Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cool & Comfortable at Home!

Wow what a HOT day out.  Started early this am by taking my stuff down to the Flea Market here in Hudson at the Family Fresh Parking lot today!  My daughter Nan shared her spot with me.  I took a lot of little things and some big items - all in all did fairly well and what didn't sell went to the Goodwill. Ya! I got rid of some more stuff.  It was a steamy day and the people came in spurts.  would have been better if the temps were not in the 90's tho.  did come home with a new Granny doll tho - but I said I wouldn't buy anything while I was there and I didn't - I'm proud of me....saw some nice stuff tho.  I felt bad that I couldn't stay all day - by 1pm I was fighting heat exhaustion so we packed up.... :( 

Yesterday I had a nice day although the beginning was a little iffy.  I went on the bus to the MN Quilt Hop Shop - met some nice new friends and got some great ideas.  the shops were great - the fabrics were yummy and the company was excellent!  I did come home with some new books and patterns and FABRIC!  - it was a nice day...

Tomorrow I am going to go with my friends for a day in Minneapolis looking at the knitting & Crochet fair.  I am looking forward to this - it will be inside so I shouldn't get too overheated... hopefully I will take some pictures to post. 

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