Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Bella - Parvo - "Oh No!"

My dog Bella 

On Sunday May 6th I drove down to Carrollton GA to visit my daughter and family for 2 1/2 weeks. My granddaughter Zuri will be graduating on the 19th and I wanted to be there for that. It was a lovely day for a drive. This past week was a difficult one for me concerning my puppy Bella.  Starting Tuesday pm Bella wasn't feeling well she vomited and had a large diarrhea stool that was black in color.  (indicating bleeding) I feared she might have swallowed something and thought she had too much table food on Monday.   I cooked up some rice for Bella and she seemed ok on Wed but on Thursday night she had more diarrhea black stool Friday am I called Nancy's vet, made an appointment and took her in, they tested her for Parvo and it was weakly positive. I was devastated and scared for her; Parvo,  - is deadly (85% survival), for young puppies. Parvo is highly contagious and they did not want her in the office. They sent me home with meds and an IV bag of lactate ringers solution after giving her some shots. I spent Friday night giving her Pedialyte every half hour through the evening and night and the IV fluid twice a day.  I was so thank-full that that Nancy  & Thomas were here to help Me. I could not have done this with ought their help. 

I am happy to report that Bella is her perky self today. Thanks to all the fluids and meds.  I have found that jasmine rice, overcooked with extra water worked great. I chopped up a small amount of a chicken breast and added that to it. I add 20 ml of pedialyte.   She's over the worst but still has meds twice a day till the end of the week. I'm glad she loves peanut butter so I mix them in a small amount and give her "peanut butter" treats.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Yesterday Morning Benji took his final trip over the Rainbow Bridge.

Yesterday Morning we said goodbye to a dear little Doggie - Benji

My daughter, her husband Thomas & grand daughter Zuri said goodbye to their

beloved pet of 4 years Benji.  Benji was a rescue dog & was 17 years old.  He had many health issues - he was loved by all.  Read more about Benji in my blog about an act of compassion.  

Ive spent the last 4 weeks in Georgia

The Cherry Pit Quilt Shop downtown Sevierville TN

It's hard to believe I've been here in the  
Georgia for the past 4 weeks visiting my daughter Nancy.  Wow I packed a lot of Summer Fun in the last 4 weeks since drivin down here from my home in East Tennessee on Sat May 28th.  

On my drive down I took the slower route, enjoying the scenery.  I love to stop at quilt Shops and Thrift stores along the way.  
My 1st stop was at the "Cherry Pit" Quilt Shop in Sevierville, TN.  I had arrived mid morning on  Saturday not realizing that they closed at noon. after chatting  with the staff I only had 15 minutes to shop... No problem, I went back to their discount area and picked up some scraps - (I filled a 5"x9" ziplock baggie) for $4 - I got some cute pieces of laminated Plaid fabric that I will sew into zipper pouches & some 6"x1 2" fabric pieces I will use for my applique blocks. Quite a little haul... I was too early for Row by Row since it didn't start till the end of June.  I also checked out some upcoming classes in July that I'd like to attend.  After leaving the shop I went across the street to the "Bee's Knee's Bakery" for some coffee and a pastry.  They have a cute shop and I enjoyed talking with the owner.  I plan on stopping by again when I go down for classes in July.  

The 1st couple of days I spent relaxing and enjoying Nan's screened in back porch.. A peaceful shaded haven from the summer heat.  I enjoyed the warm summer breeze. The birds loved the shade trees back there too and they sang their little hearts out while the squirrels ran up and down the trees and fence... Nans Plants are flourishing on the porch and her Christmas Poinsettia is blooming too.  

June 1st my son Earl, his wife Rikki and my youngest granddaughter arrived from Minnesota.  Nancy and Zuri drove to the Atlanta airport to pick them up.  

Summer Fun Time Began!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thoughts of Home - Memories of Moments in my Childhood

The Tappan Zee Bridge on Tarrytown NY 

Above is the Tappan Zee Bridge in Tarrytown NY a 3 mile span across the Hudson River.  Construction was started in March of 1952 and opened in December of 1955, 60 years ago.  It is a busy bridge and when 1st built it was the Longest span at that time.  I remember Opening day well - I was 13 years old at that time. What a celebration! We lived on Taxter Road in Elmsford just about 3 miles from the Bridge.  Mom, Dad, my Brothers and I all attended.  We walked to the Center of the Bridge and looked out over the Hudson.  It was exciting to look down to the water below, what a beautiful sight the shores on both sides were.  Today they are constructing a New Tappan Zee Bridge just North of the Old Bridge to be completed the end of 2018.  Of course it will be wider and Grander than the Old bridge with 4 lanes each way. Perhaps I could be present for the opening of the new bridge... Full circle... It should be a grand and glorious day... but the old bridge will still have my heart and I will remember it fondly...  

