Friday, October 31, 2014

Saturday night "Farkle" with my friends, Sunday Church and a Party!

I enjoyed spending Saturday morning with my daughter Nan and going to IKEA was a bonus for me. Then my 2 Sons, Mike & Raymond came over for a short visit.  That evening I went over to play a game of "Farkle" with my Friends, Phyllis, her Husband sonny, Bunny, Traci & Gayle, I missed not seeing Wendy or Deb but both of them could not make it.   I came home a bit late (about 1:30) to find my grandson Johnny up and waiting for me to make sure I got back safe.  He and I sat up till after 2:30 talking.  It was a nice end to a very nice day.

Sunday I went to my "home" church - 1st Baptist in Hudson WI.  I enjoyed seeing all my old friends and getting a lot of warm hugs from them.  I made me realize how much I did miss them... Sunday afternoon was spent in the company of friends at a Wine and appetizer party - it was fun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  Bert and Sue and Nan's friends. a very nice evening.

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