Friday, May 16, 2014

More adventures in my New Tennessean Home.

The view from my bedroom window
Friday May 16th - This evening proved to be a bit chiller than I would have liked only 56 degrees out and still rainy with intermittent sunshine.  I had to turn on my heat for a bit to get it back up to a comfortable level for me. :(  The bird feeder is up and the birds are enjoying it.  I have some Martins, Cardinals, Robins, Pigeons and Doves.  The boy Dove keeps messing with the girl Dove so she flew off leaving him to sit alone on the wires till she feels like coming back Ha Ha Ha...

The new MiFi is working well so now I have my printer operational and I am happy.  Can't wait to get my Direct TV hooked up.  Need to wait for funds tho so it might not be for a week or 2.  :{

I just had a great supper - a sandwich on Italian bread with garlic spread cheese slices and fresh tomatoes warmed in the mic.  yum!  Later I will have a nice cup of hot tea, for now I will rest a bit then unpack more boxes.  Yesterday I tried Goats milk for the 1st time.  It was good and did not upset my stomach at all like cows milk does.  I just might switch.  :} 

Tomorrow my friend Valoriea is giving a presentation on Herbs at the Jefferson City Sr Center and she invited me to go along with her.  I am looking forward to that.

Life is Good, God is Great! 

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