Friday, May 16, 2014

Adventures in my New Tennessee Home

The view from my Bedroom Window.  Sometimes there are even cows, or horses grazing  One of the cows has a calf and one of the horses has a colt, both born this spring right here in the pasture. 
Friday, May 16, 2014 - Today I sit at my computer with my front door open and the screen down on the storm door it is the start of a lovely day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing in my front yard.  It is a cool morning, the beginning of a new day and my 5th day here at my new home in Tennessee.  I am enjoying the chorus from the various birds at the feeders.  I sat on my porch eating my breakfast and watching the birds at the feeders.  Yesterday I bought a small bird feeder and a shepherds hook to hang it on.  Now to get the bird feed for it and then I can watch them gather around at my feeder.  Today I will go to Walmart or Lowe's to check out the cost of rugs to place by my front door and side door.  Money is very tight right now so I won’t be buying much, but window shopping is great! 

Today I plan to unpack a few more boxes and hopefully start sewing some mug rugs that I need for a swap,  they have to be in the mail by next week.   

Well I just returned from my trip to Walmart & the price of my printer cartridges are considerably less than Office Max to my delight so now I know were to get them.  I also stopped by the Verizon store to check out about WiFi and bought a MiFi so now I have Internet and I can take my WiFi device anywhere.  Yeah!  I'm hooked up to the internet - so now to call AT&T back and cancel service....  My next project is Direct TV.  Also stopped by the Electric Company and paid my fee so now I'm hooked up to my electricity.... and the bill that comes with it of course.  LOL 

The new bird-feeder is up and now I can watch the birds gather around it.  

The view from my front porch at my Neighbor Pat's house across the street

The view from my porch looking towards my friend Valoriea's truck and the         Barns in the pasture that borders her side of the Duplex I'm living in

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