Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm back to my Sewing and Quilting

Quilting & Sewing Arts.comI enjoyed embelishing this block with beads and thread.
 I started this Block of the Month a few months before my shoulder surgery so I would have something to keep me busy till I could be back in my sewing room.

  I took a piece of 7" square muslim and started to apply my little "bit's and pieces" of scraps to the center then worked out to the edge applying strips and bits to make this hot pad doing some surface embroidery with machine stitching.

I choose a background for my back then finished with machine quilting before applying my binding...resulting in a 7" square hot pad. 



I started this purse 2 weeks ago by piecing the small blocks together then adding a border.  I really did not have a clear idea of what my "scrappy fabric would become at 1st.  Today I am working on the top of my new bag. 

I Started making this "Clutter Bag" the week before my surgery and finished it up just two weeks ago.

Come and check out what I have been doing at my Blog: Quilting & Sewing Arts. It has been 6 1/2 weeks since my right shoulder surgery and after my visit to the surgeon's office this past Wed. I am now able to be without my sling.  Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have begun to sew again.  It's been over 2 weeks.  My first attempts to use my sewing machine as a one armed "Creative Lady" was feeble, (since I am right handed,) and laughable.  try sewing one handed when you need to turn the flywheel -- LOL but now I can use my arm.  Today I was able to reach with my right arm.  slowly but I did it!  I have started to work on some of my older projects today and make some new projects... Let's see now.  hope you enjoy the pictures.

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