 In 2013 My youngest daughter Elizabeth and I visited my brothers in NY and we took a trip to my old homestead on Taxter Road and Traveled over the Old Tappan Zee Bridge.  Of course the landscape was very much changed and almost unrecognizable.
 Here are some pictures of the area on taxter road that I lived at... Our neighbors old mailbox is seen strapped by a metal band to the tree of the driveway that connected our house to the house on the hill above. 

 The next picture shows where our old well used to be.  Now reclaimed by the woods that surrounded the area leaving only the surrounding rocks recognizable by me.  

 The trodden down pathway was the driveway leadng to the house, overgrown with grass, sticks, underbrush and young trees were open driveway where a house and a garage stood.

This part of the property was circled by the driveway.  I remember the large rock barley seen now were I used to love to lay on to read as a young girl.  Dad had his vegetable garden here and later after I married my husband built a train track around the perimeter were my youngest child of 2 would ride it.  

Wow! Memories - it's amazing what time and nature will do to reclaim itself.   

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Act of Compassion!

The Act of Compassion

I am visiting my Daughter Nancy and her Husband Thomas in Georgia for the month and have been privileged to see the acts of compassion they both do daily as they care for their elderly rescue dog Benji.

They took Benji in about 4 years ago as a rescue.  His Momma had just been placed in a nursing home and he needed a home, someone to love and care for him as he aged, for he must have been in his 70’s by doggy years.  He was skinny, almost blind and his beautiful coat was matted and so dirty that the shelter had to shave it all off.  His had been with his aging mother since a puppy but now she was unable to care for him or  herself.  Nancy had been volunteering at the animal shelter when he came into the shelter and after discussing it with Thomas they decided to take him in.  the prognosis for his longevity was poor and he was not expected to live long but Nan felt that such a loyal dog deserved a loving home until he died.  It is now  years later and Benji is now totally blind and unsteady.  He has been through several falls, and has a back condition that is painful at times, he is unsteady as he walks, unable to hold his urine or his bowels.  Diapers have become his daily attire now for almost a year.  He loves to take long naps and needs to be put up on the couch or other comfortable spots so he safe from someone tripping over him.  He is treated to small amounts of chicken placed in his doggie dish under his food to encourage him to eat and is let out to the closed in porch to do his duty, (since he can no longer negotiate the stairs to the outside.  I understand he recently became totally blind.

Tonight I woke up to go to the bathroom and my daughter was coming out of her bedroom carrying Benji to put him outside to do his duty.  She was talking to him in that sweet singsong voice used when talking to a baby or small child.  It’s Ok Benji, good Benji, I take you outside Benji.  I hear no harsh scolding or yelling when he can’t make it past the kitchen by himself to poop on the porch.   He is carried outside to the porch if need be and the encouragement and compassion I hear in the voices of my Son in law and daughter as they care for this precious dog is a balm to my soul.  Wow I think, were did my daughter learn this from… In Awe I know “Me and my husband and my Father of course” I am so thankful that the lord has let me see the results of the lesson’s a parent hopes to teach their children, extending down the generations.  I am blessed to know that the examples of caring and compassion that my Father, husband and I  have shown to others, both human and animal, has reflected in the beautiful picture of compassion shown to this little dog today.  Too know she is showing her Child, by example, how to be compassionate makes my heart sing with thankfulness to the Lord for his tender mercies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CreativeLady's Enthusiastic Thoughts: It's been a while!

CreativeLady's Enthusiastic Thoughts: It's been a while!: The Dogwood Tree in my neighbor's yard My Vinca Vine has a blue flower The Spring Daffodils   Yes, it certainly has been a w...

It's been a while!

The Dogwood Tree in my neighbor's yard
My Vinca Vine has a blue flower
The Spring Daffodils  
Yes, it certainly has been a while since my last post , just under 5 months. A lot has happened since Dec 11, 2015.  I spent the Christmas holiday with my daughter Nan and hubby Thomas and granddaughter Zuri and stayed through the second week in Jan to enjoy a visit from my daughter Beth when she and my grandson Johnny & his little boy James came down to visit Nan.
The Flowering Pear Tree in my yard
The winter months seemed to drag this year, especially February, with spring slowly awakening and before I knew it spring was here with the birds singing and the farm animals being born. We had one calf born at the end of Feb and another early March with the third calf born the end of March for a total of 3.  The daffodils were plentiful as the weather warmed.  The flowering pear trees bloomed, then the Dogwoods, Apple and pinks, the iris came out and the roses right behind them.  I enjoyed getting my planters in my front yard ready for new summer flowers and repotted my indoor plants to get them ready for the summer outdoors.  I bought 2 new perennials for my outdoor pots and some anualls and a rosemary plant for my herb planter.
This past week I took a break and drove down to GA to visit Nan and Beth who flew in for 5 days. They both just finished their semesters.

