Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Week was an Awesome Week for me

Starting on Friday July 29 I had a great "Vacation" - I had decided to take the end of July and 1st week of August "OFF" from my daily routine and Enjoy the summer.  on Friday the 29th I took a bus trip to visit Quilt Shops for the "Quilt Minnesota 2011 Shop Hop".  I had a memorable trip and met a great bunch of ladies who love quilting as much as I.  I was supposedto meet the bus at the Mall of America at 7:30am - arriving at the mall by 6:45 I set out to locate the bus - well I went in front, down below and all around and couldn't find the lot - after making numerous calls  to shops that weren't even open at that time panic set in...I could not find the bus - finally I got a call from Charlotte @ Charlotte's Web Quilting in Stillwater.  She was able to direct me to the lot where the bus was to be.  Buy the time I got there the bus had left, I guess, because I could not find it.  Then I decided to travel to the shop in Stillwater to catch the bus.  Charlotte reassured me that they would pick me up later that eve at the Mall.  Well after a rocky start to my day I boarded the bus and had a wonderful time.  The quilt shops were set up for us - Charlotte's Quilting Web in  Stillwater, Bear Patch & Rosebud Cottage in White Bear Lake, Calla Lilly Quilt Shop in Blaine,  Millie P's in Anoka and Cottage Quilts & Fabric and The Noble Quilter in Elk River.  Each shop was a little different and each one had it's own "gems"  I enjoyed seeing all the fabrics, sewing machines and long Arm Quilting machines.  A wonderful day of travel was enjoyed and my purchases along with 5" squares and charms from each shop was treasured.   Later I met my daughter Beth at the Mall of America and after a visit with her and hubby Derek and their cat Remmey and new additions - 2 playful kittens- I arrived home about midnight. 

Saturday July 30th was spent at the flea market with my daughter Nancy selling our "Gently used Treasures".  It was a very hot and humid day and not a lot of people out in the heat.  Despite all efforts to keep cool by 1pm I was very overheated and had to call it a day.  I did garner some $'s from my sale before dropping my "stuff" off.    My gently used but unsold treasures went to the Goodwill drop off and I went home to sit in front of my fan blowing cool air on me while I sat and stared mindlessly at the TV movies.  I felt bad that I couldn't last knowing that Nancy really wanted to sell her "stuff". 

Sunday the 31st was spent with my friends, Deb & Phyllis and Deb's friend Jean at the Knit and Crochet Show in Minneapolis.  There were many displays of yarns, needles, knitting patterns and treasures abounded.  We met Steven Berg from the Yarn Garage & Steven Be's from Minneapolis, The Ladies from the Yarnery on Grand Ave were there and Maggie from Ireland was there with her patterns and shawls.  We met Maire Treanor, Author of Clones Irish Lace Crochet and Deb and I decided to take her class on Tuesday Eve @ Steven Be's in Minneapolis.  After the Show we went to Psycho Suzy's for late lunch and met some very energetic young couples.. we sat on the patio in the heat under the shade trees and enjoyed the river and fun conversation.

Tuesday eve, Aug 2nd, Deb and I went to the Irish Lace Crochet class - I was not sure that my hands would be able to tolerate the thin threads used and the action of crocheting itself but they did and I had a lovely evening at Steven Be's Shop down on Chicago Ave.  I bought her book and decided to come back on Saturday and Sunday for her All day workshop.  (I couldn't do Friday because I had a Dr's appointment to keep). 

On Wedensday I went to dinner with my friends "ladies from St Joe's" at "Dixie on Grand", we had a great visit along with a great meal.   On Thursday my Grandaughter Zuri came over for her weekly Sewing Lesson.   On Friday morn my Grandaughter's Zuri & Heather came over to hang out and my Son Earl and Fiance Rikkie came to visit before I had to leave for my Dr's appointment. 

Saturday and Sunday were 2 very relaxing days spent at the Workshop taught by Marie Treanor learning how to crochet the traditional Irish Mofits, visiting with 6 other very talented ladies and just enjoying the ambiance of Steven Be's Shop and Work areas. I did learn a lot about the history of the "Clones Irish Lace" from Maire Treanor's Workshop and will continue to use her book and create those Irish Lace Mofits to use in my own handmade Sewing, knitting and Quilting projects... 

Steven B's has and open Studio every Sunday - Brunch is catered and is a nominal fee.  the Amience cant be beat and the creative juices flow - I would love to go down at least once a month - let me know if anyone else would like to join me.

Today is my wind down day, my home needs my attention, laundry needs doing and my kitty needs to snuggle.  I will post pictures here and on my Facebook page sometime today.  have a good day all and a great week

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