Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Journey to Health - Ha Haaa

A Blown Disk! #@%## Me? What the?

As most of you know I had my right shoulder replaced 8 weeks ago.  I am healing well and am able to use my arm.  I can sew again.  I am not able to put on a necklace yet but that will come.  Yeah!  Even tho my shoulder is healing my back and right leg have been very bothersome and painful these past 6 weeks.  It started as a glitch in my right side sciatic area.  usually it resolves itself in a few days but 6 weeks is ridiculous.  I have been unable to stand on it fully and have had muscle spams big time. 

I decided to call my Spine Dr because it just hurt so.  I am taking pain meds but I don't like to do it.  Last week I had an MRI done and today the Dr's office called and wanted me to come in.  So He viewed the results and indeed something did change since my last MRI in May/June.  I have a herniated disk!  Ouch he had 2 ways to deal with it.  get a shot in my back or have surgery to repair it.  Wow - well I did not really want to have surgery yet - too soon I need to give my arm a little more time to heal.  I felt that the injection would be a better option at this time.  So we scheduled me for Friday afternoon.  Then I am to call back in 2 weeks and if it has not been helpful I will be scheduled for surgery on my back to repair the blown disk.... Ouch again -

 I am very fortunet to have OT & PT come to my home these past 5 weeks. they have been very understanding and helpful with both my shoulder and my back pain....Thankfully....  So I continue on my jouryney to health!  it had been quite a journey through the summer.

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