Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photos of Yesterday's Snowy Beauty

the view from my Bedroom Window

Looking out my East Window - note the car on Hwy 35 going North

Branches Heavy with Snow!
Here are some pictures Looking out my windows yesterday as it snowed.  I got about 6-8 inches here at my home and could not resist using my camera to capture it.


  1. I think the country is going to skip spring this year. At least when the snow melts you will have moisture. Houston is headed for another drought this summer.

    1. yes I do too. I did see some birds flying around yesterday looking for food & with it being lighter out in the early eve it has brightened my mood. Yes I am thankful for the moisture, thankfully the snow is slowly melting but it is still piled up pretty high on my back patio. Thanks for the comments - I love to read them.