Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another Rainy Day! Another Rainy Day! ......

Today is day 7 of my Moving Sale.  For the past four days the song "Another Rainy Day"  has been going thru my mind as it has been so cold and rainy.  the 1st few days of the sale were good with an influx of people coming and going but then came the rain & it just does not want to stop.  I guess it could be worse...SNOW! NO!  There have been some snow flakes mixed in there but not much...  I have been continuing to sort thru my sewing room to determine what to keep and what to let go... either for sale or the thrift shop.  Yesterday my friends stopped by and did brighten my day with thier visit.  It is so fun to visit with them.  Thanks, Terry, Sue, Susan and Millie for your visit.  

I just closed the garage door to let it warm up a bit in the garage.  My daughter Nan had a brilliant Idea to keep the garage door opener with me and open it when I see cars or people coming.  what a great Idea.  

Well my coffee is finished and I must get back to my sorting.  Onward! - is my motto these days.  It's incredible to believe I will be packing the car and the truck for my move this day next week.... WOW! 

My neighbors have been so swell.  Artie, Verle, Paul, Janita & Kathy.  Thanks so much for your support and caring.... I am truly blessed. 

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