Thursday, April 3, 2014

A rainy morning with a major winter storm brewing!

Outside my kitchen window is grey and dull with raindrops on the window and a light covering of snow on the ground.  A major Winter storm is brewing here in Wisconsin with the temp at 32 degrees to include rain sleet and a large amt of SNOW in the forecast for later in the day.  Inside I am warm and comfortable and EXCITED!  My move to Tennessee is becoming more real each day as I go thru my "STUFF" and pack.  Most of my "stuff" I'm putting in the "GARAGE/MOVING SALE!" box.  I am trying to pare down to the bare minimum of things to take with me.  Tuesday my youngest daughter came over to help me go thru the boxes in the garage and after 4 large boxes I have tagged 98% for the sale.  the bin under the table that I am keeping is only 1/4 full.  I feel very proud of myself.  I have found some treasures in the boxes.  One is a lovely white porcelain Tea Pot melter from Party light. I forgot I even had it, I'm keeping that of course.  Then I found some sculpting tools and finished pieces along with a lot of polymer clay!  I'll keep the tools and finished pieces and have tagged the clay for the sale.

Yeah!  Among the boxes filled with crafting items I found a basket filled with photo's of my kids/grand kids when they were younger!  I'm going to scan them 1st and then I would like to give them away to my children and grandchildren.  They were by far the best treasure yet.  3 boxes down out of many to go but at least it is moving forward.

My living-room is becoming a bit more organized as I push thru it, tagging most of my stuff for the sale and boxing up others.  Yesterday I finished packing 2 boxes with Photos, etc and have 1/2 box filled - Whew! quite a job.  Last night I was up till 3am (only because I drank a cup of regular coffee from Quick Trip late in the early eve!  It was sooo good I couldn't put it down until it was all gone, knowing full well how caffeine affects me if I drink it later in the afternoon.

I did take a nice little break yesterday afternoon and went over to the community Ctr and played cards with my friends for a little while... 

Well I better eat my breakfast late lunch right now and get dressed I'm supposed to go to a buffet lunch with my retired friends from Church. 

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