to get them.  I also stopped by the Verizon store to check out about WiFi and bought a MiFi so now I have Internet and I can take my WiFi device anywhere.  Yeah!  I'm hooked up to the internet - so now to call AT&T back and cancel service....  My next project is Direct TV.  Also stopped by the Electric Company and paid my fee so now I'm hooked up to my electricity.... and the bill that comes with it of course.  LOL 

The new bird-feeder is up and now I can watch the birds gather around it.  

The view from my front porch at my Neighbor Pat's house across the street

The view from my porch looking towards my friend Valoriea's truck and the         Barns in the pasture that borders her side of the Duplex I'm living in

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another Rainy Day! Another Rainy Day! ......

Today is day 7 of my Moving Sale.  For the past four days the song "Another Rainy Day"  has been going thru my mind as it has been so cold and rainy.  the 1st few days of the sale were good with an influx of people coming and going but then came the rain & it just does not want to stop.  I guess it could be worse...SNOW! NO!  There have been some snow flakes mixed in there but not much...  I have been continuing to sort thru my sewing room to determine what to keep and what to let go... either for sale or the thrift shop.  Yesterday my friends stopped by and did brighten my day with thier visit.  It is so fun to visit with them.  Thanks, Terry, Sue, Susan and Millie for your visit.  

I just closed the garage door to let it warm up a bit in the garage.  My daughter Nan had a brilliant Idea to keep the garage door opener with me and open it when I see cars or people coming.  what a great Idea.  

Well my coffee is finished and I must get back to my sorting.  Onward! - is my motto these days.  It's incredible to believe I will be packing the car and the truck for my move this day next week.... WOW! 

My neighbors have been so swell.  Artie, Verle, Paul, Janita & Kathy.  Thanks so much for your support and caring.... I am truly blessed.