Monday, February 25, 2013

I sit her laughing at myself

It is now Monday the 25th, still sick, got myself to the Dr. on Sat., ended up having a burst eardrum last Thursday morn, turned into a raging ear infection and a sinus infection.  But No pneumonia tho. LOL - I took decongestants all last week and now I'm on ear drops and a Z-pack  I thought I felt better today, a little dizzy but OK, that was till I bent down to do some cleaning.  got so dizzy that I nearly fell.  Grateful that I could hold on to something till the dizziness passed and was able to get over to a chair to sit down.  Boy I am wondering what am I doing wrong?  my immune system seems to be so down that I just go from one infection to the other.... 1st the bad UTI that the new Dr. I saw ordered such an expensive  antibiotic I couldn't afford it.  So I had to ride that one out.  Now this burst eardrum and an ear and sinus infection that hopefully will abate soon with the ear drops and Zithromax.  I did not count on this dizziness.  I certainly don't want to fall and break something!  I will have to look and see if I can somehow get my immune system up to par.  Get Healthy and get moving!  for now I will use my 4 pronged cane to maneuver in my home and probably get to bed to rest for a bit.  I am not enjoying being sick at all and want to get to my sewing machine to finish up my mug rugs before the 28th.  I want to send them off by next Monday at the latest.
I was looking at the cutest fabric from Christa Quilts.  I think it will go nicely with the bags I am looking at creating for Christmas for my little George, William, Nathan, James, Ethan, Mason & ?  The bags will be a good size to hold cars, baby toys and such. easy for them to carry and just boyish enough.  I only need 1/2 fat quarter for each bag and a zipper....
Feeling less dizzy this Eve.  Happy Monday to all.  Blessings. from this Dizzy Dame here at Creative Lady's Enthusiastic Thoughts.

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