Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Sunday Morning - Sunshine and Blue Skies

Today holds the promise of a new day.  The sun is out and shining brightly on last weeks snow and the skies area a shade of light blue the thermometer on my computer screen reads 5 degrees.  Yes it is cold here in Wisconsin today. Each morning I look out my bathroom window as I do my exercises to see how the weather is, (see the picture below for the view from my bathroom window.)  The snow mounds in my back yard, (put there by the fellow who plows our road and driveways here at Heritage Cottages,) are covered in clean white snow and the small tree that was burdened with the heavy snow is now only lightly coated thanks to the whipping winds that come off of highway 35 as the cars travel 2 and from their destinations.  The Pines that line the edge of the property also are still covered in heavy snow giving them a "Post Card" look.  There are no deer or rabbit tracks in the snow today - it's just too cold. Boy! those animals are smart - they are staying under deep cover where they can be warm and dry.  That's OK the stalks from my flower bushes along side my patio are covered fully now with over 3' of snow on them due to the drifts of snow.  My Patio furniture and grill are huddling under a tarp that looks like a snow drift itself.   I just love it when it is this clean and white outside, don't you?  Here are the pictures taken on Thursday when we had blizzard like snowfall all day.
The View from my bathroom window 

The view from my Kitchen Window

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