Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 days post op - home and healing

Today I'm 3 days post op from my back surgery.   I haven't been able to sit down at my sewing machine to quilt yet but I am definitely thinking about it which is a very good thing.  Monday I went in for surgery and when I woke up I found that I had to spend the night because I had developed a "leak" from a tear, not too bad but I had to be flat on my back till 6am in the morning.  Now I do not normally sleep on my back and spend less than 5 min on my back at a time so this was tantamount to torture.  so on Tuesday morning when they told me I could sit up and move around I was delighted.  I was hoping to go home that evening.  In the afternoon I was very dizzy with a stiff neck and a headache.  they determined that it was due to my pain med and that i needed to stay for another day... Oh my! but at least I could move around and sit on the chair to watch TV.  I arrived home yesterday afternoon before the snowstorm and got settled in.  I found that things were going to be ok, although I didn't feel up to sewing yet I could navigate my bed and home without too much discomfort.  I loaded my chairs with extra pillows, brought my iron patio chair with the arms in from the porch so I could sit at my kitchen table and retrieved my reacher so I would be able to pick up things off the floor without bending.  My daughter Beth stayed with me a while after I arrived home then my daughter Nan came over in the evening to help me with supper.  I went to bed early and slept well and found I could navigate around just using my cane.  I feel blessed by all the caring friends and family and many prayer warriors I have surrounding me.  Thank you Lord!  I really want to blog more but find I am not able to sit long at my desk so tomorrow is another day... maybe I'll be able to blog and put some pictures up.    

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm back on my blogs! yippeee!

Thanks JC & Max for helping me to figure out why i was unable to post on my blogspot blogs.  It took a while and Max was patient with me allowing me to catch up when i got lost.  but now I am back on and so glad.  It has been a difficult week or two of posting from my tablet. sometimes not being able to post pictures, (which are a big part of my post's).  So now I can get back up to speed and work on my projects.  So Thank you Max and JC! I am ever grateful. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

it's an early morning for me. just woke up, looked out the window..

 The view from my bathroom window is limited, showing the highway lift up by the frequent headlights off passing cars, people on the way to work.  I'm so glad I don't have to go out this early anymore.  Ah! Retirement, whata sweet time in my life.  I have the luxury of time.  Time to take things at an easier pace and to rush only when I need to.  It's only 6:30 in the morning, in bask in bed writing this post on my tablet. LatelyI have been unable to access my blogs with my computer, a glitch in my windows program.  I've tried to fix it by downloading a newer version but it still doesn't work!  Darn! Any suggestions? Here is my picture for the day.  A rainbow from Ireland!  Ah' I remember it well.