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January 21st 2005 - The following Pages contain the next phase of my life!
Page 1 & 2:  Well I am now 62 and Ray will be 64 in 5 more days.  We are in our Golden Years - Ha!  what a laugh - the only gold I see is my wedding band and as beautiful as my ring is it won't carry us through these years in loving closeness.  This past year has been difficult for us.  Ray's health has been declining.  On Christmas day (Dec. 25th 2004) Ray had a difficult day, he couldn't walk well and seemed very tired but we still went to Nancy's house in Hudson WI for Christmas Dinner.  Ray Jr., Earl & Ernie Jr. (my grandson) had to help Dad out to the car because he was having so much difficulty.    We went over about 4 or 5pm and came home about 7:30, Ray was so exhausted when we returned home.  He had such difficultty walking and was using his walker but the boys had to help him a lot.  I can still hear Earl saying, "Dad are you Ok? Can you hear me? Move your feet!".  Later Ray said to me he could hear the boys talking but was unable to make his body move.  Did he have a STROKE!  That dreaded word STROKE.
page 3 & 4:  I hadn't even realized it!  I just thought he was having a difficult day.  The Next morning I went to work and met Dr.Talberg on his way home - he was off duty.  I told him about what happened  to Ray the day before - he wanted me to get him into the office to see him ASAP & to get a CT of the Brain.  Wed. we saw Dr Martin at the office, he some weakness and slurring of Ray's speech and set up a scan for the next evening at St Joe's hosp. 

July 14th 2003 - Scrapbooking
Sunday Eve, (13th), Nancy, Kirsten & I spent the from 8:30 to 11:30 scrapbooking.  We did accomplish a lot! What fun...... we were so intent on creating our pages that we were actually quite.  I do want to start scrapbooking for CM (Creative Memories) again I think, I enjoy it so and enjoy teaching others.  Nancy and I are going to Archivers in the am before I have to go to work.  Nan has some GREAT ideas on creating crafting tables.  I wrote them down. 

Today at work Rose Sheggley brought in her cards.  She takes pictures and then prints them out on card stock, selling them in packs of 4 for $2-$3 each at craft shows.  I'd like to do that.  Her business name is Sole Inc.  she uses a little foot punch on her tags.  Very cute.

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