Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Good Morning, it's going to be a very warm day I

hear. It is a little cool this am at 48 and the birds are singing in the trees outside my front lawn, such sweet sounds to wake up to. I put up the bird feeder yesterday and just put more seed in the feeder.  The pigeons and the doves love to eat what the smaller birds drop.  note the Cardnial on my neightbor's fence across the street watching the pigeon as he comes to feed.  I've seen cardnials, canaries, finches, doves, oreo's and of course the pigions.  I love to watch the doves because the boy dove keeps following the girl dove and she ignores his advances. lol  I'll dress and put some more feed out for them this morning before it gets to warm.

The second picture is of my front porch with my new tomato planter.  It is looking across to my neighbor Valoriea's porch.  I feel very blessed to be in this peaceful spot. 

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