Friday, May 16, 2014

My Move to Tennessee.

Today is Day 3 of my new home in Tennessee.  I arrived here in Newport Tenn on Sunday, "Mother's Day", no less.  We had left Hudson Wisconsin on the 9th of May about 5:30pm and drove thru to near Rockford Ill on rt 39 in Illinois before we stopped for the Eve.  I rented 2 rooms for $75 each/night.  the Boys got to share a room while Beth and I took the other one.  It made me giggle because the boys are grown men now and the thought of sharing a room seemed strange.  "Tee-Hee" male bonding time for the brothers, Raymond, Micheal, Earl and Friend Marcelino.  After breakfast  we set off again for another long day of driving.  Beth rode with me, Raymond rode with Michael and Marcelino rode with Earl.  We drove thru Bloomington/Normal in Illinois then over Indianapolis Indiana,

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