Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Sunny and Crisp Fall Day!

This morning I awoke to my alarm at 7:30am.  I looked out my bedroom window and the ground outside and in the fields behind my home were covered with Frost.  I'ts the 1st of the season here and it was a crisp 38 degrees out then.  Now it's a plaeasant 58 degrees with sunny blue skys dotted with white fluffy clouds.  Autumn has come to my new Tennesean home here in Newport TN, (just and hour east of Knoxville), the trees are turning from green to brown, some have lost thier leaves and others are displaying some bright orange, red leaves.  It is peaceful here on Lou Ellen St. with the birds outsde chirping in he trees and flitting to and from the feeders.  I will go outside and finish trimming the hedges by my porch, cleaning my lopers to store for the spring and sweeping the cutting off the porch and into a bag for the city to pick up.

I'm thinking of supper today and feel like making chicken soup, Mmmmm!  a nice way to warm up after spending a day outside.  I'll post some pictures later after I finish cleaning up around the porch.
well ttyl all.  off to do some garden work here.  :)

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