Saturday, September 10, 2011

Antiques, Antiques, Antiques

good Morning.  This past week has been exciting for me.  I have been bidding on various items on my favorite auction site: and this week I won 2 items a lot of 2 boxes with various  crystal plates & bud vases and other assorted items and a set of faux marble top nesting tables.  all for a grand total of $6.  after getting my items home and cleaning off the dust I discovered some unusual items - A plate with a Bird on it in full relief, 2 Milk Glass candy dishes, A little Swan with roses on her & various bud vases and other items.  I was reserching them on EBay and discovered that the pricing for similar items was higher than I thought.  Turns out  I got some excellent buy - The Swan was a genuine Bone china item from Lefton China - The Bird Plate was a genuine item from Napcoware imported from Japan & the Milk Glass Candy Dishes were from Napcoware & Anchor Hocking.  I had them appraised by an online appraiser  ..The value of these Items blew me away.  It was suggested I take them to an antique Dealer to get the best price from them.  Total Value was placed at $110 - $170 - Wow - that was only 4 items.  now to take a fresh look at the rest of my items and see what value they have.... and to think I only paid $2 for the lot of 2 boxes.  I am soooooo pumped....

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