Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation - Friday Aug 2rd 2013

Thoughts and musings from my Working Vacation/Friday Aug 2rd 2013

It has been a hectic last 4 - 5 weeks.  From my Road trip in June with my daughter Beth & Granddaughter Zuri to visit my brothers in NY State, to my Quilting Retreat "Girls Night Out" in July, (I was able to finish 5 Baby Quilt tops), and now my "working" road trip to Tennessee in August driving my friend Valoriea's Pick up truck down while she drove the large 26' U-Haul truck with all her belongings to her new home.

Interesting fact on the side of this U-Haul Truck


Friday August 2nd:  My day started early, up at 5:30am, showered, finished packing my clothing for my trip to Tennessee & checking  to see that I had packed everything I needed.  I put all my luggage on the porch before 8am,  took out the garbage and checked to see that nothing was left on, ate breakfast on the porch waiting for Valoriea to pick me up.  I received a frantic call from Valoriea, the packers were there and she couldn't get away so could I drive over instead?  I packed my car and headed over to her house where the packers had the truck 1/3r packed, while she was still trying to pack up the rest herself.  So I headed to the kitchen to pack up the dishes, food, pots and pans.  By 2pm the truck was packed and we were ready to go.  We drove as far as we could before exhaustion hit and our 1st layover was at the Arrowhead Lodge in Black River Falls, WI
I loved the Architectural effect these windows of the restaurant present.  I was able to go inside to take thes pictures of the copper/metal leaves,

The Copper leaves, a view from inside the Restaurant.
Valoriea's New Home in Tennessee.  A very cute duplex surrounded on 2 sides by Farmland with grazing Angus cows and weathered barns. 
 This the barn on her left side, the cows graze on the farm adjacent to her back yard fence.

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