Tuesday, June 17, 2014

FCE - My 1st Meeting

1800's Fashion Show sponsored by FCE - at the TVA Fair - Knoxville TN Sept 2013
Today I attended my 1st meeting of FCE, a very nice group of Ladies.  FCE is  short for Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education an Extension of the University of Tennessee/Institute of Agriculture.  It is a group of ladies of the community who get together to promote ideals of family and community working together.  Last year when I had visited here in Sept I had attended the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville and met a few of these ladies on a lovely day out.  The FCE group held a fashion show of the early 1800's fashion sewn by one of the ladies of the group and when I had decided to move here joining this group was one of the goals of my move.  It was a good day of food, conversation, learning, crafts and enjoying the company of these ladies.  I had already met some of the ladies of the group at different activities I had been going to so with my friend Valoriea who lives next door, I felt very comfortable there and look forward to becoming a part of this group.  

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