Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Bride liked her gift.

The Bride liked her gift of the kitchen towel and basket.  I did add a knitted washcloth and a scrubby sponge inside the basket.  It had been a slow day.  I came home afterwards and took a nap till 4:30pm.  I still am having some side effects from the med.  some shakiness and unsteadiness and some discomfort and numbness in my foot.  I did feel better after my nap and was able to enjoy making a Sausage/Potato and Green Beans for supper and then I watched Finding your Roots on PBS.  it was good and I caught 2 episodes one on channel 17 and one on channel 2. 

I decided not to put it in the Basket
I did make a hot pad to go with the Other Kitchen towel and am working on a 2nd hot pad & kitchen towel.  I embellished this set with a scrappy bow and button.  I am so glad I was able to sit at the sewing machine longer today.   I will pair this set with a Red knitted washcloth and a scrubby or sponge also.  I am not sure I will put it in a little basket tho.  Getting ready for another Bridal Shower :) and working towards finish up Friday for this coming week.

Went over to Amanda Jean's Blog and learned that she is letting go of the Finish Up Friday's for a while.  Thanks for having it.  I has been an inspiration to me to finish up my projects.  I was checking out my stuff on pintrest earlier and saw that I had over 2000 pins on this project. Thanks all for your interest.  wow a very easy project - maybe I could do a tutorial....

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