Daffodils and Pink Flowering tree in the neighbor's yard

enjoying a sunny Spring morning on my front porch
 Birds in my front yard

Friday, December 11, 2015

It's that Merry Time of Year Again!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The holiday season is upon us and I want to share some of the special memories I have of  years gone by as I hang the decorations upon my Christmas Tree this year.

My newest Ornament. my daughter Elizabeth sent it to me for my 1st Christmas in Tennessee so I could remember what a REAL winter looks like. LOL like I could ever forget. I love it! it has a opening in the back that I can put a light thru. I choose a blue light and I think it does it justice. — @ My New home in East Tennessee

This little Santa hat is an Ornament a  made by my son Raymond Jr. when he was in kindergarten. It originally topped a baby food jar that had Santa's face painted on it. The Jar broke long ago but the hat has survived. I have replaced the white cotton on the hat over the years and it looks that it needs to be replaced again.

This is one of my oldest Ornaments. A filigree Star that was purchased in the early 1960's at Gimbles in downtown NYC were my husband and I bought our 1st Artificial Tree there. It was in a set of 3 or more, the star, a box, and elongated Ornament that has lost half of itself.. ( you can see it by the Santa Hat in the Picture above.)

This Angel was given to me as a gift for mother's day from my daughter Nancy, Over the years her hands broke off and I did keep them but they seem to get misplaced, (one day I do plan to glue them back on the angel but I haven't found them yet!) Eventually the Angel became an ornament on my Christmas tree.

The Ballerina was bought in Minnesota at the Minneapolis Theater when I took the kids to see the "Nutcracker Ballet", the Blown Glass Ornament I bought at the Glass Factory downtown Hudson WI the Christmas after I had moved there and the White Angel is another of my older Ornaments from the Gimbles Era.  I love seeing these on my tree.  

the Royal Dalton Ceramic Santa I bought at an outlet mall in Florida when I spent a week there with my friend Deb in 2010  It is one of 3 Ornaments I have that matches my China

Earl gave me this Carved Santa with Toys the year he moved back up to Minnesota from Iowa.  I reminds me of my father who loved this time of year and spent his retirement playing Santa at Playtogs in Middletown NY and for the Mall in St Paul MN when he moved there to live with us... 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Most Unusual Year!

Friends at my Bag of Love Group
The Brides, Rikki & Nancy
Grandma Marie with Caden
Amelia turned 2 
Family - Wanda, Bro Ed, Me, SIL Patty, Br Bobby, BIL Chris
Lisa, Javiar & Baby Cayden
Mr & Mrs McLaughlin

Mr & Mrs Swett

Winter in Tennessee mid February 

My Beloved Brother Bobby

Plants on my Porch
My Daughter Anna and Family
I enjoy crafts of all types and this year my goal was to make a few dolls, something I haven't done in a very long time.  The Year started out lazily for me - I was enjoying my 1st winter here in East Tennessee, as a transplant last May, May 11th 2014 from Hudson Wisconsin the milder weather here was a pleasant change from the winter of 2013-2014 I had experienced back in the upper mid west.  I was enjoying the warmer temps, little ice and snow and the ability to come and go without the worry the harsh winter weather of Wisconsin/Minnesota.

Reality came crashing in with a shock, My youngest brother Bobbie died on Jan 30th after a short illness and I needed to go back to upstate NY to be with family.  The weather was cold and harsh, more like MN-WI weather then NY,  there were storms all up and down the east coast so I took a flight out of Knoxville TN.   I was there two weeks and returned to winter down here in the south.

I was home only 6 weeks when I received a call from my Children that my oldest daughter's husband died on April 1st suddenly.  I drove back to be with my family for two weeks in Feb feeling deeply saddened and overwhelmed.

life returned to some bit of Normality before the Summer when I planned to travel back to Wisconsin/Minnesota to spend some time with my children and enjoy 2 weddings. My youngest son Earl and my daughter Nancy were getting married within a week of each other.  One in Iowa and one in Wisconsin.  It was a fun vacation and I got to see most of the children and grandchildren during my 4 week stay.

I returned home mid July and enjoyed the rest of the summer watching my garden flowers grow and enjoying the warmer climate.  I kept a busy schedule but I was never able to get back to my goal for dollmaking or do much in the way of quilting, sewing and making jewelry.  Ive had several more additions to my large and expanding family this year as well!  I feel so Blessed.

Now that winter is here and christmas is around the corner my projects have taken a more focused gift oriented view. I have a large family and I love to make them things so they know I am thinking about them.  Well off I go to work on my projects.  I'll post them after christmas as projects that I've completed for this year.
Gourd Painting with my friends
Baby Hugh

My Niece Kim and her little Vinnie
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

All in all it was a very blessed year
My Tennessee Home